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September 14, 2013
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Love, Laughter, Insanity
Laughing Jack X Reader
Chapter 3
A.N.: So now we're to chapter 3! I'm just warning you all a LOT of shit is gonna go down in the story! XD IN THE LAST CHAPTER: (F/n) had returned to her hometown with her two best friends Sam and Terra to find out more than two people have died, including her own parents. And as she moves into her old house something causes a bump in the night but what could it be? To the story!
"I'm telling you guys, something weird happened last night." (F/n) tells the other females who at the moment were examining the markings on her wall in her bedroom. Terra had her hands on her hips while Sam's arms were folded as they examined the mysterious writing created by an unknown source. Turning they look to (F/n).

"So something first threw your luggage around then scratched into your wall?" Sam asks and (F/n) nods, seeing it sounded odd despite the evidence being in front of them. Terra 'hm's while scratching her chin. (F/n) watches them then looks back at the scratches, trying to figure out what was going on. An idea of who left it popped into her head but she pushed it aside. Jack wouldn't do this, he wasn't like that. Was he...?

"I have no idea what could have caused this..." Sam mumbles looking to Terra. Terra shrugs and the two both turn back to the female in question. (F/n) furrows her brows, stumped.

"So neither of you know what or who could have left this?"

Terra and Sam both shake their heads and walk over sitting next to the other woman. (F/n) sighs, setting her head in her hands.

"OK well thanks for coming over you guys." (F/n) tells them, relifting her head and smiling at them. The two both smile back and Terra playfully punches the (h/c) haired female.

"Well we have been your best friends since we were little."

A loud scratching causes them all to jump and look towards the wall to their right. More writing was being clawed into the wall and the three watch with wide eyes. Once it was done they all gasped as they see what was written. 'LIAR!!'.

"L-Liar?" Sam stutters, beginning  to shake. Terra gulps and (F/n) grows a worried expression.

"Well guess our invisible 'friend' has more signs for us. Well guess it's time for a plan!" Terra cheers, jumping to her feet and lifting a fist into the air. The other two both give unbelieving looks at her as their mouths hang open.

"What are you talking about now Terra?" Sam asks and Terra smirks at them both.

"Let's head downstairs, I'll tell you down there."
"So you two have both your things?" (F/n) asks her two friends as she lets them into the house. The two both had bags full of items like clothes, toothbrushes, and other things needed to stay the night. All three had made a plan for Sam and Terra to stay to see if anything happens. The trio head into the living room and settle onto the couch.

"Yep, got everything needed for tonight." Terra answers and Sam nods in agreement. (F/n) smiles at them, happy they were staying.

"Cool so who wants to watch T.V.?"
Hours passed and the three had fallen asleep on the couch with the television still playing. It was midnight with the moonlight shining into the window and lighting up the dark room. A dark shadow looms in the corner, his pale, white eyes watching the three intensly, a demonic smirk stretched across his black lips. His sharp teeth glisten in the light from outside. Inching over to them he looms above them, chuckling darkly as he reaches his lanky arms out and around them.

"Time to take care of the problem for good."
(F/n) begins to waken, sighing as she feels herself lying on hard ground. Furrowing her brows she lifts her eyelids to see where she was. Sitting up she looks around, seeing she was lying on a dirt ground. Looking at her surroundings she notices she's in what looks to be a circus tent. A poke on her shoulder causes her attention to go to her left. Sam and Terra were beside her, fearful looks placed upon their faces.

"Guys, where-"

"(F/n), we need to get out of here, now!"

"None of you are goin' anywhere."

All of them turn quickly to look at where the dark, creepy voice came from. A dark shadow with white eyes stares at them, causing them all to back away in fear. Before they could get any farther long black and white striped arms stretch out and wrap around their legs, pulling them closer. They all begin to shake, Sam and Terra worse than (F/n).

"Who a-are you?" (F/n) stutters, glaring at the mysterious male. A chuckle was heard and they see the 'person' shake his head.

"Sad you don't remember me (F/n). I thought WE used to be best friends."

(F/n) furrows her brows, the voice sounding ultimately familiar and she mumbles,"Wait, is it..."

Another dark chuckle and the mysterious male comes into the light. They all widen their eyes at the all to familiar black, gray, and white clown as he smirks devilishly at them. Sam and Terra gulp and stare in ultimate fear while (F/n) just watches in disbelief before getting to her feet and her jaw drops. Her old best friend.

OK I am SO SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT!!!! DX I swear I will try to update faster but I just broke my nose and I have to catch up in school so I'm not sure when I'll be able to update next. :c I am probably going to update chapter 4 for this, chapter 11 for my Jeff X Reader, chapter 9 for my Kage X Reader, and I'm not sure but I'll try to do chapter 4 for my Eyeless Jack X Reader! So yeah, look for them guys! :D
When (F/n) was a child she had what she thought was just an imaginary friend. Except everyone saw him. Once (F/n) is taken with her grandmother at the age of 8 to another state away from her friends and family, Jack soon begins to change. And now (F/n), 10 years later, must go back and face her old best friend. But as they say:The unexpected always surprise us.

Third chapter!!

I do not own :iconlaughingjackplz:, he belongs to :iconsnuffbomb:!
I also do not own the preview pic, it belongs to :icongiokoneko:!
:iconlaughingjackplz: will eventually own you! XD

Fourth chapter:To be soon!
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