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Love, Laughter, Insanity
Laughing Jack X Reader
Chapter 2
A.N.: Chapter 2 everybody! I'm surprised how many people have actually already liked chapter 1! XD OK so yeah, IN THE LAST CHAPTER: (F/n) gets taken with her grandma to a new state! How will Jack take this? Not kindly. XD OK well before I bore you all let's just get to the chapter! Also I'm beginning to take CP requests again so tell me if you have a request! cx
You, Sam, Terra: (Now) 18
(Now known as) Laughing Jack: No idea! XD
10 years have passed, 10 years since (F/n) had last been in (h/t). 10 years since she's talked to her parents, to her friends apart from Sam and Terra, to Jack... He had been her imaginary friend yet when she left he hadn't followed. She had asked Sam and Terra about it but they mainly found it strange how they and all the other children and even some few adults could see him. (F/n) had to admit, it was a bit peculiar but she just simply set it aside. Now 18 (F/n) was living in her own apartment which wasn't the most pleasant but it was a roof over her head at least. Living in (new town) hadn't been the best way to spend those 10 years but the people were friendly so that was good. She'd even made some friends. Yet even now she wondered where Jack had gone....

The ring of her cell phone resting in her jacket pocket snatches her out of her thoughts and she pulls the cellular device out, looking at caller I.D. before answering with a smile on her lips.

"Hey Sam." She says to the female on the other line and hears a sigh of relief.

"Good, I caught you on your break!" Sam says a bit excitedly and (F/n) blinks, realizing where she was. She was sitting outside on one of chairs that sat before a table with an umbrella in front of Monter Cafe, her job. Looking in through the front windows at the clock on the wall (F/n) sees it's 1:23, meaning her break would be over in about 7 minutes. A cough causes her to pay attention once more to the woman on the other line.

"Oh yeah, well I've got a few minutes, what's up?" (F/n) starts the conversation, curious on why Sam had called her.

"Not much but me and Ter got some great news!" The female squeals, causing (F/n) to pull the phone slightly from her ear in sake of her ear drum. Setting it back she cocks a brow even if her friend couldn't see it.

"What is it?" She asks, suspicion hesitant. It wasn't she didn't trust the two it's just... OK she didn't fully trust them but judging by how ecstatic Sam was being it must be something good.

"Me and Terra are on our way to (new town) right now!"

(F/n), in the midst of taking a sip of the soda she'd bought, spits it back out, (e/c) widening at the news.

"What?!" The (h/l), (h/c) haired female exclaims a bit loudly, gaining some strange looks from the folks that passed her. She gulps and listens as Sam begins to speak again.

"Yeah! We're almost there, we're taking you back to (h/t) with us for a few days!"

Another spit take.

"But Sam, I have a job! I just can't leave so suddenly! Plus who's going to take care of my house while I'm gone?"

A sigh is heard on the other line.

"We've got it all planned out, OK? Plus Terra already called your boss so he knows about you going on vacation."

"Wait wha-!"

"Oh, gotta go, we're almost to the cafe!"

After that sentence all (F/n) heard was an irritating ring but she was frozen to the spot. Shaking her head and sighing the female lifts her hand to her forehead rubbing it.

"What do I get myself into?"


"I can't believe you two are dragging me along for this!" A (h/c) woman yells while sitting in an SUV, her arms folded as she pouted like a five year old. Her two friends in the front seats only laugh at her, each gaining a poison filled glare.

"Calm down (F/n), it's not that bad. Plus we can show you our apartment. So sit down and relax." Sam giggles looking back with her forest green hues at the angry person. (F/n) sighs, shaking her head and peers out the window at the signs they all passed on the freeway, drifting off into her thoughts. She wonders what has happened here since she had left. Remembering what happened to John and Carol she shivers, hoping there weren't anymore bad things. Her mind soon trails to a black shadow. It was tall with what looked like long, lanky arms and suspenders with feathers upon its shoulders. She wonders who it is as it slowly begins to turn. Just as a cone nose showed so did one of it eyes. They were soulless, the iris' faded into a ghostly white and the pupils sinister. A black lipped smile was carved on its white face, sharp teeth gleaming dangerously at her. Its eye stayed on (F/n) as its scary grin widens at her.

"(F/n)..." It calls, voice sounding like a males and only a whisper. (F/n) stares fearfully, wondering who this stranger was. Or why he looked so... familiar.

"(F/n)..." His voice increases in loudness and she blinks, the image slowly fading.


(F/n) jumps, eyes shooting open as she breathes heavily, looking at her two friends who were both standing at the now open back door next to her, brows cocked in concern. (F/n) blinks at them, not even realizing she had drifted off asleep, then scratches her head sheepishly.

"What is it?" She asks the red head and brunette.

"We're, uh, here." Terra answers, turning cautiously away as if afraid something would happen if she wasn't watching, and heads to the trunk to open it and help grab (F/n)'s bags. Sam stayed put though, worry etched onto her face as her green eyes watch (F/n) closely.

"You OK?" She asks the (h/c) woman who was climbing out of the car. (F/n) peers back at her, nodding halfheartedly. She really wasn't sure what she had just seen. Sam notices the iffy attitude (F/n) was making so she just sets a hand on the (h/c) haired females shoulder, a slightly comforting smile on her face. (F/n) smiles small back and shrugs.

Turning away from Sam the two look at Terra as she carries (F/n) (f/c) suitcase up to the house before them. Wait...

(F/n) drops her mouth slightly and her eyes widen at the all to familiar building before her. Her old house, it was her old house. Confusion taking over (F/n) looks over to Sam for answers. The red head shrugs, chuckling nervously with a sheepish grin.

"Me and Terra though maybe you'd feel better in your old house. Plus we don't have room, something we didn't think through." She answers, turning and leading the other woman inside. As they enter (F/n)'s eyes widen even more. Everything was, well, the same. The living room, the kitchen, the hallway, everything. Terra, who had just entered with a second bag, sets it down then smirks at (F/n)'s gawking stare.

"We, uh, cleaned it up for ya. Didn't need you sleeping in a mess did we?"

All that gained her was a concerned look and lowered eyebrows from the (e/c) eyed female.

"What mess?" (F/n) asks, wondering what Terra was talking about. Come to think of it.. where were her parents...?

Sam and Terra blink owlishly at their companion, shocked.

"You mean... you, you don't know?" Sam asks and only gains a shake of the head. Seeing the still shocked looks which quickly turned to sorrowful as the other two looked at each other  caused a sickening feeling to begin to grow in the pit of (F/n)'s stomach as she faced the two. Their eyes return to her as Sam shuffles her feet, looking down while Terra spoke.

"(F/n), I think you should sit down."


"They what?!" (F/n) screams, horror resting on her (s/c) face. Sam still stares down at her feet as the three friends all sat on the couch in the blue wallpaper clad living room. Terra scratches the back of her head, not sure how to tell (F/n) everything.

"The killer, that murdered John and Carol, they, well, got your parents (F/n)." Sam mumbles. (F/n) stares at the wall, processing the information as tears slowly form in her eyes. How could no one have ever told her? Why hadn't anyone? She was their child, she should have known!

"It happened after you left." Terra says, voice blank and (F/n) turns hesitantly to her, beginning to shake.

"R-really?" She stutters, sniffing as tears begin to slowly roll one by one down her cheeks. The other two both nod, neither looking at her for fear of tearing up as well.

"It's happened to everyone (F/n)." Sam whispers, shaking her head and causing (F/n) to now look at her.


Sam nods and (F/n) understands immediately. All of her childhood friends... Bursting finally into sobs (F/n) weeps, pulling up her legs while wrapping her arms around them and crying into her knees. Sam and Terra both look to their friend, each hugging her, the two crying silently with their childhood friend.


Two hours had passed since Sam and Terra had left and now it was about 9:16. (F/n) had slowly made it up the stairs and looked down the hall. Everything was still the same. Walking forward (F/n) stops before her old room. Breathing in deeply she grips the knob and turns. The door squeaked from the years that had passed as (F/n) steps in. Everything was like the rest of the house. The same. Sitting on the edge of her bed (F/n) stares at the purple wall ahead of her, eyes glossy from her crying earlier and blank with no real emotion. Sighing deeply she lays back onto the bed, her legs still hanging off and shuts her eyes, hoping peaceful sleep could maybe take over.

As wanted (F/n) had drifted into her dreams but about 3 hours later jumps startled at the sound of banging. She jumps off the bed onto her feet and looks to the door, the loud noises seeming to be downstairs. Quickly she scurries out of the room and trots down the stairs, her eyes widening as a gasp leaves her lips once she reaches the last step. The woman freezes in her tracks, shock feeling her as she sees both her suitcase and duffel bag were unzipped and all of their belongings thrown carelessly around.

"What the hell...?" (F/n) whispers, slowly walking over to the jumbles of clothing and other necessities while peeking around and behind her for the culprit. Bending down the woman begins to clean everything up, re-folding clothes and setting everything in neatly.

The 18 year old jumps back onto her bare feet and shoots her eyes up the stairs as the sound of scratching was heard. Furrowing her brows (F/n) hesitantly begins to make her way up, afraid to know what could be causing all this. Once at her door the female tightens her eyes and takes in deep breaths before re-opening the orbs and bursting in, hoping to at least startle the culprit. But no one was there. (F/n)'s eyes narrow even more as they search the room. Nothing had even been moved and she's sure she would have caught the person before they got the chance to hide in the closet or under the bed. Looking around she steps in more and searches for what had been scratched so loudly. Her heart stops.

Stopping at the wall straight across from her bed were scratches on her wall. It was writing and (F/n) makes out what it reads.

'Why are you in her house?' Was what was etched into the purple wall and (F/n) feels her heart skip a beat.

"Wh-who's here? Who left this?" She calls, eyes frantically looking for a hint of movement. Complete silence and stillness. Looking back at the words (F/n) gulped, unsure of what it meant or who or what left it.

'Maybe Sam or Terra would know. I'll ask tomorrow.' With that (F/n) turns cautiously to her old bed and walks up to it, crawling under the blankets. Seeing as she had grown she was a bit bigger in height than what was meant for the bed but it was comfortable so she couldn't complain. As the woman shuts her eyes and slowly falls into slumber a shadow creeps up to the bed, peering down her. A menacing smile grows on their face as they examine the person. With a dark chuckle they mumble,"Goodnight my lollipop."
So yeah, this IS CRAAAAP! Or at least I think so. This was to rushed I think! Well I am sick so my brain isn't working right so SO sorry for any rushiness or errors. v.v So yeah, comments and favorites are greatly appreciated! ^w^
When (F/n) was a child she had what she thought was just an imaginary friend. Except everyone saw him. Once (F/n) is taken with her grandmother at the age of 8 to another state away from her friends and family, Jack soon begins to change. And now (F/n), 10 years later, must go back and face her old best friend. But as they say:The unexpected always surprise us.

Second verse, same as the first!

I do not own :iconlaughingjackplz:, he belongs to :iconsnuffbomb:!
I also do not own the preview pic, it belongs to :icongiokoneko:!
:iconlaughingjackplz: will eventually own you! XD

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