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June 12, 2013
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Love Me Like I Do You
Eyeless Jack X Reader
Chapter 3
A.N.:Sorry about the wait you guys! I feel really bad! DX  Hope you guys are excited! ^^ I'm so sorry if this chapter sucks though DX Well enjoy you guys! Btw, if you guys all get the time you should check out some songs that fit this story and my Jeff X Reader story! They are Blood by In This Moment, Memories of a Broken Heart by Crown the Empire (that song fits Jeff's life A LOT), Yours to Hold by Skillet, there are a lot more but those ones are amazing! ^^ Anyways ENJOY!
You, Sam, Terra: 16
*Your P.O.V.*

I just stare at him. My face was blank as thoughts raced through my head. His gift? A human heart? Yes the diamond necklace was nice but a human heart?! I guess it was romantic but at the same time... creepy.

"A... human heart?" My voice was a whisper. I may seem calm but I am shaking all over inside. His smile widens and he nods.

"And a diamond necklace!" He exclaims, grabbing my hands and pulling them up to his heart. It was beating 5 times a minute. He really was excited wasn't he? I stare into his masked eyes. Black as an abyss. Where were his eyes? Did he even have any...?

"Who.... who's heart did you take...?" I ask. He steps closer so now our bodies were touching and I could really feel his heartbeat now. He still holds my hands with his in between our chests and I breathe slower at how close we were. His smile lowers to more heart-warming and his shaking ceased.

"Do you remember that boy who would always beat you up? Josh?"

I froze.

'Oh my god... he....'

"You killed him..."

He pulled back and nodded still holding my hands. He gave a toothy smile.

"Yes! I chose the heart of your enemy to gift to you! Doesn't that make you happy? I couldn't stand him continually hurting you so I thought that maybe if I got rid of him you'd be happy."

My eyes were wide with shock. He... killed Josh for me?


His mouth shapes into an 'O' and he slightly cocks his head in a cute way. Wait... cute?


"Why did you kill him for me?"

He stands there a moment, looking confused. Slowly his mouth turns into a line and he lets me go.

"I told you. He was hurting you. (Y/n), I can't stand when anyone hurts you so I have gotten rid of all those who have harmed you in any way." He cups under my chin and lifts my head up. My brows furrowed as I take in what he was saying. Get rid of all who hurt me? Who else has he...

"Why did you kill my parents then?" I ask, feeling my stomach tighten. I really didn't even want to think of that night.

"They made you cry and always fought with you."

My heart stops. Had he seen the night me and my parents fought and I ran to my room crying?

"You've seen me and parents arguing..?"

He nods frowning. It was a concerned frown, a very unhappy one.

"Yes, when you ran to your room, I saw the tears in your eyes. I couldn't stand seeing you so upset and I've seen when you've fought with them before. So I did the only thing that I could to keep you safe, although you still got stuck with your sister..." He trailed off and his head lowered to stare at his feet, letting go of my chin. I felt tears prick my eyes but ignored them. It was silent a few moments between us, me barely breathing. Opening my mouth I went to speak but before I could the boy threw his arms around me and hugged me tight. I gasped at this, not expecting the sudden pull. I could hear his heart beat as my head rested against his chest. I could also feel the build of his body. He wasn't very built but enough to where I could feel some muscle. His head rested on mine and he breathed shaky breaths, sounding as if he wanted to cry.

"I'm sorry (y/n). Please don't hate me. You're the only person I've ever cared about, I can't lose my angel. Please..." I could feel his breath in my (h/c) hair as his lips met the top of my head. I stood frozen. I didn't know what to say.

"Come with me." He whispers and I finally blink out of my freezed over state. I pull back a little and look at him. I stare into the still covered eyes, curious.


Before he could answer the ring of my phone hit our ears. It played (second favorite song) as it buzzed on the table. That was Terra's ringtone. Both our heads turned to it then back to look at each other. He didn't move and slowly I made my way to the table. He watched intensely as I pick the cell phone up and press the green button, bringing it to my ear.


"(Y/n)! Thank god you answered!" It was Terra but she sounded like she was crying? I've only heard he cry once and that was in fourth grade which made me concerned why she was crying and sounding so frantic.

"Terra? What's wrong?" I ask, trying to speak over the sobbing coming from the other line.

"(Y/n), it's... your sister... they... they..." More crying. I freeze, hearing her say something about Kylie. What happened to Kylie?

"Terra, what about Kylie...?"

"(Y/n), she's... she's dead!" She gasps and cries more. My heart shatters as I go numb. Dead? No, no she couldn't be.

"H-how?" I stutter.

"She got in an accident at work. She was on the news!"

Next thing I knew I had hung up and sat on the hotel room's bed crying. Another person I loved, gone. How fucking worse could this week get?! I felt arms wrap around me and someone making 'sh' sounds in my ear.

"I'm sorry." The boy who I had forgotten was still there whispers as he combs his fingers through my hair in a comforting way. I sobbed into his chest, the tears staining his black hoodie. I couldn't believe this. I had no family I could go to that lived close, only Terra and Sam but their families wouldn't be able to afford me. I had no money, nothing. Unless...

"Can I go with you?" I mumble to the male holding me. He freezes and I hear a light gasp escape his lips. He seemed surprised from what I could tell. He soon calmed and kissed the top of my head, nodding as he does.

"Of course angel. And I promise I'll protect you."

With that he stands and helps me up. I was still crying as I look at him through tear drenched eyes. He held a frown as he was watching me. Slowly I watch as he lifts his hands to his mask and I wondered if he was taking it off. He grips it in both hands then stops a moment before slowly pulling it down to cover his whole face again. I was a bit disappointed not to see what was beneath the dark blue and black cover. He then drops his left arm back down while holding the right out to me. It was in a gesture as if telling me to grab the outstretched hand. I listen and hesitantly grab his in mine and he pulls me to the window. The boy then turns around and hunches, holding his arms out. I cock an eyebrow before realizing what he meant and I step forward. Jumping onto his back I wrap my arms around him neck while he grabs and holds my legs with his arms. I lay my head on his shoulder, the water leaking from my eyes seeping into his hoodie again. He steps onto the window sill and I grow scared, realizing we're going out the window. Before he jumps he turns his head to me.

"By the way, my name is Jack."

And he jumps.

I scream into his shoulder and hold a death grip around his neck. The air flew by us as we fell and I swore I was going to die. But instead Jack lands, lightly too. I open my eyes and see were standing in the grass in the front of the hotel. The only light around us was the hotel rooms behind us. I could hear Jack lightly laugh as he turns his head to me again.

"It's OK, I'm used to those types of jumps, hell I've been through worse chasing Jeff because he stole my kills."

I cock an eyebrow at him.

"Jeff?" I ask in a mumble and he stops laughing.

"Um, you might meet him later. Come on, let's head home." With that he begins running. I hold on tight again and watch as we jump rooftops and alley ways. I yawned, growing sleepy from my crying and by how late it was. Jack notices and says,"You can sleep. I'll tell you when were there."

I still felt tears dropping from my eyes as I took his offer and laid my head again on his shoulder, letting it lay sideways. My eyelids closed and I slowly drifted off, the cool breeze of the night comforting me as I drifted into a deep slumber.
Good god, I'm FINALLY DONE! You guys, you're lucky I love you! DX Well I really am sorry it's short! I'm having slight writer's block today so I'm sorry! DX Oh and I'm starting on the one shots!! Yay! XD I hope you guys will enjoy! Comments and favorites are wanted and loved! Tanx!

I do NOT own anything but the story plot! XD
:iconeyelessjackplz: owns u!

Chapter 3: YOU ARE HERE!!
Chapter 4:…
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