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Please go read! I'm hoping I did at least a decent job so it would make me sososososo happy if you guys would be willing to read! ^°^ it's my newest post so pleeeeaaaase go read!!
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"Another body racked up as the murders continue. No one knows who this mysterious assailant is but reports say that the victim's were abusive parents who would 'punish' their kids by leaving them without food and locking them up in their cellar."

My eyes keep on the TV above me while I eat my sandwich. The news report blares through the fast food place I'm in and it's my main focus over the food I desperately need.

"The murderer seems to just be anonymous despite all their strikes and the families of the victims always keep quiet. Why though, we don't know."

The hood of my sweatshirt is pulled up over my black hair and a hospital mask covers all but my eyes when I'm not eating. The people around me are lost in their own worlds of technology and gossip so no one pays any mind to the, in a sense, outcast.

"She saved our lives."

"Michael, the 8-year-old son of the parents, admits to the reporter on scene and gives some clarification that it is, in fact, a female. More on this story tonight at 9."

My mind boggles that I'm still free. I'm being hunted down at every turn, despite actually saving people, and here I am uncuffed and eating my cares away. Well, not completely but I'm at ease at least. No one knows it's me. I'm called by a lot of names: Smiley Face, Scars, Bloody Grin. But they're all just names, ones I don't want. My real name, at least what I go by now, is Asher, and I'm about to tell you the story of my past and what brought me to this moment.

-1 year ago-

"Move out of the way! You're blocking the TV!" Something that's heard a lot in my home. My dad sits on the couch, appearing dirty and lounging as he gestures my younger sister to move. She flinches at the shouting and hurries into the kitchen to the backyard. I'm on the ground leaning up against the wall and I watch as my mom is dusting everything hurriedly with a bit of a shakiness to her movements. I'm still, blank faced as my attention returns to the TV. The channel is wrestling, much to my dismay, and it's blaring, which makes me wonder if my dad is finally going deaf. I nibble on my nail and tear part of it off as has become custom to my nervous habit and my mom peers at me with a furrowed brow.

"Ashley, don't bite your nails, you know I don't like it," she comments, hands on her hips.

"Ah leave her alone. She wants her nails to be gross, let her," my dad waves her off, sipping from his cherry Pepsi. She shakes her head and returns to her work. Despite my dad being a pig, our house is clean for the majority. I mean, Marie's stuff is here and there but my mom keeps things organized. I mean, what else is she supposed to do? My dad won't let her get a job after an incident at her last one so now she just busies herself with the house and works as a stay at home mom. She's a wonderful woman though, so it's sad.

My phone beeps and I glance at it, seeing a text pop up and I open it to smile at the words my friends had written in our group text. 8 of us in one chat, so many notifications.

Olive:So who's all ready for summer?!

Mason: I know I am! School's being such a pain

Aaron: Ya I feel u there I have 3 f's

Mason: Jesus A Ron! Don't you know what after school study is?

Aaron: I dont ever have time I have a job rmmbr?

Hailey: yeaaaa blame it on your jooooob

I giggle and begin typing back when my mom calls to me and catches my attention.

"Asha, honey, can you go do dishes for me? That way I can start dinner."

I nod, smiling and stand before running into the kitchen but almost slipping cause of my socks. Even at 17 I won't learn. I'm ready to start them when a rock is chucked at the kitchen window and I see Marie ushering to me to come outside. I furrow my brows in concern because of her expression and I turn off the faucet and do as told, heading outside. It's nice out, about 5 PM, so there's a light breeze and the sun is low to make the area cool. I trek towards our trampoline, which she'd used to make a fort, and slip inside. She's got her legs up and her arms wrapped around them in a frightened manner which just increases my wonder of what's wrong. She looks up at me and points to her forts 'door'.


I shut it the best I can before returning my attention onto her. She appears wary which makes me wary.

"Marie, what's wrong?" I question to get her to maybe focus on me. She gulps, shaking slightly.

"I-I have to tell you s-something...," She mumbles, biting her finger, something she does when she's scared. I lean forward, full focus on her.

"What is it? What do you need to tell me-"

"It's about dad." She chokes, covering her mouth with uneasy hands. My heart lumps into my throat at hearing this and I ask."Marie, what happened now?"

"He... He made me... T-t-touch him... D-d-down...," she doesn't even finish as she points to her lower regions and begins to break down. I'm in shock, which is an understatement, with my green eyes just wide and my mouth gaping. I don't even have words to say at hearing this, only gulping down the unspoken sentences that I can't put together. She cries and cries, hugging herself. "He's a monster! Why can't he just go away?!" She screams. I don't have the answer, only sorrow for her. How did this... When... I can't even think straight! Anger boils in me, wrath I wish I could take out but know better than to. My fists ball up and I lower my head with closed eyes. She's so young... So sweet....

"Ashley! Get your ass in this house now!"

We both jump and look out to see the devil himself standing at the open door with a scowl. He looks like a beast from hell, something I see a lot. Marie looks to me in concern while I climb out and slowly, reluctantly approach. I'm glaring him down and once I get close enough he grips my arm in a tight grasp and pushes me inside. Because of my slippery items I faceplant into the floor, hissing at the pain. I groan, slowly getting up while my mom rushes into the kitchen with worry on her features.

"Asha, are you okay?!" She grabs me gently and helps me up but I'm only pushed by the back towards the sink by a much larger hand.

"Do as your mother said and actually do the dishes, you lazy pain." He growls, my heart piercing at his words. My mom faces him, an angry glare in her orbs. She looks threatening but not enough to even remotely phase him.

"You do not touch our child that way!" She shouts at him. I turn away, knowing where this is heading and step to the sink. Maybe the loud noises of the dishes clashing together and the water running will distract me from the bomb ready to go. But my thoughts only go back to Marie and I feel a tear lightly drip from the corner of my eye.

"You don't talk to me that way!"

"She's your daughter, you do not harm her! Nor should you be calling her such things!"

"Maybe if she would actually listen I wouldn't have to punish her!"

"You don't need to punish her like that! You're abusing her!"

My head pounds and I grip the sinks edge. I can sense someone else coming inside and know Marie is wondering what is going on. I can almost see the look of fear on her face.

"Maybe if you'd stop being such a bitch to me these kids might respect me!"

"A bitch to you?! Look in a mirror and you'll see the real asshole!"

I can feel a frown forcing its way onto my face, an unsightly one that shows I'm ready to cry. I kneel and rest my forehead against the sink, my bangs of my brown hair becoming damp from the water that sprayed from the faucet. I grit my teeth and cough.

'Don't cry... Don't cry...'
I tell myself over and over, as if it'd do any good.

"Fuck you!"

A smack and a thump follow and Marie's screams echo through the room as my heart drops, almost instantly knowing what had fallen. I can her Marie calling to my mom, my dad telling her to get out of the way; besides that though, my hearing is just ringing. The tears had almost stopped instantly and now my memories flash. The first time he'd touched me. My mom. Marie. The thoughts of Marie being left alone with him. His screaming. My moms yelling. It's... All too much.

"Marie, I said get the fuck away-"


All three look at me and are in shock to see what I hold. A large butcher knife in my right hand. My face is one of anger and I don't know what else. My mom and Marie stand and are in awe while my dad steps towards me.

"Put the knife down no-"

I point it at them all, breathing heavily with what I'm guessing is adrenaline and I lightly grin. "I'm giving you all 15 minutes to hide. Only in the house. Once I come looking and find you, I'm killing you." I threaten, the three off guard by this. My mom pulls Marie and rushes into the living room and up the stairs. Though he's reluctant my dad isn't completely stupid and follows them instead of fighting me. I look around and see a pole Marie had found in the lake nearby and grab it. It's metal, but has a sharpened point at one end and I sit down in one of our dinner table's chairs and use my knife to sharpen the point even more while I wait.

-15 minutes later-

15 minutes had pass and I stand to begin my hunt. A plan is set and I begin to slowly and quietly climb our stairs. A few creaks give me away but I try to avoid them while I go up. At the top I hold my weapons close and look at all the doors. To my right are a closet and my parents bedroom, my left Marie's and my room. And in front of me the bathroom. I decide to try the adults room and begin inching to it. I'm almost to the point to grab the handle when the closet door bursts open and out pops my dad who punches me. I fall back, losing my footing and rolling down the stairs, hitting the midway section. I grunt as I hit the wall and look up to see my father at the top, fuming. I widen my eyes as I notice my weapons on the stairs to which he notices too. I'm too quick for him to grab one though and with my knife in hand I dart up the stairs, avoiding his swing at me again, and stab the blade right into his foot. He shouts in agony but is too shocked to move so I see my chance and I step up behind him and push as hard as I can against him and as I'd hoped he loses his footing and falls, tumbling down the fleet like I had. The knife tears his foot open and he screams in pain, trying to stand.

I glare down at him, the anger and rage I'd been holding all this time, my whole life, comes spewing out in my mission to do what I never thought I would or could.

He tries to gain footing but is unsuccessful each time before he actually grips the wall and starts pulling himself up. I notice and slowly lean down to grab the pole. Inching my way forward I stand above him with nothing but anger. He glares up at me, spitting,"You want to kill me? Huh? You want to stab daddy? You're just trash, like your mother. What'll you do once you kill me? The cops will be on you, quick. You're trash. And you'll always be it. "

"Trash is something that's easily forgotten, like you."

His face contorts into shock and his lip quivers. I slowly lift the pole above my head and bring it down.

-5 minutes later-

I step inside my parents room, slowly, and look to the bed. Marie and mom are sitting there huddled and looking scared. I give them a sad smile and lower my head before looking back.

"Is he....?"

I only nod; they both looked shocked and my mom stands, walking to me. I shake my head and take a step back which causes her to look crushed.

"Don't. We don't need you pinned as a suspect. Marie needs you. But I can't stay."

"What?" Marie gasps, hopping off and looking at me with confused eyes. I nod, gripping my weapons tightly. Sorrow rests in my features as smile gently at them.

"They'll take me in for sure, and I can't put more stress than I have. I'm leaving, now. The story will be that it was a break in and they took me, okay?" I explain. My eyes are pleading in a way and they, though extremely reluctant, nod. They begin to cry as I say goodbye and I turn and head out. A bag is what I take with some change of clothes and the bloody ones along with my blade and pole, and after crushing my phone to bit I rush away from the house.

-1 month later-

I'm in an abandoned house, staring into a broken mirror in the bathroom. I think about all that had happened, knowing I can't keep my appearance as to avoid being found and tears stain my cheeks, my hands gripping the sink bowl. My knife, hair dye, and a towel are set off to the side and I grab the butcher. I lift it to my hair and chop off some, noting that it isn't too difficult considering the sharpness of the blade. I continue, cutting piece after piece as I cry with the finishing touch. It's messy, my bangs gone and my whole face showing. Hair sticks up all over and I gently touch it.

Next I do the dye, my hair becoming black with red streaks on the top, right side, and left. I already look different but in some insane way it isn't enough. Now that I'm a criminal I wonder about the signatures they have. I think about something I've truly always wanted. And I lift my knife to my right cheek.

It stings incredibly, blood oozing out of the open and sure to scar wounds as I cry and grit my teeth in agony. The right is finished. I do the same to the left, my tears mixing in with the crimson that falls as pools into the sink. Once I'm done, I quickly grab the towel and put pressure onto the painful spots in hopes that it'd all stop. But I just feel hurt all over in my face, the pain excruciating and stinging.

Finally. I wipe away the blood that had come out and I lift my face to the mirror. In my reflection I'm in awe as on both my cheeks are smiley faces. And I think of what they could mean; why I chose them.


You want to know why I decided to use them? They're a symbol to show the happiness that my victim's victims had been robbed of. Morbid yes.

I stand, finishing up and throwing my garbage away. Before I leave I hear some workers speaking and notice they're talking about me.

"Well I think she's just some psycho. I mean, murder?"

"She's a hero in my eyes. Those people deserve it and if death's the only way then so be it."

"I agree," I comment as I stand by the door. They jump, looking at me with wide eyes as they watch me pull my mask down enough to see my smile and grin. I wink and pull it back up, leaving them in complete awe.

Thunder crashes above me and I walk on my way to my home. I yank the jacket off along with the mask once I enter the woods, now in my white v-neck, black pants, and converse.

I'm not insane, completely. And I'm not psychotic murderer going after the innocent. I'm just... Asher.
Asher's Story
This is Asher's story, or a shortened version I guess! This took me 3 hours to type, I tried my best to make it how I always pictured! Asher is different, and though she does kill she is, honestly, not that insane. She just sees herself as some kind of vigilante.

Asher, Marie, everyone else ©:iconsaviour-of-the-fate:
Hey guys, I'm really sorry to say this, but I've dropped 3/4 of my series. I've just been too busy for them plus I lost my motivation to do them and I honestly don't remember the plots for most of them. So here's what's being kept:
-Stay-Jeff X Reader
-Love, Laughter, Insanity-LJ X Reader
-Mine-Demon!Prussia X Reader
-Evil in the Mind-Prussia X Reader
-POSSIBLY More Than Five Nights-Human!Freddy X Reader
(Plus the Mermaid!Eren X Reader series that will be started)

I'm sosososososo sorry if you're a fan of a story that has been dropped! Also I might've forgotten to put a story I've been updating up there so if you have any questions comment!
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Who would read?! Her story will be different, and you'll see why! The end will be a difference compared to many CPs so I hope you guys will enjoy! Comment if you'd read? :o
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Love, Laughter, Insanity

Laughing Jack X Reader

Chapter 6


Author's Note: Wow, I feel terrible I haven't updated this ;-; it's so liked too so I feel all the more worse!

The story so far: (F/n) is alone now, those she loved gone in the blink of an eye. What can she do now?


It's almost like a nightmare she can't seem to wake up from. Only problem is it's too real to be some kind of twisted dream. Jack is alive. He's not just some imaginary friend she'd made when she was 5, he's real. (F/n) still can't come to terms with that, or the death of Sam and Terra.

'It's all my fault...' She thinks to herself, cuddled onto the couch in a ball. 'They died protecting me... And now I don't even know what to do...'

Images flash through the (brunette, blonde, etc.)'s mind of the three of them together at parks, movies, sleepovers; all smiling. All happy...

The girls eyes shoot open and she blinks, thinking about something and rushes to look for the photo album Sam had kept since they were young. Once finding it the girl begins flipping through examining each and every picture. Every single one, that clown is in. He's just appears in each with a ghostly feel and (F/n) furrows her brows, stopping and slamming the book shut. She grips it tightly.

I've always been there. Whether you know it.

Or not.

His voice somehow seeps into her thoughts and she shakes her head, grabbing it.

Why won't you just come easily? They would still be alive if you would just come to me.~


Are you afraid? Now who will protect little, sweet (F/n) from the big, scary Jack?!

"Leave me alone, please!" She cries, her skull pounding and she feels like she's going to break down if this doesn't let up soon. The sound of glass breaking catches her off guard and she looks up to the hallway leading to the bedrooms. It's still dark, probably around 4 A.M., so she isn't sure if someone is there. The sound came from one of the rooms, maybe a window which only fuels her fear which is peaking at the top at the moment. Glass hits the ground and she gulps, slowly standing. Grabbing her phone for light and possibly to call 911 the female also grips a knife Sam had been holding for safety precautions and inches towards the noise. She turns on her electronic and maneuvers through the apartment until she reaches a door, slowly and quietly she opens it and looks in. No broken glass, just an empty bedroom. Making her way to the next door she does the same and looks in, only for her heart to leap to her throat. There, ahead of her, is a broken window, all its glass lying on the floor beneath it. She stares with unblinking eyes as the only thoughts going through her mind are to run and not look back; but she's rooted to the spot.

She does the opposite of her conscience and walks towards the window, moonlight gleaming in from outside to illuminate the pitch black room. She looks down at the shards in horror and notices blood on them, like the intruder had foolishly cut themselves. In a moment of fear she goes to turn and run but is caught off guard as a dark figure tackles her and pins her. She screams, afraid of it being Jack but notes the different attire. She can't see their face but knows it's a male by how strong they are. He has her pinned down and lifts something above her before bringing it down. She gasps but it's to late to react as her vision blackens and she's unconscious.

~???'s POV~

She's finally in my grasp, (F/n), is finally here. After noting what Jack's been doing I knew I had to stop it. The only way to do it? Take her and hide her. So she's safe. I lift her up and onto my shoulder before using the blood from my cut to leave a message on the wall for old asshole. After I'm done I rush out, climbing out the window like before and rushing off back to my hideout.

~Jacks POV~

Anger fuels me as I stare at the words left on the wall. I noted that I couldn't talk to (F/n) anymore so my concern had the better of me and now I'm staring at a blood written message left by the one who took her. My lollipop.

You can't hurt her anymore jackass

Give up looking because you're never getting her back

I grit my shark like teeth and my hands become fists as I can only think of who's taken her. I head back to my circus to find information; they're not taking her, not after so much planning and time put into this. She's my lollipop.



A.N.: Who do you think took (F/n)? I'll be honest, I don't know myself! But that's why I'm letting you guys comment as kind of a vote to see who it should be! So comment and favorite if you enjoyed!!


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Please go read! I'm hoping I did at least a decent job so it would make me sososososo happy if you guys would be willing to read! ^°^ it's my newest post so pleeeeaaaase go read!!
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