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September 15, 2013
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Love Me Like I Do You
Eyeless Jack X Reader
Chapter 3
A.N.:Sorry about the wait you guys! God it's been three months since I updated this! I feel so bad! DX Well now I finally lost the writer's block for this story and am finally making the next chapter! XD By the way I started a new Jeff X Reader! Go check it out! :D So yeah, here we go! XD
You, Sam, Terra: 16
I slowly wake up on what felt like something soft. Slowly opening my eyes I look around at my surroundings, wondering where I was. I was in a white room, its walls holding a window and some motivational posters. It had a table beside a chair and a television on the wall. Looking down I saw I was laying on two beds pushed together with a white blanket wrapped around me. How long had I slept? Finally gaining the energy I sat up and wiped the sleep from my eyes. Footsteps catch my attention and I look up as the boy from last night walks towards me while speaking.

"Ah, you're awake." He sounds to be smiling as he comes over and settles on the edge of the bed. I blink at him, curious on where he'd taken me.

"Where are we?" He cocks his head and chuckles.

"Home, or to put it more plainly, an abandoned mental hospital."

My eyes widen at that. Abandoned? And where the hell is this mental hospital anyways?

"Oh." Was all I could muster though and I turn my attention to the window. The pitter-patter of rain beats against the glass and I watch as droplets hit it leaving streaks. It was silent besides that, something uncomfortable but at the same time calming. A grumbling broke my trance and I look down at my stomach as it growls. Jack follows my eyes and he laughs lightly before standing up.

"Guess we should probably eat."

I peer back at him before nodding and standing as well. He then turns and leads the way out of the room. We head down some stairs and I examine everything as we go. The walls looked to be decaying with dried up crimson liquid on them. Tables were pushed over along with broken chairs and needles here and there. It was creepy, to say the least, giving me chills to wonder what could have happened here. Finally we get to some doors and Jack pushes them open. We enter what looks like an old waiting room and Jack continues until we reach some more double doors. One hung on its hinges while the other seemed fine besides the dead look to it. Pushing the OK one Jack and I walk into a room. It was a cafeteria, bench tables sitting just like they would in a lunch room and a counter where a broken down cash register rested. It was probably the nicest place in the hospital.

"I'll go make us something to eat." With that Jack turns and walks into what I guessed was the kitchen. Watching him go I look back at the room and head to the closest table, settling down and looking at its surface. I begin to think about everything that has happened, losing my family, and possibly never seeing anyone again. I wonder if it was a mistake to come and live with Jack. I was so lost in my thoughts I hadn't even noticed that Jack had finished and now sat beside me. Poking my arm I turn my attention to the ginger headed male. His mask was off and I jump back slightly from shock. He looked normal, besides the dark gray skin and shark teeth, but his eyes, he didn't have any! I stare into the holes, my expression blank as he cocks his head, mouth forming an 'o'.

"You alright, angel?"

I blink out of my surprise and nod, still unsure what to think.

"You... you don't have any...." I could barely speak. He looks confused until he realized what I was talking about and looked away scratching the back of his head.

"Oh yeah, didn't mean to startle you." He apologizes, smiling heart-warmingly at me. He blink then blush slightly and peer down at the food he'd just laid down in front of me. It was a hamburger with all of my favorite added things. Turning to him I see he's already started on his, chomping it down like a wolf. I smile slightly then look back at my food and pick it up, getting ready to start on it.

"Thank you." I mumble before I begin to eat. Jack stops and turns to look at me. I smile at him before continuing on my food. I see a slight crimson lift to his cheeks before a smile lifts his face and we both go to eating in silence.
*???'s P.O.V.*
So Eyeless Jack got a little girlfriend did he? Well isn't that something. She's cute, I'll admit to that. Well, better tell the others. They'll all want to hear the news. I just hope Jack knows what he's doing...
SO SORRY IT WAS SHORT!! I MADE YOU ALL WAIT SO LONG AND THEN THIS WASN'T EVEN THAT GOOD!!! DX OK well yeah, someone is gonna spoil the news to everyone! Can't yet say who but you will soon find out! I promise I will have chapter 5 up by tomorrow! ^^ Comments are wanted and favorites are appreciated! :D
Chapter 4 is finally here! Oh my god I'm Jesus! XD OK I SWEAR I will get better at updating! I'm even planning on putting up chapter 11 of my Jeff story! :D
I DO NOT OWN A THING BESIDES THE STORY! :iconeyelessjackplz: owns you! ;D

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