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Hey everyone sorry I've been absent for the past couple weeks, I got a severe concussion and am still dealing with it. But anyways, the good news is I am continuing Falling for my Stalker. I reread it and enough people asked me on Quotev to continue so I am. Chapter 5 will be out soon so watch out for it.~
I edited a lot of stuff so please go read! ^-^
Love as Red as Blood
Yandere!Modern!Sasuke X Reader
Chapter 1
Author's Note!: So I've really been wanting to do this for a long time. I absolutely LOVE Yandere!Sasuke so I was trying to figure out how to do one myself. After reading many, many others I decided on doing it in modern times! (I haven't watched all of Naruto or Shippuden yet so I didn't want to do a ton of research to figure stuff out ^^'') I will try to keep everyone in character but as this is a Yandere Sasuke might not be all the time. X'D also the school they go to isn't one where they wear uniforms so you can create readers outfits and such!! anyways! Let's head in!
All the teens: 17 (Because I can)
Kakashi, Sasori, Deidara, etc.: 30's
What would be the right description when it comes to explaining obsession? A psychopath who has no life but to completely grow an extreme love when it comes to an interest? Or perhaps a disorder that can grow to dangerous levels? Both can be great options. 

With Sasuke Uchiha both are perfect examples.

His constant peeking at her, always listening to her when in ear shot, even following her sometimes and hiding when she looks back; for a long time, since their seventh grade year when he first laid eyes on (F/n) (L/n), he wondered what it meant. Why he couldn't look away from her. She plagued his mind, worse now than back then. Being handsome and snarky, rich even, girls constantly flock to him, some extremely beautiful seeming perfect for him, but she is all he can see. He finally came to the conclusion last year.

It was their last day in 11th grade, everyone celebrating and signing yearbooks. She signed his and the moment he returned home after escaping his fangirls bombarding him to sign their books multiple times he tried dozens of times to write her name just like she had. Each time he became angrier as he noted he couldn't get it correctly copied and page after page was doused in her name. When he finally became pissed to the point he gave up he was then overjoyed to see how much her name was seen. He grinned and took a red marker, doodling hearts here and there around the words. It turned to him making special kinds of doodles; escalation to him repeating 'I love (F/n)'.

It was that moment he realized why he is so transfixed on her. And now in senior year he has become friends with her group but mainly talks to her. Her smiles, the sparkle in her (e/c) eyes, the way she sees everything and has an opinion about many things. He falls deeper and deeper into her spell cast upon him. 

Valentine's Day approaches, an exact week from today and his confidence is higher than normal, if that's possible. He holds the letter he wrote last night and smirks as he enters school. He's dressed in one of his best outfits, a leather jacket over a white v neck, black jeans that were baggy but yet fit him perfectly with a chain hanging from the belt loops at his right hip, and black leather sneakers that hold no spots of dirt or grime. His bangs hang nicely on his forehead and hair messy that looks fitting. The girls all glance at him in awe, noticing the paper with curious eyes. He pays no mind to them though as his target is set. (Brown, gold, etc.), (short, long) hair comes into view amongst the crowds of students and his smirk grows. Today is the day. The day she becomes his girlfriend and he can say those 3 words he's been holding back for the right moment to let out. She stands with 3 others; Naruto, a blonde who Sasuke admittedly doesn't enjoy having around much due to the blonde's and (F/n)'s closeness, Sakura, a pinkette who is one of the bigger fangirls over the ravenette in question and who gives him annoyance as well, and Hinata, a shy dark haired girl who is sweet and doesn't bother Sasuke much. They're all laughing, joking about who knows what. Sakura's eyes land on Sasuke and she perks up, waving.

"Hey Sasuke!~ Oh, you look great!!~"

He cringes inwardly but waves back.

The others acknowledge him with hello's and nods as they let him into the conversation.

"Anyways, you guys got plans this Valentine's Day?" Naruto asks, resting his hands behind his head in a lazy manner. 

"I was thinking 'bout making chocolates for my crush.~" Sakura gushes while glancing at the black haired male. He holds back his scowl, not wanting to give (F/n) the wrong impression on this glorious day.

"I don't have anything planned, what about you (F/n)?" Hinata along with the others turn their attention to the one questioned. She blinks, shrugging and blushing slightly.

"Nah, I'll probably just be at home on my computer or something," she admits scratching her cheek sheepishly. This is like music to Sasuke's ears as his chance grows more and more each second. Remembering the note he holds he goes to nudge (F/n) when Naruto speaks up.

"What about you Sasuke? Got any ladies you're planning on taking out?" The blonde nudges him with a wink which just earns him a glare from the ravenette before he smirks and nods.

"As a matter of fact yeah, I was planning on it," with this said he lifts up the letter. Sakura gasps while Naruto looks confused. (F/n) looks surprised then smiles.

"Well, who? We want to know!"

Before anymore can be said the bell rings, indicating five minutes before first period. They all say farewells, Sasuke admittedly annoyed by the bad timing, and head off, watching the girl in his sights disappear around a corner with no idea of his plan.


Lunch time rolls around and (F/n) stretches as she leaves her class to head to her locker. Kids pass her but she pays no mind, upbeat despite the day before.

The rejection.

It still hurts but she'll live on. Confessing to your crush of 2 years won't kill anyone, it will just be painful for some time. As she's walking she notes the group ahead, the one of her now crushed dreams amongst them, chatting. They all glance at her and the girls, Marissa and Ino, cock their brows and giggle before turning back to the others. (F/n)'s face goes red in embarrassment and she faces her locker to act like she doesn't care. In her peripheral she sees them all break off and coming her direction are the two blondes. They're eyeing her, she can feel it, and she puts her books in her locker trying to ignore them.

"Nice confessing to Daniel, (F/n). Too bad it will never work out," Marissa giggles while Ino snickers. A pang at the (brunette, blonde, etc.)'s heart causes her to pause. They leave down the hall still laughing while (F/n) stares sadly at her supplies. She gulps to keep down the pain and sadness and smiles instead; positivity is what she needs. She shuts her locker and goes to leave when she sees something fall out of it when she closes the door. Her eyes meet that of a folded up paper and her curiosity gains the better of her as she reaches down and grasps it. On it is her name, being addressed specifically to her; she opens it to see the contents inside.


I know this seems like a cliché way of coming out and telling someone how you feel but I decided you'd like it. I wanted to tell you how much I, well, love you. How much I want to say it to you. You're flawless in my eyes, no matter what those bitches say. You're always so upbeat and happy it makes me smile. My heart pounds every time you come into my sight, your yearbook pictures, Facebook pictures. I want to be with you, more than you know. Please meet me during lunch in the place where Naruto goes to nap. I'll be waiting.<3

(F/n) blinks at the letter. Despite just reading it she glances it over again to make sure she comprehended all of it. Not saying who from she wonders, knowing only a few people who are aware of Naruto's spot.

'I just confessed to Daniel yesterday... Maybe this is some sort of trick. But then again our group are the only ones who know where Naruto sluffs at,' she folds it again and furrows her brows. It all just seems strange. Her heart cracks again thinking back on yesterday and she wonders whether she should go or not. 'I don't think I'm ready to start a relationship yet, seeing as how yesterday was a huge mistake. Maybe I can tell whoever this is that and they'll understand. Yeah, they should be understanding about it! I'll just tell them what happened and that I can't accept their confession yet.'

With a sense of positivity she rushes off to the spot to confront the secret admirer.


(F/n) gets there quickly, making sure she wasn't followed and seeing if anyone was heading there. Being towards the back of the school, in between two buildings and secluded well enough by trees and bushes, it is a good spot not to get caught. Though (F/n) isn't a sluffer even she can agree. It's quiet and she looks around. She feels alone but also senses that someone is watching her. 

"Hello?" She calls, looking around. No response. "I came like the letter said. Are you here yet or am I just talking to myself?"

Silence answers her and she sighs, shaking her head. Ready to rip the paper and leave the sound of rustling bushes catches her attention and she looks to see who's coming; in hopes it is the note leaver.

"So you actually showed up," they speak. (F/n) furrows her brows, knowing that voice.


He steps out, smiling at her, beaming with happiness. His black eyes hold what she's guessing is love and he walks towards her. She's taken aback, Sasuke being the last person she'd expect to confess to her. He stops about 3 feet from her.

"I didn't think you would come, I was actually afraid you would just chuck the letter and ignore it," he chuckles, scratching the back of his head. She blinks, in too much awe to even say a word. Sasuke. Of all people Sasuke is in love with her? Maybe it is still some kind of joke, that can explain why he was so eager to be her friend; maybe the other popular idiots will jump out recording and laughing like maniacs while Sasuke joins in. She shakes her head, giving him her attention again as he continues talking.

"So since you read it and came I guess it's time for me to come out and tell you face to face how I feel, how I've felt for so long," he smiles at her while scratching the back of his head, excited. It's time! He's finally going to be with her! It's like some sort of dream come true. (F/n) furrows her brows once more, suspicious now. This seems strange, too strange. "(F/n)." Her full attention given.

"I love you.~ Will you be mine?~"

She blushes, surprised but not showing much of a reaction. Any moment now the popular kids will hop out and point and laugh. Any minute...

Nothing. She blinks. Sasuke is watching her hopefully waiting on what she has to say. She gulps, not sure what to say admittedly. Though she's now sure this is an honest gesture of love she doesn't know how to feel towards it. Sasuke and she have become friends yes, but she never has thought about some sort of relationship with him. Sasuke blinks, becoming a little impatient with her silence. 

'Just say it, say those words I know you're wanting to say. You love me too, right, (F/n)? Every girl in this school does so of course you should! Just say it... Say it... God just say it, love...'

"Sasuke... I....," she finds the correct words, the ones that won't hurt him or at least she hopes; he perks when she finally speaks and she bites her bottom lip nervously while looking down. His smile lowers a little, wondering why she seems... Sad. She should be happy, right? Giving him that loving smile he craves to see each hour of the day and hugging him tightly to commemorate their love.

"I can't respond."

A ringing goes through his ears as Sasuke feels his heart thump. His face drops and he is in shock overall. His mouth is agape and eyes are wide. What...?

"Yesterday, I confessed to... To Daniel and I was of course rejected. I'm still hurt over that and while I do care about you it can only be as a friend for now. I am so sorry Sasuke, I don't want to hurt you; maybe in the future we can have a relationship but for now I... I can't. I'm sorry."

With that she walks up to him and rests her hand on his shoulder, looking into his face. She looks torn and doesn't say anything before passing him and leaving, quickly. She doesn't want to hurt him anymore if he is already. 

'I'm sorry Sasuke. Maybe in the future...'

Sasuke is like a statue, gulping down the pain scorching through his heart. She said no. He lowers his head and his hair covers his eyes. He grits his teeth and his lips start forming an ugly frown.

'...maybe in the future we can have a relationship...'

A sick grin slowly twitches its way onto his face and he begins to laugh under his breath. The laughing turns to chuckling and he knocks his head back, cackling. He slowly stops and pulls out his phone, glancing at the wallpaper. (F/n) smiling with a peace sign held up. He stares crazily at it before lifting the screen to his face and kissing her, pulling it away and smirks.

"We will have one in the future. The near future.~"

The bell rings and he leaves, ready to head to class and end the day as soon as possible.


7th period. (F/n) looks at the board but can't concentrate due to the earlier events. Her heart aches at seeing Sasuke look... Well, devastated. She sighs shaking her head and rests her chin in her hands, bored out of her wits. Glancing ahead a few seats to her right she eyes Sasuke. His head is down in which she's guessing he's sleeping as he always does in the class. It's gotten to the point the teacher just ignores him. She looks down, still sad but tries to think on something else.

Sasuke, though his head is down, peeks between his arms back at (F/n). She looks at him a moment before looking sad once more. He grins, inwardly chuckling as he waits just another hour.

The bell rings and (F/n) stands, packing up her textbook and notepad. She throws her bag onto her shoulders and leaves, noting Sasuke had already left. She heads through the halls to her last period in hopes today will end soon. Passing her locker she stops and slowly looks back at it in shock. Written in what looks like lipstick and sharpie are words all over it.


Danny doesn't like nerdies

Don't cry, you'll find someone


(F/n) gulps down her tears wanting to drop as laughing hits her ears. She looks back to see the culprits, Marissa and Ino. Both are laughing and pointing at her and (F/n) just closes her eyes, trying to stay calm. Other people begin to laugh and she finally cracks, running away to the bathroom and locking herself into a stall. (F/n) feels the tears fall silently and she shakes her head, wiping at each one to get rid of them.

'First Sasuke and now this, why can't I have some good luck for once?'

The sound of the bathroom door opening catches her ear but she ignores it figuring it's just another girl coming to actually use the bathroom. Slow steps, sneakers, come the direction of the stalls and when they stop at hers she sees them. They're meant for males, black, leather and are large meaning it's a guy on the other side which makes the (h/c) haired female uneasy. It's quiet, she can't really see who it is through the cracks and the atmosphere inside the stall feels like it's becoming more and more heavy with each moment he's there. She feels watched and when she moves to open the door he finally moves and bends dropping something. It slides under the door. He leaves quickly and all is quiet once again. (F/n) still feels off, wondering what a male was actually doing in a girls bathroom, watching her moreover. 

She looks at the note and slowly picks it up. It's folded messily and when opened the handwriting appears rushed.

Dear (F/n)

I saw what happened I'm so sorry love. Those bitches don't deserve what they have and I'll make sure they realize their mistakes. No one will hurt you or bully you, not with me around. I'll always make sure you're protected, cared for, loved. I'll see you soon beautiful.~

Though it doesn't say who it's from she has a huge feeling she can guess. But why is Sasuke acting as if they're together when (F/n) gave a full rejection? And what does he mean he'll 'make sure they realize their mistakes'? She'll have to talk to him. Soon. Before something gets out of hand.

Sasuke leans against the bathroom door, smiling and staring off dreamily. 

"Soon, (F/n).~ Very soon.~"


A.N.: Well here's chapter 1! How'd I do? I wanted more too it but it's late and I want it out. =w= I love Yandere!Sasuke X'D trust me, there will be death, blood, and much more Yandereness ahead! Comment and favorite if you liked!!
It has been updated, I've fixed a ton of errors like the tense and such, I also gave current Skull telling the story more thoughts. So please go check it out! :3


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Hey everyone sorry I've been absent for the past couple weeks, I got a severe concussion and am still dealing with it. But anyways, the good news is I am continuing Falling for my Stalker. I reread it and enough people asked me on Quotev to continue so I am. Chapter 5 will be out soon so watch out for it.~


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