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I'll Fix You
Eyeless Jack X Reader
Chapter 1
Author's note!: So due to my old EJ fic being dropped as I forgot everything I planned for it and such, I made a vote on Deviant Art asking who'd like me to make a new EJ X Reader. It got I believe around 10 yes', more than I was needing, so I was like 'Okay fine I'll do it.' Thanks to my Creepypasta boyfriend scenario story I thought of this plot as I am using it for Hoodie. (Hoodie's isn't as complex.) So let's go shall we?

The sky above is riddled with clouds as rain is coming to pour on the area. Thunder strikes from a few miles away are heard as a sign of what's to come. The forest is darker and the time hits about 7:30 PM. Few cars pass along the road in the middle of this desolate woodland which means less people coming through. To the one eyeing the road from a tree he is a bit annoyed by this. Sitting on a large branch his hands rest in his hoodie pocket and his mask he normally keeps over his face is up to show his identity. Soulless black holes for eyes watch the street intensely, looking for maybe a jogger passing he can nab. His gray skin matches the clouds and his auburn locks flow with the wind pelting him. His brows are furrowed as still no activity.

"How can this place be so empty? And why did I choose to attack here? The town is just down the road. Sure it isn't a big town but someone's gotta come this way," he groans, leaning back against the body of the tree. Small droplets begin to fall and he sighs. Maybe my luck finally washed up."

Standing he hops down from his hiding spot and lowers his mask to remain hidden again. Stretching and popping his back and legs he heads off to the left, still watching the lonely street. If needed he'll head to the town later tonight but right now he's trying to find someone in a place they won't be heard.

The rain gets harder so he pulls his hood up and puts his hands in his hood pocket. He doesn't get cold much but he doesn't want to have slippery hands when he finds someone. A car engine is heard from a distance and he stops in his tracks to look. Can luck be on his side now?

The car in question pulls up slow from the left, a flashlight being pointed out of the passenger side window as the light shines into the forest. They seem to be searching for something. The light lands on Jack and he darts behind a tree. Peeking out he notes they stop, the one holding the light, an older woman he thinks, looking to try to see him again. He can hear dialog between her and the driver and he sneaks to a tree closer so he can hear correctly what they're saying.

"Was that her?" A man's voice says, Jack guessing the driver. The woman shakes her head.

"I don't think so, I thought I saw something but I doubt it was her," she replies looking back at the man. Jack furrows his brows listening, confused on who they're talking about. A girl? Maybe they're grandparents searching for their lost granddaughter. Which could mean a kill or two for Jack. He watches in hopes they'll come out of the car but to his dismay they begin driving again, slowly to continue their search. He sighs in defeat and stands, turning and walking back the way he was going. This time he walks along the street, stooping to hitchhiker mode.

'At least if I'm a hitchhiker someone will pick me up,' he thinks, looking up at the clouded abyss of a sky. Though still curious on the person those two were talking about Jack doesn't think much of it. He'll probably find whoever 'she' is eventually; if it is a grandchild they couldn't have gotten far. The older woman only looked to be in her 50's so 'she' can't be much older than a teen.

Hearing a car coming he looks back and tries to get the owner to stop.


"Fuck it," he groans and turns to head back in the woods when he stops and looks back at the direction he was heading. Just a few feet away from the road is a ditch in which smoke is drifting up from. His curiosity pulls him towards it and he looms over it peering in. A wrecked car sits slammed into a tree. An accident maybe caused by the rain as it looks like a fresh hit. Jack's a little surprised he didn't hear it. Seeing no one from his angle he goes to walk away when he hears a small cry.


He cocks a brow and looks around.

"Help... please..."

Listening to where it came from the male slides into the ditch and walks to the driver's side door; he peers in and sees someone still breathing but he notes the blood on their right arm. He looks in closer and they slowly turn towards him, pain in her eyes. A girl, maybe a little younger than he, sits in the seat, a cut on her forehead and blood on her cheeks. Seeing him she looks hopeful with her eyes widening and she goes to speak again.

"Help me, please..."

Jack doesn't know what it is but the moment their eyes meet, something in his chest sparks. His mouth gapes and he's admittedly speechless. Blinking out of his stare, his mask luckily hiding his face, he hears her and grabs the door handle. Pulling the door he grunts as he pushes it far enough back that he can grab her. Reaching in he unbuckles her and pulls her out. He carries her out of the ditch and holds her as he examines her closer. (H/c) (short/long) hair, soft (e/c) eyes, dressed in (pants, skirt, etc) and a hoodie that are covered in smoke residue and dirt. He is in awe but remembers the circumstance right now.

"Thank... You..." She mumbles before going unconscious. He is still a moment but hearing a car he looks. It's the man and woman again. Not wanting them to see him the male holds the girl close and darts back into the woods towards his home.

The rain gets harder as it pelts them; it begins washing away her blood and dirt covering her. Jack sees his solitude up ahead and as he reaches the front door he kicks it open and hurries in. The abandoned hospital. Though dark it's calming in a way, at least to him. Thunder cracks and Jack walks up the stairs, through the hall, and to his room. He lays her down on his bed, two hospital beds tied together, before taking his mask off and hood down and looming over her. She's peaceful, her breathing calm. He furrows his brows and looks around. When he'd found the place he found a lot of supplies still in good shape despite the hospital being left alone forever. Bandaging equipment, hydrogen peroxide, creams for different effects. He walks out and over to the supply closet to find bandages and anything to take care of the wounds. Finding it all he heads back and closes the door before taking a seat beside her.

Taking a wet nap he'd acquired he slowly and thoroughly cleans off the blood and then rubs along the wounds. Throwing that aside he take a cotton ball he'd found and pours some peroxide on it before running it over the cuts to help sterilize them. Next he used some ointment and did the same process as before and once that was done he took the bandaging tape and wrapped it around the damaged right limb then put some over the head wound. Seeing his work he takes what isn't needed and chucks it out of the boarded up window. Now looking better he feels the breeze blowing through and notices her scrunching up her face as if in pain or something. Turning on her right side away from him she begins curling up into a ball as she shivers. Jack thinks quickly and grabs the blanket to pull over her. She slowly calms down before once again she's relaxed. The male watches her and thinks on what to do.

'I'll just wait for her to wake up.' Going to leave with mask in hand he stops in front of the door and thinks a moment. 'Huh, funny, I wanted to murder someone today but instead I saved someone.'

He peers back and a small smile edges onto his face.

'Well, looks like your luck really has run out Jacky.'

He leaves the room.


A few hours pass and the girl slowly opens her eyes. Remembering earlier she groans and rubs her head before glancing around the room. It appears to be a hospital room with the light dimmer than a normal hospitals but the place looks a bit tattered. She slowly sits up and hisses as she goes to grab her arm only to stop as she notes the bandages. She blinks in surprise and feels her head where she feels another piece.

'So someone did get me out... But where am I?'

She slowly stands on her feet and shivers as the wind blows in. Another thing she notices aside from the boarded up windows. Grabbing the blanket she wraps herself and sits, her body aching still, badly.

"I guess it wasn't a good idea to take the car..."

"Oh, you're awake."

She jumps and looks at the door in surprise. A male from the looks of it stands there, a dark blue mask with black eyes covering his face. His black hoodie and jeans to match along with sneakers fit him well but she notes his gray skin which causes concern. She looks up at him again.

"Did you save me?"

He nods and walks over, sitting beside her. He faces her and holds out his left hand for her left to shake.

"I found your crashed car and saw you needed help. I'm Jack by the way but some of my friends call me 'Eyeless Jack'."

Not thinking much of it noticing his mask she sees he's not very threatening and slowly grins. Gripping his hand she shakes it.

"I'm (F/n) (L/n)."
A.N.: And scene! So what did you think? Series worthy? Also the name doesn't talk JUST about Jack fixing her. ;3 I really enjoyed typing this and more of what happened and who those people were is coming later! I'm thinking this might be 10 chapters long, I'll try to make it that long. :) I hope you enjoyed and please favorite and comment if you did!
I'll Fix You-Eyeless Jack X Reader-Ch.1
So as I said in the author's notes this will probably be about 10 chapters depending on it's response and everything. :3 Part two should be out soon!
My friend made the picture for me!!
Hey guys, sorry I've been so inactive, I've been dealing with a ton of stress and everything. I have been doing a lot with my stories, I've been putting things on Quotev and eventually I'll put stuff on her when I am able to. The issue is I have to use my phone for everything which isn't a huge problem with typing the stories. The problem is how hard it is editing the stuff and putting it on here with a phone. It sucks, majorly. I am going to start saving up for a new laptop as that will make everything easier. :)
If you don't want to wait for me to post stuff on here go to my Quotev as that's where I've been posting everything:
I love all of you and your support. Thank you ~
Hey everyone sorry I've been absent for the past couple weeks, I got a severe concussion and am still dealing with it. But anyways, the good news is I am continuing Falling for my Stalker. I reread it and enough people asked me on Quotev to continue so I am. Chapter 5 will be out soon so watch out for it.~


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Hey guys, sorry I've been so inactive, I've been dealing with a ton of stress and everything. I have been doing a lot with my stories, I've been putting things on Quotev and eventually I'll put stuff on her when I am able to. The issue is I have to use my phone for everything which isn't a huge problem with typing the stories. The problem is how hard it is editing the stuff and putting it on here with a phone. It sucks, majorly. I am going to start saving up for a new laptop as that will make everything easier. :)
If you don't want to wait for me to post stuff on here go to my Quotev as that's where I've been posting everything:
I love all of you and your support. Thank you ~


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