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Modern!Eren Jaeger by Saviour-Of-The-Fate
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Creepy's When They Were Young (For My Comic! CX) by Saviour-Of-The-Fate
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Springtrap: What the hell is 'THIS'? by Saviour-Of-The-Fate
Springtrap: What the hell is 'THIS'?
So a lot of people on the FB pages I admin wanted me to draw these two together so I did! Spring doesn't like Plush much but Plush loves him anyways! X'D

Art: Me

Characters: Scott Cawthon
I am on a break from commissions and requests due to me being so busy. School is starting up again so I don't have time to do extra things besides my stories and even then I have trouble doing these on time. So right now I'm in closed commission/request. Sorry to anyone who wants to, I will post a journal again letting you all know when I'm open again to do them. :iconsweatdropplz:
Jeff the Killer X Reader
Chapter 15
Author's Note!: So I see most of you guessed it was (F/n) who had stopped Jeff. As I wanted to avoid any spoilers I only gave small hints whether someone was right or not. ;) This story is slowly inching towards its end; it has one more arc before it is finally over so I'm hoping I can keep you all reading until then. :) I'm working and doing school work now so my posting is very, very slow, I'm terribly sorry. Please enjoy until the end. ^-^

The voice...

He recognizes it all too well...

It is like his own lullaby, one he can hear all his life and never grow tired of it. It's melodic and engaging to which he loves to listen to it.

And in that instant he's frozen. How can he react? When the girl he absolutely loves and thought he'd lost is right before his very eyes. They're just staring at each other, Zach on the ground behind the man still in shock of the events before. No one pays any mind to him though. Not the lovers, nor their companions. It is silent. His heart pounds a million beats a second it seems like as his shock is combing over him greatly. She gives a saddened look, one that is in a way sympathetic but also crushed.

"Jeff, don't hurt anyone else, please." She says, grabbing the hand holding the knife. He flinches slightly but let's her hold it and take the weapon from him. Throwing it back to towards the others BEN picks it up and holds it knowing what she meant. She looks into Jeff's face and gives a slight smile.

"How...?" He can't even speak he's in such awe. What's he supposed to say? A thousand questions are running rapidly through his mind and yet he can't ask a single one. He gulps, trying to find the words.

"How are you alive? I watched you die, I held you while you died!" The tears are once more pushing to come back as he remembers the heart cracking moment so well. She thinks on this and goes to speak when Slender chimes in.

"I brought her back."

The killer's eyes go to the no faced male; he looks to be questioning the strange words. Slender notes this and sighs.

"Once you'd ran off I took her and used my powers to bring her back from the dead,"
he vaguely explains which just confuses Jeff even more.

"How? I didn't know you had those kind of powers."

"Well, it is Slendy, there's a lot we don't know, remember?" BEN chirps in, shrugging. Jeff thinks on that and decides just to quit questioning it as he's sure Slender won't delve much into it; right now his main concern is the one right in front of him. She smiles at him warmly and he feels the ice frozen over his shattered heart melt as the pieces stick back together. The grin he'd come to love seeing; every day, he would yearn for it, even doing sweet things to earn it. She is here... She's here!

Before Jeff can move or speak his eyes grow hot and the teardrops roll down his cheeks. He gasps, wiping at them but they just keep coming like an endless pour. Whether they're tears of joy or not he knows he's happy. (F/n), seeing the tears and embarrassment of Jeff she gently places her hands on his cheeks and turns his face to look back at her. He stares as he continues crying and she smiles at him.

"I missed you too."

She hugs him, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck and running her fingers through his hair. Though a bit knotted ever since she came to live with he, BEN, and Smile she'd started making him bathe and wash his hair; though most of the time she was the one washing it. The locks are soft and she hums. He's frozen a moment but soon latches his arms tightly around her; the grip is like his own assurance that she'll never leave again. He cries into her shoulder, happy to have her returned and losing his embarrassment of showing his softer side. The others all smile, Sam happy and hugging Jack which knocks him off guard but he returns it happily.


Returning back to 'home' everyone goes their own ways, Slender with the proxies, Jack to the hospital, and Jeff, (F/n), BEN, Sam and Smile to the factory. Jeff insists on carrying (F/n) due to what had happened and she gives in and allows it. After 'warning' Zach to leave town the boy gave in and fled as soon as they all left.

Kicking the door in Jeff finally sets the (brunette, blonde, etc) down and they all stretch.

"I don't know about you guys but I'm going to sleep," Sam yawns, heading to her room.

"I'm with ya there, too much happened," BEN groans and heads his separate way. Smile yawns and nudges (F/n). The dog had stuck by her and Jeff since they left and she notes what he wants. She smiles, petting him.

"You want to come sleep with us?" She asks which earns her a bark and a nod. She turns to Jeff and smiles which he sighs and shrugs.

"Fine, Smile can come with us tonight. But tomorrow-"

"It'll just be us, I know, I know. C'mon, let's go to bed," She takes his hand and pats her leg for the dog to follow and they head up to their room.

Once they're all settled in and the three are cuddled up close (F/n) and Smile are fast asleep with Jeff staring at her face. The bloody image of her appears and he tells himself not to think about it.

'She's here, with me, safe.'

"I'm never letting you go again," he says, pecking her forehead and pulling her as close as he can. He slips on his mask but before he puts it all the way down he kisses her one more time, smiling his true smile; content, happy.

"I love you, (F/n)."
A.N.: Okay so this was shorter than I'd hoped but hey, this now opens up for the last arc before the end of this series!! I'm hoping I can get the chapters out soon! Also sorry if Jeff seemed 'OOC', he has a soft spot in my story, sorry. :) I mean, the guy just found out his girlfriend is alive again, how else is he supposed to act? X'D also be prepared, next chapter has a newcomer! And it is a little one! ;) more CP's will show too like EJ, Tobi, and maybe Zalgo! Comment and favorite if you liked!!
Okai so I was looking for Yandere! X readers and came across something that really caught my attention. It was called 'Yandere!Crush X Reader'Reader', where you put YOU'RE own characters in the story as the crush and main character and stuff. I thought that was so cool! So I'm doing a series like that where they're all one shots! I've already come up with them :3:
  • -1st will be 'Yandere!Crush X Reader'
  • -2nd will be 'Yandere!Best Friend X Reader'
  • -3rd 'Yandere!New kid X Reader'
  • -4th 'Yandere!Step brother'
  • 5th 'Yandere!Neighbor'
  • 6th 'Yandere!Co-Worker
  • 7th 'Yandere!Stalker
  • 8-14 will be the same only with females and reader will be male!
So what do you guys think? Seem like fun?! :D if you guys have any other ideas comment them and I'll add them to the series if I like them! :3


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I am on a break from commissions and requests due to me being so busy. School is starting up again so I don't have time to do extra things besides my stories and even then I have trouble doing these on time. So right now I'm in closed commission/request. Sorry to anyone who wants to, I will post a journal again letting you all know when I'm open again to do them. :iconsweatdropplz:


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I'm Ash! cx I LOVE Jeff the Killer and Dante Sparda and Creepypasta, SKYRIM, and other stuff! I love video games, anime, comics, manga, all sorts of stuff! I love to write, draw, and make my own characters!

Current Residence: Utah
Favourite genre of music: Rock, metal, etc.
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Personal Quote: I'm a lot of people, but they're all just characters. I'm the real person so why can't I be like them?

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