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August 15, 2013
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Love, Laughter, Insanity
Laughing Jack X Reader
Chapter 1
OK so I've been asked by a close friend of mine for a Laughing Jack X Reader story so, what the hell, I'll do it! XD I love Laughing Jack, major fan girl of him, so of course I agreed! Plus their are barely ANY Laughing Jack X Readers so here's a chapter one for all of you fan girls of this sexy, insane clown! XD I will try my best at updating this as fast as I can! ^^
You, Sam, Terra(Yes they are in every one of my stories! XD): (In this chapter only) 8, (In later chapters) 18
(Known as Jack in this chapter only) Laughing Jack: I don't know XD
"Where we goin' today Jack?"

An eight year old child with long (straight, curly, etc.) (h/c) hair asks her best friend who of which was pulling her with him. The colorful clown by whom she called Jack holds a bright smile as he continues running, keeping a pace slow enough for the young child to keep up with him. They were jogging through a field covered with lush grass with some yellow, pink, and blue flowers here and there and trees on both sides of them. Their hair blew in the soft wind as the tall male looks back at her.

"We're almost there (F/n)!" He exclaims, turning them down a rock clad path. Looking ahead the young girls (e/c) eyes widen to saucers as she glimpses at where they were heading too. Reaching an entry way Jack stops and turns to her, large hands on his hips and a triumphant gleam in his eyes. (F/n) peers up past him at the sign above the entry, seeing it read 'Carnival'. A large grin grows on her (s/c) face as she excitedly stands on her tip-toes holding up her hands to her chest.

"A carnival?!" She jumps up and down and Jack nods, laughing at his happy companion.

"Yeah, I tinkered the machines a little and got them working! Wanna go play?" He asks and with a nod from the child her picks her and helps her over the small gates blocking the entrance. Once in the two run forward and the girl gasps when the lights turn on and carnival music hits her ears. Jack, who had turned everything on with a switch at one of the front gates, sneaks up behind her and grips underneath her arms, lifting her into the air. (F/n) giggles hysterically before being set back down.

"Come on, let's go to the Merry-Go-Round!" Jack then grabs the girls small hand again and begins to lead her in the direction of the spinning ride.


The sky was beginning to turn into an orange shade as the time reached 6:30 and the two best friends had just gotten done with their third round of bumper cars. (F/n) was laughing as the two exited the ride. Jack held a sweet smile at seeing the girl so happy, her grins and giggles causing nothing but pure glee in him. But like always, something has to ruin it. Or someone's.

"Hey, (F/n)!" The squeak of a voice came and the (h/c) haired girl being called turns to look at the front gates where her name had been called. Her face brightened at the sight of all her friends and she runs to them.

"Sam, Terra, John, Mason, Carol, Melina, Joseph, what are you all doing here?!" She squeals.

Jack stands back, brows furrowing and smile lowering at the site of the new children.

"We were all looking for you! What are you doing in there? Is the carnival open again?"

(F/n) shakes her head, hair swishing, and looks back pointing at Jack who still stands back, eyes literally glaring.

"No, Jack turned it on, huh Jack?" She asks, holding a toothy grin at the colorful clown. He turns his light blue eyes to the one talking to him, blinking out of his dagger-like glare. Nodding he looks back to the other children, squinting dangerously again.

"Yeah, I did." He mumbles with a hint of poison evident in his voice. (F/n) stares at him, cocking a concerned brow and wondering why he was angry all of a sudden. Every-time her friends all showed he got this way and she didn't understand why. Slowly looking away from him she turns back to the other 8 year olds, a smile crawling back onto her cheeks.

"Do you guys wanna play?" They all look at each other then back at her and nod excitedly, beginning to climb the small gates. Jack clenches his fists as he feels anger begin to boil. Why must they always interrupt his fun with (F/n)? Images begin flowing through his mind, images he had started having some time ago and had only greatly increased the more the other children were around. They were dark, bloody, all of those damn children, some missing limbs like jaws or arms, others without eyes or giant holes in their chests. Each time Jack began to feel... like he was losing himself, a shrill happiness bubbling in him that he wasn't even sure of. A tug on one of his long lanky arms knocks him out of his thoughts and he peers down at the (h/c) girl who held a slightly fearful look up at him.

"Jack, Jack, are you OK?" She asks, shaking his arm. She notes the white in his iris', wondering what was wrong. The white slowly fades back into its regular sky blue and the clown blinks, shaking his head and making his red shag like hair swishing from side to side as he peers at the girl.

"Huh? Oh yeah, I'm, uh, fine." He answers, smirking at her. She furrows her brows, unsure of whether or not he was alright, but slowly let it aside and nods.

"OK. Well come on, everyone's heading to the bounce houses!" She squeals, turning and heading after the other children. Jack watches her go, smiling after her but then glaring to see the other children surround her and run with his best friend towards the bouncy houses. Jack feels his eyes twitch as he slowly follows, the white once more flickering in his eyes and something beginning to snap in his mind.


"But mom, why do I have to go so far away?" (F/n) asks her mother two weeks later, watching as her mother is packing up the child's suitcases.

"Because (F/n), it's not safe here, with that murder just last week of your little friends John and Carol I don't like the idea of you being around here." The (same hair color as you) haired woman answers, zipping up the (f/c) bag and grabbing her daughters hand.

"But mom, Jack-"

"Enough with the 'Jack' business (F/n)! He's your imaginary friend, he'll follow you there! Now come on and get in grandma's car." The adult interrupts as she continues to pull her child down their stairs and outside. Reaching the child's grandmothers old van (F/n)'s mother pops open the trunk and lifts the door, setting the bags that belonged to (F/n) inside. Once in she shuts it tight and walks to the back door on the left, pulling it open for her daughter. (F/n) stares frozen with tear filled eyes at her mom, not wanting to leave everyone. Her mother gives a sorrowful glance back and walks up to the child, kneeling down to about her height and pulling (F/n) into a tight embrace, shutting her eyes and wishing she didn't have to let the girl go.

"I'm sorry (F/n). It's what is best. I love you."

"I love you too mom."

With that the two release and (F/n)'s mom smiles at her, kissing her forehead then standing full height again. (F/n) holds a depressed face as she climbs into the vehicle, shutting the door behind her and buckling up. With hello's (F/n) and her grandmother begin to drive out of the driveway and head in their way. (F/n) looks back, waving at her parents as her father exits the house and stands beside her mother and the adults wave goodbye back. The girls (e/c) eyes travel to the house, seeing a familiar shadow in her window and waves at it , saying what she hoped wasn't her last goodbye to her best friend. Little did she know how much the change would effect him. Insanely.
So what did you all think?! I think I did good for my first Laughing Jack! XD Yeah so not much to say! Lol well I shall start chapter 2 now! Favorites and comments are very appreciated! ^w^
When (F/n) was a child she had what she thought was just an imaginary friend. Except everyone saw him. Once (F/n) is taken with her grandmother at the age of 8 to another state away from her friends and family, Jack soon begins to change. And now (F/n), 10 years later, must go back and face her old best friend. But as they say:The unexpected always surprise us.

So yeah chapter one of my Laughing Jack series! :iconlaughingjackplz: approves! XD

I do not own Jack! He is owned by :iconsnuffbomb:!
:iconlaughingjackplz: will soon own you! (Does already XD)
I also tend to forget but luckily someone reminded me, I DO NOT OWN THE PIC! It's owned by :icongiokoneko: ^w^

Chapter 2:…

EDIT: Holy shit! I haven't even had this up a day and already 84 favourites and 1,400 views!!! :iconiloveyouplz: Thank you all so much! So damn happy so many people like this!! :icondragonglomp:
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