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The day he came is the day she saw light again. The day she fell in love all over again. Her broken heart was stitched back together by just one look at him and she felt all the pain she’d felt for months on end just fade away.

Yuno Gasai sits in homeroom, quiet and watching the teacher write on the board. Her eyes sagged from nights of barely any sleep. Months after Yuki’s death had destroyed her and she felt nothing but despair. It happened quickly, almost in an instant. He was there, then he was gone. His phone blown up by nine and the boy disappearing in a vortex like manner. Yuno had felt her world crash around her and she continued going, killing the other numbers so she could bring her love back.

She isn’t even listening as the teacher begins her rants, and when it was announced they will be gaining a new student she just pushed it off. Another student. Whoopdie-doo. It didn’t matter to her any. That is, until he walked in.

“Class, let’s welcome our new addition!” Ms. (Teachers name/T/n) announces and gestures to the door as the student, a male, steps in and goes to stand next to her. He faces the class and sheepishly grins. Yuno stares in awe, her heart beating quickly and her mouth agape. He was so… handsome. His bright (e/c) eyes, soft looking (h/l) (h/c), his smile. Her heart pounds like a drum and she feels all the sadness and regret she’d just been holding moments before drop off her like weights being lifted.

Girls around her cooed and smiled at him, making Yuno grip her pencil tightly. Damn girls…

“Hello, I’m, uh, (F/n) (L/n).” He chuckles, scratching the back of his head. He peers around, cheeks growing light pink with all the girls looking him up and down until his (e/c) land on a certain girl. She had pink hair with two pony tails up front and two tied in the back, her pink eyes stare intensely at him as a smile grows on her pink lips. He slightly blushes more and averts his attention back to his professor.

“Well (F/n), it’s nice of you to join us! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it here!”

(F/n) grins, nodding, then turns back and heads to the seat appointed to him. It sits in the back of the third row and he settles down, settling his backpack onto the hook hanging on the side. The class then gets underway, (F/n) listening intently and taking notes. He feels eyes on him, not the occasional glance of a girl admiring him but something intense, and he takes a moment to peer around. He doesn’t see anyone watching him.

‘Strange. I must just be nervous.’ He assures himself, unknown of the grin plastering itself on the pinkette a few seats away.


It’s been a few weeks since (F/n) came to the school and he has to admit, it’s been pretty great. He’s met a couple of friends, grown some admirers, and even caught up in the work, which amazed his teacher to say the least.

He couldn’t shake it though. The feeling of someone watching him. It’s increased incredibly since his first day and he even feels watched at his own home.

‘I know I’m not imagining this, at least not for this long.’ He thinks, sitting in class with his chin resting on his palm. The teacher went to go help some students so the kids were just chatting or playing on their phones until she returns. (F/n) stares at his desk, zoned out in thought of why he keeps getting these feelings.

‘Maybe I have a stalker, though who would want to stalk someone like me? I’m just a guy who moved her from (city name), I’m a nobody!’

He drops his head onto the desk top, eyes clenched shut and a small growl of frustration comes from his throat. He hears the chair to the desk in front of his move and he just figures it’s a student either returning to their seat or coming to chat with their friends and ignores it.

“Are you alright, (F/n)?”

He jumps and peers up at who spoke his name. It was the pinkette, Yuno Gasai. She had her elbows on the desk and her head resting in her palms. She holds a smile and her eyes brightened as he looked up. He blushes lightly and coughs, sitting up all the way.

“Y-Yeah, I’m OK.” He answers, scratching the back of his head. Yuno closes her eyes and gives a bright smile that could put the sun to shame. (F/n) can feel his blood rush to his face and he looks away, trying to hide it. Yuno gushes on the inside like a fangirl, holding herself back from tackling him and showering him with kisses.

“So, um, why are you, um, talking to me? I don’t mean that in a mean way! It’s just you’re, uh, popular and I’m, well, a nobody and-”

Yuno stops him, putting a finger to his lips and his mouth shuts instantly. She smiles lovingly at him and giggles.

“Because I want to silly. There’s no crime against it so I came over and decided to talk to you. Now stop being cute.”

(F/n) gulps, his heart racing at the interaction. He can see she’s serious and he gulps, eyes wide. Yuno goes to speak, admiring his bashful reaction, when a girls voice stops her.

“Excuse me, (F/n)?”

(F/n) blinks out of his awe and looks up at the girl standing beside him. She’s a pretty one, big brown eyes, nice blonde straight hair, (F/n) can feel his heart skip at the sight of such a pretty girl.

‘She looks like a doll. She’s so cute.~’ He gushes inwardly but stays as calm as he can on the outside. She looks shy and has her hands behind her back which gives her an even cuter look. Yuno feels her eye twitch with how the other teen is looking at (F/n). HER (F/n).

“I was wondering if I could talk to you,” The cute blonde looks and notices Yuno, her mouth forming an ‘o’ and she quickly stammers,”U-Unless you’re busy then we can just talk later!”

Yuno’s hand tightens into a fist, ready to shout at the girl.

“Uh, well I guess so, do you mind Yuno?”

The pinkette blinks out of her murderous thoughts and turns to her love. Her facade keeps up and she, though secretly hesitant, shakes her head ‘no’. (F/n) smiles warmly then follows the girl to the very back corner. Yuno’s eye twitches again and she pulls her phone out.

‘What’s she saying to him?’ She hisses, flipping it open and looking at her diary.

10:46-(F/n) looks down. Must comfort him!
10:49-(F/n) looks adorable with a blush! He’s so bashful I just want to hold him!
10:51-A girl walks over asking to talk to my love. I think her name’s Kira or something. She seems to be acting cute. She might be an issue.

Yuno freezes, her grip in her phone tightening to the point it’s surprising it isn’t breaking.

10:53-Girl asks (F/n) if he will go on a date with her.

Yuno can’t breathe as she grows furious, her teeth clenching and her eyes wide. Her sight goes straight to the two and she watches as the girl hugs (F/n). HER (F/n). HER love. Murderous thoughts float through her mind and she has to hold herself back from rushing at the girl with (F/n)’s backpack and beating her to death brutally. A hand touches Yuno on the shoulder and she jumps slightly, coming out of her psychotic phase to look back at one of her acquaintances. She seems worried.

“You alright Yuno-chan?”

Yuno blinks then smiles, nodding.

“Yeah, I’m OK…” Her eyes drift back to the two and her lids lower.

“Just fine.”


(F/n) just got the news the next day. The day after he’d been asked out by Kiara.

She was found by her parents, dead in her bed. She was stabbed in the heart 4 times, her face beaten by a blunt object to the point she was almost unrecognizable. Apparently something was written on the wall beside her bed but (F/n) doesn’t know what yet. It made him sad, mainly with how she seemed like a kind girl with no enemies.

(F/n) is walking to school, his mind jumbled.

‘Could it just be a coincidence? Maybe it was just a random attack, those happen right? But why her?’

The boy steps inside the school, making his way to his homeroom and sitting in his seat. He takes out his phone, one of his friends named Matsuda texting him about details on the murder. No new text.

‘Come on Matsuda, you said it was something big written, why aren’t you answering?’

Just as he thought it his phone buzzed violently, indicating an incoming call. No one is really in the classroom yet so he answers it after checking caller I.D.


“(F/n)! Shit dude! You’re never going to believe this!” Matsuda is gasping, almost like he was running, and sounds like he’s afraid.

“Matsuda, what’s wrong? Did you see what it said?”

“(F/n), it’s you!”

(F/n) blinks, not understanding that at all.


“Yuno! Both your names were written on the wall with an ‘x’ between them, shit! I think she did it!”

“Matsuda, I don’t-”

“Oh god. No, no, stay away!”

(F/n) stands as he listens to the shouting on the other end, Matsuda screaming at someone and running is heard.

“Matsuda, what the hell is going on?!”

“(F/n)! I know who did it! Stay away from Yuno!”


“She murd-”

Then the line goes dead. (F/n) stands there in blatant fear, the phone dropping from his hand and onto the ground, cracking. He’s frozen, his heart slowing and his eyes wide. He’s speechless.

“Yuno… did it….?” He almost can’t believe the words had left his own mouth. He sits in his seat, staring blankly at his desk as he imagines what could have happened that night. He doesn’t even acknowledge his phone, his mind jumbled. So lost in thought he doesn’t hear as the one he is now fearing steps in.

“Hello love.~”

His heart skips and he feels his blood go cold as he slowly turns to look at Yuno. She’s covered in blood and a closed switchblade is in her hand. (F/n) begins to shake, his breath becoming ragged as she smiles lovingly at him.

“I took care of them.”

(F/n) almost loses his voice but manages to mutter,”Wh-what….?”

Yuno begins stepping over to him and stops before him. Her eyes glow at seeing him and she leans down to where their noses brushed.

“I took care of the problems and now…”

She goes to lean in for a kiss but stops mere inches of his lips to speak.

“And now you can stay with me… forever.~
Yuno X Male!Reader-No One In Our Way-Pt.1 or 3
This is a 2 part story that was commissioned by :icondemoncrona:! It's too damn long so I have to do it in 2 parts! XD I hope you all enjoy the 1st part, sorry if it sucks or has any errors. My memory is a shitty thing. Two concussions can do that to you ;-; but anyways! I shall be doing part 2 soon so be patient!

Part 2: saviour-of-the-fate.deviantart…
Part 3: Coming soon!
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
(F/n) stares with wide eyes, the questions he wants to ask not coming out as he’s speechless. His fear is choking him and he quickly stands which causes Yuno to back away to keep from smacking heads. He backs away from her, shaking his head in utter horror.

“Y-Yuno, what did you…” He can’t even finish as she grins happily, looking like a happy puppy who’d just received a treat for doing a trick.

“I took care of them, my love.~ Now Kiara won’t take you from me!” She responds giddily. (F/n)’s lip quivers.

“Why though? What do you mean? We’re not even together!” (F/n) shouts at her, his fists clenching and and he can feel the tears growing behind his eyes. Yuno just gives a cute look, her eyes shutting.

“Ah (F/n), you’re so cute!~ Of course we are, I’ve been to your house and slept in your bed with you, I make sure no one ever hurts you, I even took care of the jacket you left behind in class,” Yuno giggles, the hand holding the blade going behind her back and her other hand raising and resting the palm against her cheek,”You’re mine (F/n)-chan~! I love you!~”

Before the male can react the pinkette rushes forward and hugs him around his waist. The (h/c) haired teen freezes as the blood on Yuno begins to soak into his clothes and onto him. Her hug is tight, possessive, she breathes in deep, taking his scent in and her smile grows.

“You smell good, my love.~” She sighs dreamily and her hug tightens even more, the male in her grasp gasping slightly for air.

“Y-Yuno…” He mutters, grasping her shoulders. She lifts her head to snuggle against his neck.

“Yes love?”

(F/n) quickly pushes her away, using all the strength he can muster to keep her back and away from him.

“Stay away from me!”

With that (F/n) turns and bolts out of the room, not caring about his backpack or cracked phone. All he needs to do is to get as far away from her as he can. Away from that psychopath. He pushes past other teens, every one he passed looking in shock at the blood he was drenched in. He hurries out of the school, running straight to his house without slowing down. Luckily there aren’t many people out since it’s early so no one will stop and ask him about the crimson stains.

Once at his house he pulls out his keys and fumbles with them to unlock his door. To his dismay he drops them and he groans in frustration.

“Shit!” He growls, reaching down.

“Love, why would you run?”

(F/n) stops, a ringing in his ears as his world begins shaking. He doesn’t even need to look back and he grips his keys the shoves the right one into the lock. He can hear footsteps behind him coming towards him and he pushes his door open.

“Love come back.~ I would never-”

Before the insane pinkette can finish (F/n) slams the door, locking the deadlock and knob. (F/n) doesn’t even realize he’s gasping until he’s sliding down the door and holding his heart. He grips his shirt and the frantic male begins to calm.

He stands, walking to the stairs to head up to his room.

“I’ll see you later love.~”

The male turns quickly to see Yuno peering through the mail slot and he rushes up to his bedroom.


“Son, you do understand how serious a claim this is?”

(F/n) sits in the chair of a police mans office, talking to the chubby officer. (F/n) nods, trying to convince the officer of what had happened to Kiara and Matsuda.

“Yes! Sir, Yuno Gasai murdered them! And now she’s after me! Why won’t you believe me?” (F/n) shouts, standing and slamming his hands on the desk top.

“OK, OK son calm down. We can look into this but I don’t believe we’ll find much? There’s not much evidence in the cases so we’ll try our best, alright kid?”

(F/n), luckily, had taken care of his clothes, not wanting to be judged as a suspect. He felt horrible about all of this. It can’t possibly by his fault his friends are dead can it? He didn’t know Yuno had fallen for him much less become obsessed over him.

The boy leaves without another word, heading back home.

‘Why can’t I just disappear? With mom on a trip I’m by myself. What if Yuno sneaks in? She already admitted to it! God damn what am I supposed to do?’ (F/n) sighs inwardly, biting his lip and feeling tears pricking behind his eyes. Fear drenches over him like a rain pour and as he opens his front door he gasps, being grabbed and pulled inside. The door is slammed and the male is pressed against the wall, arms holding him around his torso tightly and a female voice sighing.

“My love.~ Welcome home!”

Yuno pulls back, grabbing his cheeks and bringing his face close to here and brushing her nose against his. (F/n) gulps, his arms hanging at his side, stiff as a board. His heart beats rapidly with horror and he looks at her with fear.

“Wh-What are you-”

“Oh come with me! I’ve made you all your favorite foods!” Yuno interrupts the (e/c) eyed male, gripping his hand and yanking him to the kitchen. (F/n) tries pulling back but Yuno overpowers him and sits him at the table. He peers at the food set on the table, she was right, all the ones he likes.


She shoves some food into his mouth, the boy being taken off guard and coughing. He chews slowly, tasting it. He gives an amazed look.

“It’s delicious…” He mumbles more to himself but Yuno hears perfectly, wrapping her arms around his neck and snuggling her face against his. (F/n) blushes at this, feeling hot and gulps. Yuno pulls back, handing him the fork and turning away.

“I’m going to go grab some napkins.” She smiles, walking away. (F/n) looks back at the food thinking thoroughly on his options. He can run but how far can he get? Yuno will just follow. He can call the police but they’ll just think he’s panicking too much.

‘Shit, what should I do?’

Just as (F/n) was thinking pain shoots through his head and his vision turns black. He falls off the chair, eyes going shut. Yuno stands above him, holding a now broken plate with a grin on her lips and her eyes dark. She drops the piece and kneels beside (F/n), brushing his cheek with the palm of her hand and running her finger tips over his lips.

“Now you can be all mine.~”


(F/n) slowly begins to awaken, his (e/c) eyes opening slowly as the fuzzy sights before him begin to clear. He groans, his head beating horribly but as he goes to rub it he feels the ropes tied around his wrists. His brows furrow and he sees his ankles are as well. He’s laying on a bed, one he doesn’t recognize. The room he’s in is dark and the only light is the moon shining through the window onto him. It illuminates the male and he gasps as he looks at his body.

“Why am I naked? And where am I?” He wonders, struggling slightly.

“You’re in my home my love.~”

(F/n)’s eyes go wide as saucers as the pinkette steps out of the darkness. She looks affectionate and (F/n) blushes horribly, noting his extension lifting. He tries crossing his legs the best he can but no luck and he looks away from her. She stands beside the bed wearing only a bra and panties. She sees his ‘friend’ lift and she comes closer. (F/n), still not looking at her, can see her coming closer through his peripheral vision and begins bumbling like an idiot.

“Y-Yuno, stay over there! Wh-Why am I-I here? And why am I-I t-tied up?”

“Because we’re going to make love silly,” Yuno climbs slowly onto the bed, crawling close to him and sitting above him,”You’re so cute, my (F/n), so sweet and handsome, and by tonight you’ll be only mine.”

She runs her hands up his stomach and over his chest, gaining shiver from the male teen. Straddling his thighs she scratches her nails lightly against his hips, in which (F/n) shakes and, unconsciously, thrusts them. Yuno’s grin increases and she moves her hand farther down until she brushes against his shaft. (F/n), gasping, bites his lip to keep from releasing the pleasurable moans Yuno wants to listen to. She once more brushes him but this time she lightly grips it between her thumb and forefinger. She slides them up and down slowly which causes the boy beneath her to catch his breath. After some tantalizing seconds Yuno releases him and crawls up to where she’s now sitting on his stomach. The girl takes his face into her hands and forces him to look at her. His eyes are glazed and he gulps. Yuno leans forward, taking his lips for a moments kiss before pulling back and giving a look full of affection and love.

“I love you.~”
Yuno X Male!Reader-No One In Our Way-Pt.2 or 3
Oh man I am mean! XD You all have to wait for part 3! Originally this was supposed to be 2 parts but I'm not in the lemony mood so you will all have to wait until tomorrow c; Commissioned by :icondemoncrona:

Part 1:saviour-of-the-fate.deviantart…
Part 3:Coming soon!
The second part is going to include a lemon. I'm mainly letting :icondemoncrona: know since she commissioned it. So if you're reading it I just wanna let you know >;D
  • Mood: Passionate
  • Listening to: Crown The Empire
The second part is going to include a lemon. I'm mainly letting :icondemoncrona: know since she commissioned it. So if you're reading it I just wanna let you know >;D
  • Mood: Passionate
  • Listening to: Crown The Empire
The Prince Of Scourge... by Saviour-Of-The-Fate
The Prince Of Scourge...
...Lives in a world of darkness.~ This pic took me 4 hours. No. Fucking. Joke. I was have a depression day and this came up. So comments? :iconcuteplz:


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The second part is going to include a lemon. I'm mainly letting :icondemoncrona: know since she commissioned it. So if you're reading it I just wanna let you know >;D
  • Mood: Passionate
  • Listening to: Crown The Empire


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