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September 15, 2013
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Falling For My Stalker
Jeff the Killer X Reader
Chapter One
A.N.:OK well I was asked by a friend to start another Jeff X Reader story since I've been so slow updating the other one and I started this one a little while back so why not?! OK well yeah this, as you see, is a chapter story! Yeah, yeah, I know, I've got to many stories unfinished but my brain keeps making more ideas! DX So this will start out as more of a Jeff V.S. Reader type thing then slip into X Reader! cx OK well let's go! :D
(F/n), Sam, Terra,: 13 in this chapter
Jeff: 14 in this chapter
"Hey (F/n), what are you doing this weekend?"

(F/n) shook her head, coming out of her thoughts, and looked to her friend. Sam and Terra were staring at her, smiles on their faces and (F/n) sits up and shrugs.

"I don't know. Sit at home I guess. My parents are going on a trip for their anneversary so I'll be alone." She answers, looking to the time. The clock of her last period classroom read 2:45. 5 more minutes before class ended. Looking back Sam and Terra were giving worried looks and the (h/c) female cocks an eyebrow.


"You mean you haven't heard about that killer that's been seen?"

(F/n) freezes. She had indeed heard about the murderer seen in their small town of (hometown), (state). She knew the risk she was taking but after losing her uncle and grandmother to car crashes last week she honestly didn't have him on her mind. So she simply nodded unenthusiasticly.

"You aren't scared that he might attack you?" Sam asks, surprised at how calm (F/n) was being. (F/n) shrugs once more.

"No, why should I?"

Sam and Terra look at each other, shock covering their peach faces before they looked back at the other 13 year old female.

"Dude, he's been killing people in your neighborhood!" Terra exclaims and (F/n)'s eyes widen and she freezes. 'H-he has?'

"How many?" (F/n) asks, intrested now.

"He killed the Johnsons, the Lopez's, and the Fosters!" Sam answers, mouth gaping. (F/n) thinks a moment. They were all neighbors surrounding her house, the Johnsons behind her, the Lopez's to the right, and Fosters to the left. That left the Mason's across the street. Then her. Blinking she jumps as the bell sounds for school to end. Looking at her friends she stands with them. Terra was putting her stuff away while Sam watched (F/n).

"Are you sure you don't want to come sleep at our houses? I'm OK with it and you could stay while your parents are gone." (F/n) stares at her backpack before her. It would be safer that way. Nodding she follows Sam out of the classroom heading to her best friends house with Terra.


The girls all sat together on Sam's bed, giggling and telling jokes. None of them worried much on what was going on, to lost in their childish minds to need to. Yawning they all stayed up an hour more then slipped into sleep. That night (F/n) tossed in her sleep, the nightmare she was having causing discomfort and fear for her.

The next morning (F/n) awoke startled to Sam and Terra both shaking her, fear clouding their young faces. (F/n) wonders what was going on, fearing the worst.

"(F/n)! Get up quick! Something happened at your house!" Jumping fully awake (F/n) stares bewildered at the two. Her house? What the hell are these two talking about?! Pointing (F/n) followed their fingers to look at Sam's T.V. in her room. The news station was on and her house was on the screen but her face paled seeing the damages done. Her front room window was broken completely and on the front part of her house, in what looked to be written with blood, were the words 'Hide and seek isn't a game we should play'. (F/n) shudders, wondering who could have done such things. The news reporter returns to the screen and begins to speak.

"It seems it all happened last night, as what looks to be the murders of the neighbors across the street, Andrew, Stephanie, and Mable Mason. Found with smiles carved into their faces, their eyelids burnt off, and their insides ripped and hung on their walls. A gruesome sight which makes one wonder how this serial killer who has been causing such gruesome scenes was possibly targeting the broken in house last," The man explains,"Luckily no one was home but the damages inside aren't pretty as more writing has been found along the walls of what appears to be a child's bedroom. More info on the case will be told tonight at 9."

The television was clicked off and Sam and Terra both turn to their friend, worry plastered on their faces. (F/n) just stares with no expression, completely blank. A poke on her arm causes her to look at Sam who holds concern now.

"You wanna head over and see how it all looks?" The red-head asks and (F/n) thinks before nodding. The three then stand, getting their jackets on and leaving, heading on their way to (F/n)'s house.
Reaching the estate the three girls head inside, the police gone across the street studying the murders. Getting in through the front door the three gape at the mess. The coffee table was knocked over, the television laying with a broken screen on the ground. Pictures were strewn everywhere, some even ripped up. Heading up the stairs (F/n) leads to her bedroom, hesitant to see the inside. Finally gaining the courage she breathes out the breath she was holding and turns the knob, heading in. All three gasp at the inside. Her bed was ripped all over, the blanket torn. Her dresser was knocked over and all her clothes and the drawers thrown all over the floor. Her closet was open and some of the belongings from inside were drugged out as well. Writing rested on the wall above her bed and on the wall across from it, the words above the bed reading 'Still hiding?' and on the other wall read 'I will find you '. The three 13 year olds stared in shock, shaking and wondering who would do it.

"This is a bit..."


"Yeah, scary."

(F/n) stayed silent, unable to speak as her throat stayed dry. What was going to happen when her parents got home? That made her worry even more.


The (h/c) haired female jumps and turns her attention to Sam.


"Let's get back to my house OK?"

(F/n) stays still a moment before nodding and following her two best friends out and back to Sam's house.
"What do you think is going on Sam? (F/n) is being stalked!"

"I think it's more than being stalked, Terra."

"Fine, hunted by a murderer!"

"Can you guys shut up before you freak me out even more?"

Both Sam and Terra go quiet and look to (F/n), going quiet at their friends request. (F/n) had her eyes shut, looking to be thinking.

"Sorry (F/n). So what are you going to do now?" Sam asks, a worried expression crawling onto her face. Terra furrows her brows and looks at Sam.

"Can't she stay here? I mean she already has everything she needs and most of her stuff got ripped up."

Sam glares at Terra, the brunette not helping the situation, before saying,"I'll ask my mom. I mean what is going to happen when her parents come back."

"I don't know. I guess I'll just wait til they do and see what happens." (F/n) answers the red head, finally opening her (e/c) orbs and looking at them. Sam nods then stands and heads towards her door.

"I'll go ask my mom and explain what's going on."

Leaving Terra and (F/n) in her room Terra looks at the window, the hours that had flown by since they visited the house now leaving them at dawn. A thoughtfilled look was what rested on her features and (F/n) cocks a brow at her.

"What's up Ter?" The (h/c) girl asks the other. Terra blinks and looks to (F/n), clueless.

"Huh? Oh just thinking."

"About?" (F/n) asks like a curious child.

Terra doesn't answer, just furrows her brows and looks back at the window and (F/n) slowly figures out and looks to the door where Sam comes back into the room.

"My mom said you can stay as long as you need." The red haired 13 year old smiles, shutting her door and walking over to the other two.
Night reached across the sky and it now rested at 10 o'clock sharp. The three females all sat on Sam's bed, watching Spongebob on Netflix to keep them from worrying. All three slowly drifted into sleep, Terra on the ground now passed out, Sam leaning her head on (F/n)'s shoulder, and (F/n) just barely drifting into slumber. A noise like a door opening catches her attention as she opens her sagging eyes and peers at Sam's bedroom door. The noise seemed to come from downstairs and (F/n)'s curiousity hits her. Turning to Sam she shakes her.

"Sam, wake up."

Sam slowly opens her green orbs, looking at (F/n).

"Ah, (F/n), what is it?" Sam yawns.

"Someone's opening a door downstairs." (F/n) whispers sharply and Sam looks towards her door, listening then widens her eyes as she hears it too.

"That's my backdoor." She quietly gasps getting off the bed and ready to run out of her room and downstairs. (F/n) stops her though, pointing at Terra.

"Hold up, let's get Terra first."

After waking Terra, who they learned to be a very deep sleeper, the trio headed downstairs, their hearts beating eraticly as they reach the last step. Turning they freeze, all stopped breathing as a shadowed figure exits the kitchen slowly, looking to be holding a knife. The three stand like statues, fear beating into them. The figure turns towards them then freezes as well. Finally getting her feeling back Terra is first to react as she pushes the other two to get their attention before bolting up the stairs. (F/n) and Sam follow suit but as they reach the top step (F/n) feels a hand grip roughly around her ankle and she falls, grunting as she hits the carpeted floor. Sam and Terra both scream her name and (F/n) is flipped over onto her back. The girl stares up fearfully at the shadow who know sat on her, holding her down as he lifts his knife above his head and grips her jaw with his free hand. As (F/n) feels tears well up in her eyes she hears a chuckle come from her attacker.

"Found you."
I'm so damn proud of this! I'm not being sarcastic either, I'm literally happy!! cx So yeah, this takes place a year after what happened to Jeff if you can't tell! I'm already starting chapter two so let's hope I'm better at updating this than I am the rest of my stories! XD Comment and favorite if you liked! I love comments so please add one! cx
New Jeff story! I hope you guys all like! cx

I DO NOT OWN JEFF NOR THE PIC! :iconpervyjeffthekilerplz: owns you!

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