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I'll Always Be Here
Jack Frost X Reader One-Shot
A.N.: You are about 16 in this but the rest you choose. (e/c)=Eye color, (h/c)=Hair Color, (h/l)=Hair length, (color) is self explanatory, pretty much the color of a blanket or jacket or something along those lines, (___)=your name. Enjoy!!
Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

That was all you heard as you laid in bed, staring at your ceiling. Your (e/c) orbs looked blankly up, no clue why you were. Your (h/l),(h/c) hair was sprawled across your pillow and your body rested on your (color) blanket with your arms and legs crossed. Outside of the thoughts whirling in your head you could faintly hear the sound of your parents yelling. They had been fighting like this every night for the past three weeks and you tried your best to ignore them. It was harder than you had hoped.

You blinked, coming back to what you wished wasn't the real world, and turned your head to look at your clock. 9:45 p.m. Sighing, you looked back up, wondering how long they had been fighting. An hour? Two? You were to transfixed in your mind to know.

'Just stop.' You demanding but the yelling continued. You closed your (e/c) eyes and went  back to your thoughts. More like memories from when you were a child. From when things were happy with no fighting, without the bullies at school, with friends and people you knew you could depend on... ones who could protect you.

Your eyes shot open when you heard a door slam, your houses front door. You quickly jumped off your bed and darted to your door. After flinging it open you ran and reached your stairs, looking down at where your front door rested. Your mother had just ran out after your father with a slam of the door again. Your eyes were wide and you wondered where they were going. You held back tears as you turned away and slowly walked back to your room.

Inside you shut the door and looked around. Your eyes met your desk that held your laptop, a fairly large book, and a bucket full of pens and pencils. You stepped over and looked down at the book. The front read 'Mysteries of the Unknown: A Book About The Myths of Santa Claus, Jack Frost, The Tooth Fairy And More'. You sighed again and pulled the rolling desk chair back and settled into it then opened the book up to the first page. 'Santa Claus' was what it read and, seeing as you had nothing better to do, began reading.
You didn't know what happened after that as your eyes slowly closed and you fell into your own dreamworld. You were at your school, the time being 3:05, and you walked alongside your best friend Artie. He was about 5'6" with shaggy brown hair and almost black eyes. He was scrawny and wore glasses and could be a bit timid at times unless around you where he was funny and friendly. You two had been friends since you could remember and always made sure to be by each others sides in trouble, now being one of those times.

The two of you were chatting away on your walk to your house when you heard footsteps and voices behind you.

"Hey look, its (____________) and Artie, the nerds!" The voice of your since-childhood bully Chris called out to you two. You both stopped and, Artie being hesitant, looked back at your followers. Chris and his two buddies Kyle and Jamie stepped up to you two as you did. Chris had dirty blonde, short, messy hair, pale blue eyes staring into your (e/c),and was skinny but you could see some muscle around his arms, chest, and legs. Kyle had reddish brown hair with light brown and was muscled enough to make you surprised he wasn't in your schools football team or that he would rather be hanging out with losers like Chris and Jamie then being in a gang. And last was Jamie. She was a tomboy with chestnut brown hair she always kept covered by a beanie, matching eyes, and was bigger than you in build. They all intimated you both but you tried not to show it. Artie on the other hand shook like a leaf.

"What do you three want now, Chris?" You asked the leader of the trio. He smirked at you, the smirk he always gave when he was up to something.

"Aw, (___________), are you not excited to see us?"

You almost wanted to laugh at that but kept yourself straightened as you answered sarcastically,"No, I'm always happy to see the three idiots."

Chris' smirk went down as his brows furrowed into an angry glare.

"What did you call us, twerp?"

You almost laughed again when he called you that and this time couldn't help but let a giggle slip your lips. His look of anger than mixes with confusion.

"What's so funny?" He growls, lifting up his right fist. You cover your mouth in hopes of avoiding laughing again but more giggles come out and soon your in a small fit of laughter. All including Artie look at you with confusion as to what was making you laugh so much. You lift your finger and wipe a tear from your eye as you slowly look back up at the boys angry face.

"No one says twerp anymore."

Chris stared for a moment then grew red faced with rage.

"That's it! Get 'em!" You and Artie both gasped and before you knew it you had the three larger kids running at you. You were ready to run but Artie was stuck on the spot and, seeing as your mouth got you into this like it always did, stepped in front of Artie and held up your arms, waiting for the impact of three bodies pummeling into yours. But it never came as three snowballs, one after the other, came flying out of the backyard of a house you all stood in front of. They all three hit the bullies and they stopped. All three then turned their attention to where the snowballs had flown from, confused and shocked to see no one there.

"Whe-where did those come from?" Jamie stuttered, eyes searching around with the other two. Before any of them knew it three more came and now hit the kids in the back of the heads and they turned to the street. Nothing could be seen. Kyle scratched his head and Jamie looked around frantically. Chris was getting scared by what you could see but made sure to still 'be tough'.

"Who's out there?!" He calls, eyes searching the road and park beyond it. You could hear laughing and looked around too, wondering where it was coming from. You looked behind you, hearing it from there, but all you saw was another snowball flying past you and hitting Chris square in the face. The blonde shook his face and turned to you two along with Kyle and Jamie and glared.

"What's goin' on, (_______..." Before he could finish he and the two behind him looked up slowly to see six or seven snowballs floating in the air in a pile while another was resting off on its own. Their eyes all widened and you and Artie turned and saw too, eyes widening and mouths dropping with the other three. The ball off on its own looked to be being thrown up and down and you wondered if something was there holding all of them. Snowballs didn't just float, right?


Chris, stuttering now, backed away slowly but didn't get to turn around as the lone snowball was lifted back and thrown at him, flying throw the sky like a bullet. It hit him straight in the stomach and he bent a little, losing his breath at the impact. His friends gasped and you all watched as the other snowballs flew around so they were to the side of the group and another was picked from the pile and thrown at the trio, hitting Jamie in the shoulder. They then flew again around to the back of the three and another was tossed this time at Kyle, hitting him straight in the face. The snowballs kept maneuvering around them until finally they all had enough and bolted the opposite way of you and Artie with Chris slipping on newly appeared ice.

You and Artie couldn't help but laugh at the scene, both of you holding your stomachs as you were in giggle fits. You stood up straight again and slowly stopped as you heard more laughing. You looked around, wondering who you kept hearing seeing as you two were now the only ones around. Artie calmed himself down and looked at you with curious eyes.

"What are you looking for (________)?" The teenage boy asked and your attention went from wandering to him as your (e/c) eyes met his deep brown. You shake your head, giving a sheepish smirk, and answer,"I don't know. I could have sworn I heard laughter."

Your friend cocks an eyebrow as he looks around as well.

"I didn't hear anything. Are you sure it wasn't us?" He answers with a bit of cockiness. You give him a slight glare.

"Artie you know I don't imagine things." You say, serious now. He laughs a little again, face going back to calm and happy, and nods.

"I know, I know, I'm just kidding (________)."

You smile at him and take one last look around. The laughing had stopped but you still felt a presence around you two. You shrug and look back to Artie and fget ready to start walking again when a strong wind knocked into you and blew your beanie off of your head. You watch as it flies across the sidewalk and under a coniferous tree covered into powdery snow. Sighing you tell Artie to hold on and run over to the hat. You bend and grab it then stood and placed it back onto your head. After it's on you turn to walk back to Artie when another strong gust of wind hits you and turns you back to the tree. Confused now you look around wondering if there was a reason you were back at the tree. Your (e/c) eyes then travel up the oak to where its pine needles rested above you and you blinked a few times at what you saw.

A boy stared down at you. You didn't see much of him because of the shadows covering him but you could see he was crouching on a branch and held a stick with a 'G' like curve at the end of it. His eyes are what you noticed best as the almost illuminated through the darkness, the color of ice blue with softness in them. You stared a moment, brow furrowing as you tried to get a better look.

"(________)! What are you looking at?! We gotta get to your house before we die by freezing!" Artie called to you. You blinked out of your stare and turned to look at him. He was starting to shake and you almost wished your best friend could withstand cold better like you. Taking one last glimpse at the boy you gasped. He was gone. You grow a wondering look then shake it off and run back to Artie.
You jumped back awake at a loud sound in your room from the memory of last week as you sat up and turned quickly. Your window was open and snow blew in through. You stood slowly and looked around your room. Your window had been closed when you fell asleep or at least you thought. Was it open a little? A crack? You didn't know but gasped when the wind passed you and began flipping your book pages. You turned and watched as it flipped quickly through. It stopped and disappeared, leaving the book open. You take another look around your small room then your eyes look down at the book. Eyebrows furrowing, you recognized the page the wind had left.

"Jack frost..." You examined the page. It held a picture of a boy who looked to be about seventeen or eighteen with short white hair and raggedy clothes. His eyes and staff as the book called it were what caught your attention the most. The boy had the same eyes and staff as the one you had seen in the tree a week ago. Curiosity filled you as you just stared.

"Jack Frost? But he isn't real."

"Well obviously I am or you wouldn't have heard or seen me the other day."

Your heart nearly flew out of your chest as a teenage male voice came from behind you and you sharply turned to look and the infiltrator of your room. You backed away hitting your dresser and stared bewilderingly at him. You looked him up and down, drinking in his appearance. He had the same icy blue eyes and curved staff as the figure you had seen in the tree with messy snow white hair that hung a little over his eyes and pale white skin. He was scrawny and wore a baggy hoodie with frost designs on the shoulders, hood, sleeve ends, and pocket, tannish capries that were torn at the ends with ropes cris-crossing up the shins and no shoes. You almost didn't notice how handsome he was and were a little at awe by it. He held a soft smirk as his eyes pierced into you and he leaned on his stick. You blinked out of your stare and shake your head, your (h/l), (h/c)hair swishing a little.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. You aren't telling me your Jack Frost from those myths." You gestured to the book that still rested on your desk. He looked over and saw the book then back to you and nodded.

"Yep, I am. And I'm not a myth if I'm real and right here in front of you."

You stared again, eyebrows lowering and crossed your arms.

"How do I even know you're the real Jack Frost? For all I know you could just be some guy that's helping Chris pull a prank on me. Have you messed with Artie yet? Or did you come to mess with me first?"

The boy looked a little confused, now standing straight, then shook his head.

"You mean that boy that was picking on you and your friend the other day? The one I pummeled him and his friends with snowballs?" You nodded at first then blinked, realizing what he had said.

"Wait, you threw the snowballs at Chris, Kyle, and Jamie?" The boys smirk grew and he nodded in response. You began laughing again, remembering how scared the three were but stopped and thought.

"But I didn't see you when you were throwing them. How could I see you now and while you were up in that tree and hear you laughing but couldn't see you pelt all of those jerks with snowballs?" Jack thought for a minute.

"Maybe you didn't believe until you saw the snowballs."

"Believe?" You ask. The male nodded and answered,"Yeah, believe. You can only see me if you believe in me."

You give a blank face then a light bulb clicks in your head. You had read that about the myths about Santa Claus, The Sandman, The Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Leprechaun, and... Jack Frost.

You shiver as you feel something cold latch around your hand. Looking down you saw the boys hand holding yours as he pulled you towards your still open window. Seeing that you pulled back with all your might but the boys, scrawny as he was, was stronger and jumped onto your window seal. He still held your hand as he reached his other hand out, gesturing to take your other. You shook your head, not even sure what he was planning.

"Don't worry, I've got an idea to show you I'm the real Jack Frost. I won't let you fall, come on." The tone his voice held was comforting and safe. Looking past him you saw the dark night sky filled with clouds but some parts clear and spotted with bright stars. You turned to look back at your alarm clock. 10:34. This boy was crazy if he thought you were going out in the freezing cold with only socks and your pajamas on at 10:30 at night! You looked back at him and shook your head again.

"I-I can't. It's to late. What if my parents...?" You were shushed as he holds his hand out again.

"I'll get you back in time, don't worry."

Looking into his eyes you saw he meant it and sighed. Lifting your free hand you grabbed his outstretched one. Your breath caught when you were quickly pulled out the window and almost screamed as you were ready to fall and hit the ground. But the impact or even the blowing of the wind as you fell didn't come and you opened your frightened eyes to see the boys face in yours. You looked down slowly and gasped when you saw you were both in mid-air. Scared now you hurried and flung your arms around Jack's neck and held your eyes shut again. He lightly laughed at this as he pulls back and grabs both your hands again.

"I told you not to worry." He said, a large grin on his face. You opened your eyes and stared at him, still a little scared.

"Come on, let's have some fun." Jack said, playfulness now in his voice. He pulls you by your left hand and you both go flying, the wind picking up around you and manuvering you both. You grew scared as you both did loops and flips with Jack cheering as you flew. You were beginning to pick up speed and finally Jack pulled you into one last loop before you both slowed and floated downward.

When you got to the ground Jack landed like a feather while you fell right on your backside. He laughed a little at you and you glared up at him.

"What are you, a cat?" You ask as he helps you up.

"What are you, a mortal?" He backfires and you blush at this, seeing the large smile he gave you. You stared a moment, not realizing you were, into his transfixing, beautiful blue eyes and he stared back, his smile lowering into a heart-warming one. You smile back but it disappears quickly when you feel wetness on the bottom of your feet. Your eyes widen and you look down and remembered you were still wearing socks as you stood on the powdery white snow. You begin moving your feet, shocked by the coldness.

Jack noticing this, smirks and steps in front of you and crouches slightly. You gave him a strange look.

"What are you doing?" You ask, still shifting your feet to keep some feeling in them.

"Get on my back." He says looking back at you with his ice eyes. You cock an eyebrow at him, not sure what he meant. He rolls his eyes and keeps his smirk.

"I meant I'm going to carry you so you don't have to walk in the snow."

You stared a moment then realized what he meant and blushed again. Not seeing any other way you could move you quickly step over to him and grab onto his shoulders. He holds his arms out and you jump up, Jack catching and holding onto your legs. You clung your arms around his neck and he adjusted you as he held you. He looks back at you and asks,"Comfortable?"

You nod and he smiles then turns back forward. He then steps forward and begins walking with his bare feet leaving tracks in the soft snow. You let your head down so it rested and your right arm and against his head. Your cheek brushed against his white hair and you were surprised how soft it was. Cold as ice but soft as silk. You smile and lightly close your eyes, the cold breeze gently brushing your face and the quiet around you two was calming, making you calm.

You kept like that for about 10 minutes, eyes closed and breathing calm as you felt your holder come to a stop. You opened your eyes and saw where you both were. He let you down onto a rock and you sat looking down across the pond. It was frozen over and looked sturdy enough to hold you. Your (e/c) eyes looked to the pale boy wondering why you both stopped here. He leaned on his staff and stared off at the frozen water. His ice blue orbs traveled back to you and he stood up straight again and held his hand out. You looked down at the outstretched limb and wondered what he was up to now. He smiled softly and held playfulness in his expression.

"Come on,(________), I won't let anything happen."

You were a little surprised he knew your name and showed it in your face.

"I've learned it." He laughs, still keeping his hand out.

After the two things he had already done you were pretty sure you could trust him by now so you breathe in and grab his hand. He then stepped on the ice and helped you down, you slipping a little but regaining your balance. He then carefully stared at you as he let you go slowly. You had skated on ice with Artie all the time before so skating was a piece of cake. You smiled at him, a gleam in your eyes for as soon as he let go your off skating away to the other side of the pond. His mouth dropped as he watched you, realizing how good you were, but went up as a determined look grew on his face and he bolted after you.

"Come on, Jack Frost, you gotta be better than that!" You tease as he goes to grab you but misses as you dodged and sped off again. He glared playfully and skated after you again. You laughed as you ducked when his arms reached out to grab you once more. You skated around like that with him getting more and more determined to catch you for you didn't know how long.

After him missing you each and every time Jack finally stopped and looked at you, eyes squinting with his determination. You stopped as well and smiled and stared back. After about a minute of staring you both bolted super speeds at each other and finally when Jack thought he was going to get you you spun around him and skated past. You laugh as he stops and pouts and skate over to him.

"It's OK, Jack," You giggle with a grin,"I'm done ice-skating now. I should probably get back home..."

You look to the sky and saw it was still dark but knew it had gotten later. You looked back to the boy in front of you and caught his eyes staring at you. He looked to be blushing but you couldn't tell with the darkness. He grew a little sad but kept a smile as you both skate back to the edge of the frozen pond and he grabs your right hand. With his staff in his left he lifts it and you both fly into the air and above the mile of trees back to your house.
Back at your house your window was still open and you both quietly climb in. You breathe in the warm air and sit onto your comfy bed. Jack follows and sits next to you on the edge. He smiled as you stretched and gave a yawn then looked at him with a grin. You both stared into the others eyes and you almost thought it looked like Jack was leaning in a little. But before anything could happen a question came to your mind.



You think a moment then ask,"How did you know where I lived?"

He looked a little taken aback by the question and lightly blushed as he looked away, trying to cover his face with his hair. You held a questioning face while watching him. He looked at you again then answered.

"This isn't the first time I've been here..." He sheepishly answered scratching the back of his head. You blush a little at this.

"Have you followed me here before?" You ask quietly. His light pink blush increases as he leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees. He squeezes his staff and looks at it. His icy eyes look back to you with a bit of embarrassment on his face.

"Yes, more than once actually." He lightly laughed and you could hear he was a little scared to answer these questions. Your blush was bright now and you could hear your heart beating loudly.

"Why? I mean not that it's a bad thing, I like you, but why... why were you following me?" You were curious now and it had only grown with each question and answer. He turned from you, hesitant to answer but blinked and slowly turned back after you said that. He smiled the heart-warming smile again and leaned in and placed his forhead upon yours. His ice eyes stared into your (e/c) orbs and you blushed at the closeness.

He just stared then answered.

"Because I like you too."

You weren't sure what happened next but all you could feel now was your booming heart beat and cold lips upon yours. Your face was redder than ever and eyes wide with surprise. Jack's rested closed and his right held your left cheek to deepen the kiss while his left gripped your hands. You couldn't believe what was happening but went with it and fluttered your eyes shut, kissing back. The kiss lasted for what felt like forever and you both finally pulled back and stared at the other. Jack held a sweet smile and a look that made even his pale look bright. Your face was red with a blush but you smiled a small smile as your eyes gleamed. Your mind was almost completely blank as you could only say one thing.

"Wow." You sigh and Jack's smile grows.

You then yawned and began feeling sleep come over you. Jack noticed this and said,"You should probably get some sleep."

You shook your head and said back,"But I'm not ti-aaaaah." Another yawn.

Jack smirks at your awful lying then stands. You were afraid he was leaving but he grabbed around your shoulders and slowly pushed you down so you were now lying. You turn onto your side and yawn again as Jack pulls your (color) comforter up to your neck, covering your body from shoulders down. You close your eyes, not wanting to sleep but exhausted and finding it hard to stay awake any longer. You used up the little last bit of your energy as you mumbled,"Please don't leave me Jack." Silence.

You grew sad, thinking he had left as you heard your window shut. But you then felt two cold arms wrap around you, a jacket covered chest pressed up against your back, and a head nuzzle into your neck.

"I'll always be here." He whispers and you blush again but smile as you slowly fall into sleep, a smile you haven't had in a long time.
It's finally done!!! I am actually pretty proud of this story! XD It took me foreverrrrr though so it better be worth it. -.- I'm not sure if I should make maybe more chapters to this or just leave it as it is. I don't know, if people tell me to then I probably will but that's up to all you fan-girls of Jack Frost to decide! XD
I hope you all enjoy! This took me forever so I really hope you fan-girls of the gorgeous Jack Frost enjoy! :D Comments on whether to make sequels to this or new Jack Frost X Reader stories are welcomed!
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