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August 17, 2013
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It all began when I was 6 years old. When I created that monster...

I was born into the world October 25th, 1997, becoming the first child to an unmarried man and woman. About a year after my birth they had married, becoming husband and wife and moving in together to raise me. Life wasn't perfect though, in fact you can even say it was the most peculiar anyone could come to live with. My parents were always so happy and joyful, even in the worst of times, and were kind to everyone no matter who they were or what their name.

Time flew quickly and now I sat at the age of 4. I didn't have many friends, in fact, I had more imaginary than real. The real ones were known as Mason and Amber, both twins and some of the most sugar-pumped children you could have ever met. Then I had my three imaginary friends. One was named Josie, a girl who looked to be 12 with cropped red hair and freckles, her brown eyes always hold a sparkle, who was like the leader of the little group me and my imagined friends had created, next was Clipper, a little purple fox, and the last was Striff, a man who dressed as if he lived off the streets but held a big heart. They were all I could wish for, everyday and night they were with me, playing dolls, playing games such as shoots and ladders or tag, joining me on the playgrounds at the nearby parks, watching cartoons with me, staying up late discussing child-thought-up plans for the next day. We were all inseparable, believing nothing could break our friendship.

One day, when I hit my fifth year of life, while me and my friends were outside playing hide and go seek in my front yard, my mother called me in, telling me she and my father had some big news. Being an obedient child I listened and followed them into our home with my three friends trailing behind. Smiles lit up my mother and father's faces as the peeked at each other before down at me. Curiosity began to fill me as I watched them both expectantly.

"Ash, we have some fantastic news." My mother nearly squeals. My excitement climbed greatly, making me begin to fidget, something I tended to do when being left out of something I really wanted to know too. My father set his hand around my mothers shoulders and puffs out his chest in a proud gesture.

"You're going to have a little sibling!" They both cheered, my mother clapping while my father tightened the grip his arm had on her shoulders pulling her closer and pecking her head. I just stared blankly, feeling all the excitement and happiness I was holding in drop and shatter at the unexpected news. A sibling? I remember one of my aunts talking about how my mother was her sibling and when I asked what it was she had told me it meant a brother or sister. I was going to have a little brother or sister. I wasn't sure what to say as I just sat there and gawked with a wide mouth. They both noticed and cocked their brows.

"What's wrong honey? You know flies will fly into your mouth if you leave it that wide." My mother joked, chuckling but I still kept a dumbfounded expression. Concern began etching its way onto my fathers face as he steps up and kneels down in front of me, setting his hand upon my head in a gentle manner.

"What is it Ash? Do you not want a little sibling?" He questions, smiling in a some-what comforting way. I blinked, finally coming out of my daze as he said that and nodded slowly, not sure what my answer should be, a yes was better than a no, but in actuality my answer in my head was just a blank white. I had no answer but a nod. My fathers smile widens and he ruffles my long brown hair then re-standing and putting his hands on his hips.

"Happy you're on board, Ash!" He laughs, turning away and making his way to the kitchen. My mother and I watch him as he goes before the woman turns to look back down at me, a gentle grin placing itself onto her lip gloss coated lips.

"You should go tell your friends about the news." My mother then turns and follows after where my father had disappeared, leaving me standing in the living room. My mind was still trying to process what I'd just been told as I turn and head back outside, my friends all right behind me with faces to match mine. Blank.

As my  parents had said 9 months later my little brother was born. He was quite big for a baby, at least that's what the doctors had said, and he had fuzzy brown hair atop his skull and bright blue eyes. I had been kept out of the room during his birth, still being a child, and was brought in to see him after it was over. My friends all followed, smiling at the new member of the family while I just kept widened eyes. I had been an only  child for a few years so this new addition was something that simply left me speechless. After my mother was in the hospital for about 2-3 more days she and my brother, Easton is what she and my father agreed on naming him, came home. Dad had gone out and bought some things for Easton like a crib, a high chair, some little baby toys, some bottles, and cans of formula. Easton's new room had originally been my fathers study but with my help me and pop got all of his things out and placed the new baby things in.

Living with a baby was harder than I thought though. Every night I was awoken by crying and since Easton's room was the next over it was loud and clear causing me to jump awake then glare towards the wall where he was on the other side. I was now age 6 and life was going in a bit of a direction I wasn't expecting.

A few months went by and it was now my first day of Kindergarten. My mother helped me pick out a nice outfit equipped with over-all, a green shirt, and green sneakers. Standing outside the school and seeing all the kids my stomach began to flip as I grew nervous. There were so many children, many bigger than me and some kids looking to even be giving me threatening looks. My mother told me it was OK and pulled me along but still I grew this feeling in my gut that I wasn't going to enjoy 'school' very much.

"You have imaginary friends? What are you, a baby?" A little boy laughed in my face during recess two weeks later. I had been out in the field next to the playground talking to Josie, Clipper, and Striff when a boy around my age in my class name Johnathon walked over with two of his friends Jamie and Kris. Seeing them only meant trouble and sadly today I was their victim.

"Y-Yeah, so what if I do? I'm not the only one with imaginary friends." I stutter, peering up with hard eyes. The three other Kindergartners only laughed loudly at my futile attempt of being brave and I shrunk down, wishing I could turn invisible like my friends.

"What a baby! Imaginary friends are only for babies so that makes you one!" Dirt was kicked at me, landing onto me and covering my red plaid skirt with brown. I lower my brows in a sad motion and look down at the ground, feeling tears slowly brim my eyes as the three giggled hysterically while running back to the playground. My friends all glared after them then turned back to me, all setting comforting hands and paw on me.

"It's OK Ash, they're just jealous." Josie smiles and Clipper agrees with a nod.

"Yeah, don't worry Ash, let's just go back to talking about that cool new T.V. show!" Striff exclaims and I look to the three, feeling a smile inch onto my face. They always knew how to make me happy, I don't know what I'd do if I lost them.

That was the last truly happy moment with them. Before HE arrived.

It was now a month into school, two weeks from when those boys had teased me, and things hadn't gotten better. They continually called me names, pushing me around and kicking more dirt onto me and even began to tell others of my friends. It was becoming a nightmare and not even my friends were helping with my anxiety I was growing everyday during school. One day changed it all though, the day Timmy appeared. I was at recess again, sitting in the field crying into my folded up legs after dealing with another run in with Johnathon and his friends. They had once again pushed me only this time I had landed wrong and scraped my knee and elbow. The recess aide, a round middle aged woman who watched the children to make sure none of them went running off somewhere they shouldn't, had given me some band-aids to cover the wounds but they only helped my physical shell, not my mental. As I sobbed and sobbed I began to think of how this month had flown. Just as I was remembering a hand placed itself upon my head, causing me to jump and back away, looking up at the unknown person. A boy stood in front of me, staring down at me. I took in his appearance, he  had straight slightly messy shoulder-length deep gray hair with the bangs hanging slightly in front of his one dark and one light green eyes, I couldn't see his nose or mouth for he wore a bleach white mask with a smile upon it covering his face from the middle of his nose down. He had pale nearly white skin and looked to be about 16 or 17. The clothes he wore were odd, an unzipped black jogging jacket with a hood and with white stripes running down the arms and pockets on the chest and belly areas, a white dress shirt that seemed to sag and looked to be much larger than he with the top two buttons undone showing off his neck to where his clavicle bones are placed, black skinny jeans with the pockets hidden by the flaps of his over-sized shirt, and shiny black dress shoes. He was kneeling in front of me, staring intently while my green orbs just stayed wide and my voice left me for a few moments.

"Who are you...?" I ask, unsure who this man could be or why he was even here at an elementary school. He tilted his head and his eyes held what looked to be surprise at my question.

"Aren't you in need of cheering up?" He asks, his voice slightly muffled by the mask he wore. I blinked owlishly at him and looked around, curious to know if anyone else was seeing him too. No one was even paying attention to us, not even the aide who I'm sure would march over here as soon as she saw the boy and demand to know who he was and why he was here. It was as if he was invisible to them all except me. I turn to look back at him as a chuckle reached my ears.

"They can't see me silly, only you can."

It was now my turn to cock my head to the side before I realized what he had meant and was taken aback.

"Are you..."

"Imaginary? Yes and a friend of you now." He says, tapping my nose and laughing shutting his eyes with his cheekbones rising indicating he was smiling. I peer at him questioningly, lost at what was happening. A new imaginary friend? Where had he come from? I already had some so why was he here?

"Oh. OK." Was all I could muster out. I got onto my feet, dusting the dirt left over from my fall off and looked up at the imaginary male. He towered above me and I couldn't stop the gaping I did at it. His eyes travel to my knee, since I was wearing shorts the band-aid was clear as day and his eyebrows lower.

"What happened?" He asks and I follow his eyes, sighing at what he meant.

"Some boys pushed me down, it's just a scrape." I assure, halfheartedly grinning and he squints his eyes suspiciously but seems to let it slide as his face returns to what I was guessing happy and he asks,"So do you wanna play tag?"

With my face brightening up I nod and me and the male, Timmy turning out t0 be his name, start our game. My first encounter with the monster.

As the years flew me and Timmy had gotten closer and pretty soon we were the inseparable ones. Everyday he was with me, even during school, and every night he would stay up with me if I had a nightmare or if Easton woke up the whole house. He was my new best friend. Whenever Johnathon or some other child picked on me Timmy would comfort me and then during class push the child out of their chair. I wondered how he did it but simply ignored the thought and giggled about it on the way home from school with Timmy. He still wore the mask but I set that aside as well. Maybe he didn't have a bottom half. Or maybe it wasn't pleasant. Either way I enjoyed my best friend, always having fun with him.

Josie, Clipper, and Striff didn't seem to trust him though. When he wasn't around they would always tell me not to trust him or that he was bad news and I would get hurt. No matter how many times I told them it was OK the still persisted on the topic so I just began to ignore their strange warnings. Nothing could break me from Timmy, my true friend.

Sometimes, I wish I could change things though.

I now sat at the age of 10 years old, growing taller and cutting off my long hair so it sat just below my chin. As I grew I began to slowly lose some of my childish ways, playing with toys such as barbies or stuffed animals, being shy towards everyone, even lose the imaginary streak needed to hold onto my friends as along the time line they began to slip, disappearing along with all my memories I'd had of them until they were all forgotten memories. I'd also gained a few friends at school, causing me to give less and less attention to any of the imagination made characters. I had actually found friends who were really there, friends that could be seen by others not just me, real friends. Soon Timmy was replaced by my new best friend. She was like me in every which way, both of us laughing at the same jokes or playing the same games together. We were the new inseparable team. She had opened me up to, having me meet new people who became my new friends and having me over at her house for sleepovers. She was the one person I trusted out of everyone, the one I knew I could be myself around.

One day though, tragic struck and I felt my heart break. My father had been arrested for a crime he hadn't committed and my mother told me she was sending me away to my grandmothers.

"It's what is best right now Ash, at least until your father is released." My mother answers me as I ask her once more why I had to go. She had just finished packing another set of bags for me and carried it and the one she had finished stuffing downstairs and out to my grandma's old car. Setting the luggage into the trunk she shuts it and walks over to the passenger seat door opening it. I stepped up but refused to get in as I gave pleading eyes.

"But mom, all my friends are here! I can't just leave them!" I whine, feeling my throat begin to go hoarse and a frown form, indicating the crying ready to happen. The woman shakes her head settling her hands on her hips as she gave me an exhausted look.

"Ash, you can make new friends. It won't be forever, you should be back in a few week, alright?"

Wiping away the few tears that had leaked out I mumbled,"Promise?"

Pulling me into a warm hug my mom smiles and answers,"Promise."

Hugging back the embrace only lasted a short moment before she let me go and backed away, allowing me entrance into the vehicle that was running and waiting on me. With a hello to my grandma I shut the door and waved to my mom, saying what I was hoping was the only goodbye for a few weeks.

The promise had been broken for 5 years had passed since I had left my home to another. Now 15 I continued to wonder if the time to go home would ever come. I still talked to my best friend over the phone but it just wasn't the same and my mother called me almost everyday but even that was becoming a bother to me. I was once again alone and this time I had no one, no Josie, no Clipper, no Striff, not even Timmy. Depression had swept over me like a blanket suffocating me in my sadness and anxiety. Why had this all happened? When will things go right again? One week came where I felt myself become nervous, my mother hadn't called me even once and I wondered what was wrong, constantly calling her to check up but only reaching her voice mail. A deep, aching pit settled into my stomach as I became worried more and more with each passing day I wasn't answered. Finally, when I'd gotten home from school one day, my grandmother, who had looked to have been crying, handed me the telephone. Concern filled me as I spoke and heard sobbing on the other end.

"Ash... is that you honey...?" My mother chocked out and I felt my heart beat faster, now needing to know what had happened.

"Mom, what happened? What's wrong? Is dad out yet?"

More crying broke out from the other side of the phone and from my grandmother once I asked about dad which caused a panic to my mind as I became boggled by what was going on.

"Honey... he... he..."

I listened close, wanting, needing the answer, even if I wouldn't like it.

"He died." The beating in my chest stopped. My father... had died? When did this happen? Is that why mom wasn't answering any of my calls or messages? I didn't even feel them but tears began to flow from my eyes as more sobs broke out. I was frozen, blank faced, completely lost of thought. After processing finally the news I hoarsely whispered,"What..."

"I'll tell you more later. Right now... get your things together, you're coming home."

And I went back, to the place I once knew as home. It didn't feel it anymore, it felt empty of life, a life I missed so greatly. Once back my mother had told me about what had happened. Apparently a guard had gone into my fathers cell, wondering why he wasn't awake yet, only to find him dead on the ground, his jaw ripped off and throat slit. The images I imagined cause shivers through me and I could only wonder who could have done such a cruel thing. After that I had taken my things up to my old room. Nothing had been changed which left a feel of nostalgia in me as I set my bags down and sat on my bed. Tears once more leaked down my face and I laid back on my bed, crying greatly until I hadn't realized I'd fallen asleep.

A few weeks passed and during them I kept getting this thought that something dark was watching me, an angry, depressing energy that had begun to follow me everywhere after I had moved back into my old home. I was really beginning to feel frightened, especially when I would get these chills of something putting pressure on me in what felt like pokes or pushes. I had no idea what to do so I tried my hardest to ignore them. My dads funeral finally approached, held in a nearby church. It was closed casket due to the way he'd died but it still meant a lot to me. Many people showed, family, friends, even some workers I'd known he'd worked with years ago, everyone equipped in all black, few with white or blue or some other color here or there. I sat in the front wearing a black dress with white flower designs on the bottom half. Not my choice of an outfit but I didn't care at the moment seeing the conditions. I stared down at my lap with my hands folded and hair falling in my face. The voices of the people around me were all muffled and everything seemed to pass by slowly as everyone talked to one another, letting out grief for the lost man.


I blink at hearing a soft whisper in my mind. Thinking I was just hearing things I return to my thoughts.

'You thought you could forget me...'

This time the mumble was louder and I looked up slightly, enough to look around the room and behind me. No one was even talking to or really near me to sound as close as this voice had. Shaking my head I lower my gaze once more back to my hands, thinking I was maybe starting to lose it. I'd been to hell and back lately, it wouldn't surprise me.

'Don't act like you can't hear me... I know you sense me...'

This time it sounded right beside me in my ear and I even felt a breath of air brush the shell so quickly I turned to it, ready to confront who ever was speaking to me. No one was there. I lower my brows and gulp down a shaky breath. Maybe everything was starting to get to me, losing my dad and all. But that voice.. it sounded so familiar... why though...?

'You don't even remember my name, the name of your old best friend, the one you replaced....'

Anger grew in the invisible voice, I could hear it, and I was beginning to wonder... no, no it couldn't be. I've grown out of all of those childish things like imaginary friends, there was no way this was-

'Timmy? Is that who you're guessing I am...?'

I stand up abruptly, my breathing heavy as if I hadn't been breathing at all the past few moments. I hurry through the people, rushing to get outside. I needed some air, I felt like I was suffocating! All eyes turned shocked to me as I bolted out of the large church doors. Getting outside I note the dark gray skies up above and the small drops of water that fell. I took in deep breaths, still feeling like something was trying to shut my airways.

'How 'air' you, huh Ash? Ha ha! The feel of suffocating doesn't feel good does it? Feeling like no one can save you...'

I dropped to my knees, the voice laughing at and mocking me as I choked out for help, gripping my throat in a desperate attempt to grab whatever was choking me.

'You can't see me anymore can you? Because you grew up.... why did you leave me Ash? Weren't we best friends? Or were you to busy running with what you thought were the only actual people...?'

I fell to my side, my vision beginning to grow black and fuzzy as the world drifted into a darkness. The last thing I saw was my mother running towards me screaming my name. With a laughter echoing in my skull.

Without an idea of what had happened I began to awake, laying on something soft and plush and slowly I let my green eyes drift open. At first all I saw were splotches of fuzzy colors with an eerie ring in my ear but soon silence crept along with the quiet tick of the clock next to my bed and my sight straightened. My eyes met that of a purple ceiling and I slowly turned my head to look to my left. I was in my old room, the same old white window on the wall with what looked like a thunderstorm outside and my old nightstand made of chestnut color with my purple alarm clock and childhood jewelery box with old memories in it. After noting all of that I turned to my right but froze in place in fear. A shadow stood about two feet from my bed. I recognized him, the same old grey hair, different shades of green eyes, same clothes, but something else was different. I was horrified. His mask, it was gone, and there in place of the white cotton made cloth with such a happy smile sat the most sinister smirk I'd ever seen. His head was low, adding onto the creepy sight and his teeth were all razor sharp, looking like small knives. His hair, cheeks and clothes were soaked in blood, the crimson liquid slashed up and down his body and drops falling from his chin and locks. His hands rested in the pockets of his jogging jacket and in the silence we just stared at each other, me in utter fear and he looking like an insane serial killer. My heart was beating quickly and I gulped, my mouth dry and nothing but raged breaths escaping. I couldn't believe what I was seeing... there wasn't anyway....

"H-How are you..."

"Here? Oh it's a great story. I've always been here Ash, didn't you realize that? Even after you left WE have been here. Well, at least most of us were..."

I was so confused. How has he always been here? He's an imaginary friend, shouldn't he have gone completely? And who were the others? My old friends?

"What do you mean MOST of you were?" I ask, my voice shaky as my body was shivering. His smile increased, causing a bad chill to fill the air. He stepped to the side and held out his arm, gesturing to four hanging... bodies.

"Why not look for yourself?" He cackles, throwing back his head in his fit of laughter. I sat up and gasped, my eyes never being so wide as my heart sinked into a black pit. There all hanging from what looked like nooses were my best friend, the real one, she was missing both of her eyes and legs, the next was Josie whose stomach was ripped open with her intestines falling down, Clipper was the third, the now red soaked fox being hung by his hind legs with no front one or ears, and last was Striff, the man missing his arms and legs and his throat slashed. The sight made me turn away, not standing seeing the horrible sight. I felt the desire of throwing up my lunch come but I kept it in and I heard the laughter of the monster behind me again.

"How did you do that?" I coughed out, keeping my eyes shut tight to try to wash away the images.

"Kill Josie, Clipper, and Striff? Oh it was simply easy! I just-"

"I just want to know! You're all imaginary friends, you shouldn't have been able to kill them and my friend!" I choked, feeling tears sting my clenched eyes. More fits of chuckles boomed in the room at what I'd said, the laughing mocking me as if it was obvious the answer was there.

"Well I killed your father so why not kill the others who caused your betrayal?!"

My orbs shoot open at the comment, my pulse freezing as what he'd just said shifted into my mind.

"You... you killed my father...?"

"It took you so long to come back, and well you betrayed me once, something I forgave you for, but more times? I went a little... crazy."

I jumped to my feet, water rushing from my now angered eyes as my face scrunched up with how furious I was and I glared at him, teeth clenched and my voice ready to shout.

"A little crazy? You killed five innocent people! You aren't a little crazy, you're completely insane! You aren't the imaginary friend I thought up all those years ago because I'd never make a monster!" I screamed as loud as I could, my rage the coal fueling my fire as I clenched my fists tightly at my sides. He stared at me blankly as if not sure what to say but soon bends over laughing hysterically, almost like a psycho. He laughed until he was out of breath before he wiped a tear from his eye and smirked at me.

"Insane? That's a good word, I like it. And I wasn't created to kill, I was created out of your loneliness, the pain you were feeling, the hurt you received everyday. I grew stronger and we even became best friends. But then you betrayed me. You left me and the other three in the dust for your new friends, ones that were 'alive' and people 'could see'. Well your father saw me once I'd slit his throat and began to tear off his jaw, saw me plain as day because he asked why I was doing it, same with the other girl who wasn't expecting her legs to all of a sudden slice off and then the last thing she saw as she asked for someone to help her and cowered in fear against the wall was me before I plucked her pretty little eyes from her skull. I am practically alive, once I come in contact with someone they see me, and to be truthful, I actually enjoy killing. It's fun." He says all of it with such a calm tone it's horrifying, the fun tone he held added onto the scariness of the situation, telling me it was all true, even having fun killing. I backed away slowly until my legs hit my bed where I froze and stared in complete and utter terror at the mad man before me.

"So... how did the others die...?" I whispered, barely being heard. Timmy heard me clearly though as his smirk grew and his eyelids lowered for a bored expression.

"They're like me. They are real too. Meaning they were easy to kill as well."

I'd had enough as I went to bolt passed him towards my door. But his hand latched onto my arm and her slammed me into the wall, holding my arm behind my back as my face and front were pressed against the purple wall. He chuckled darkly, lips right next to my ear now.

"Please don't forget about me. I will return to get rid of you if you so much as try."

The feeling of pressure was released and I was yanked away from the wall, breathing hard to catch the breath that was slammed out of me. I gulped and turned around to Timmy only to find him gone, same with the bodies. A whistle caught my attention and I faced the direction of my window. Timmy sat on the sill with it opened. He looked ready to jump out but before he did he gave me one last smirk and a wink.

"Don't forget about me..."

And he jumped, disappearing into the stormy night.

"Many folks say this is an 'invisible killer, able to hide away from police and passerby's easy as he murders senselessly.."

"He killed John Williams wife, the site to gruesome for most to see but the man saw nothing but his wife on their bed as her leg was sliced by some invisible source..."

"I found one of my children, hanging by her arms, missing her legs and her body ripped open while my other was crying for me while something invisible took off her head..."

"Sources claim this is some sort of hidden killer, finding a way to hide from authorities..."

"The killer has strikes again at a local town in Mississippi..."

"The killer is back in Tennessee..."

"The 'invisible' homicidal maniac is back in Texas..."

"The killer...

"He's back..."

"Can anyone stop this secret murderer?"

With every news channel I watched I knew. Everywhere, I couldn't escape hearing about him. And he was made because of me. I made the invisible, homicidal maniac known as Timmy.

This is my second very own Creepy Pasta! I don't count it as an OC cause really, look at Jeff and Laughing Jack and everyone, they are all basically OC's created for a site. They just got super popular. XD I am hoping this will get popular at least a little and I'm really hoping for fan art! (I'm dreaming to big XD) The pic is made by :iconrandomyori: by the way!

I own this! Also if you want a sequel I can make one and I have some pics of Timmy and am wondering if others will draw him as well! ^w^ PLEASE spread the word about this story to any other CP fans, I really want it to get at least some what famous! ^w^ Thank you all!~ I love all you guys! :icondragonglomp::icondragonhugplz::iconiloveyouplz::iconmonkeyloveplz::iconletmehugyouplz:
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JolteonUltra Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014
So this is basically Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends psycho killer.
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I t kept me interested throughout the whole thing. And when it said that he was back in TN,i was just like, "Well then, i shall hide in my closet until he goes away."

I found a tiny mistake where it said "but his hand latched onto my arm and her slammed me into the wall,"
Im pretty sure you meant he instead of her.

Ive read too many romance stories so i thought through the whole story that he liked Ash:XD: but seems i was wrong(?)

Btw is he up for roleplay? OwO
Saviour-Of-The-Fate Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol I did and I'm still yet to fix it! cx And I'm super happy you liked it!!! cx Yeah, I actually am thinking about making them a couple cause I've drawn Ash before XD in this, you are right, he did end up liking her, that's why his jealousy got the better of him so greatly, he just didn't realize it! XD 

Yes he would! ^^
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Hmmm... if you were to make them a couple, i think it'd be a little bit hard to do because,considering Ash's personality, i dont think she'd ever be able to forgive him for what he did (?) If she did forgive him though, i think it would take a long time to do so, or she'd still hold some grudge against him(?) No too sure though, but its not like i have much experience with giving opinions x3 and besides i wouldn't know because i try to pair most of my CP OCs with my friend's or other people's OCs so that the OCs relationship between each other would be a bit more interesting.but that's just my opinion cx

Yay~ do you want to roleplay then? OwO
I usually like roleplaying because it helps me get rid off of writer's block and it gives me ideas for more stories -w-
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