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Jeff the Killer X Reader
Chapter 1
A.N.: (y/n)= your name, (e/c)=eye color, (h/l)=hair length, (h/c)=hair color, (f/c)=favorite color, (y/h)=your hometown, and your 16, only thing I'm really choosing about you XD. Hope you all enjoy the first part of my Jeff the Killer X Reader story, Stay! :D
I got this idea from playing the game 'Illusion: Ghost Killer' which, if any of you  know, is a Jeff the Killer game where your in what seems like an old, abandoned (SCARY) factory and you have to walk around (YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE THERE) and place cameras in these red circles that are randomly around the place (AND ITS HUGE)! So yeah, it made me think of what my character Alex would do then this popped up and I decided to do a reader insert for ya'll fan girls of this infamous killer! ;3 So yeah, ENJOY!!!
"Come on guys, stop being such wimps!" Your best friend, Terra, yelled at you and your other friend Sam. You all three stood in her room, discussing your plans for that day to its night. An unpleasant plan is what you settled for and you were close to disagreeing with it completely. Sam was shaking like a leaf at the plan, very, very against it. You felt bad for her. If Terra wasn't a big pansy like she doesn't want to admit then Sam could just go home while you two left. But of course Terra always has to drag you both in.

"T-Terra," Sam began stuttering, playing with her shoulder-length dark red hair timidly,"wh-what if there's n-nothing there? It'll be a w-waste of time!" Terra just glared at her, angry she was being so nervous over nothing. Well not nothing, at least she thought.

"Stop being scared Sam, and of course there's something in there! People wouldn't hear noises and screams and stuff if there wasn't anything to investigate!" Terra retorted back at Sam. You just stood there with your arms folded and sighed. Terra's plan? Oh you're probably wondering what it is aren't you? Terra, being the 'brave' and 'courageous' soul she is,decided it would help your hometown by going into an abandoned factory in the woods where screams have been heard and a figure has been seen going in and out of it and placing cameras around the perimeter. Three 16-year old girls going into a dark, spooky, old factory where something, possibly dangerous, is hiding inside. Yeah, Terra was definitely not the brightest.

"I'm not saying I b-believe in whatever's in there, I'm just saying that using our c-cameras for no r-reason..." Sam looked down, not wanting to see Terra's stare for knowing it would only make her agree to it. Terra's glare hardened at the other girl. Seeing that there was no way to avoid Terra's plan, especially that she's bent on doing it. You thought about it.

Walking up to Sam you laid your hand on her shoulder. She looked at you, her green eyes filled with worry. You gave her a reassuring smile.

"It's OK, Sam. There's probably nothing in there. Their just rumors we've been hearing and you know how bad rumors can lie. Come on, we'll hurry and put the cameras around and

then go and get ice cream or something." You said in a calming demeanor even though you wished you could stay back at Terra's house as well. Sam thought a moment, unsure of

what to do, but then nodded slowly and smiled at you. She was still scared but you always found a way to bring the brave out of her.

"OK." She agrees. Terra grows a large grin and turns.

"Alrighty then, let's go get the cameras!" With that you and Sam followed her.


Terra, Sam, and You all stood outside a large building. Its broken windows and weak walls added to the creepiness of the situation and you wondered if it was to late to head back.

Three cameras rested in your arms, one being yours, another your fathers, and the last your older brothers. The other two held three as well. All of your eyes stared up at it, barely blinking. The trees around you and the building swayed as if like a warning sign to avoid the dark building.

"It's huge..." Sam whispered, eyes biggest of all of you. You nodded, letting that being your response. Terra gulped then turned to you both.

"Well, no matter how big," Another gulp,"we need to do this, y-you know, to make sure that there isn't anything in there."

She turned away and stepped forward and stood at the step of the front door. She then bent down and put her fathers camera facing the door. After standing she turned back to you and Sam.

"Well, first camera's in place, guess we better head in..." She breathed in heavily then faced the building, setting the other two cameras in her arms down on the gound, and opened the front door. It squeaked loudly, as if alerting the being within of their presence. She turned to you both with a sheepish smile then stepped inside. Sam breathed in a shaky breath and followed quickly after Terra. Your (e/c) eyes traveled to the sky. The cloud covered blanket created an eerier feeling in your gut as your eyes stared. Something caught your eye as you looked to a glassless window of the factory. A shadow luminated in it and you squinted, hoping for a better look.

"(y/n)! Hurry up!" Terra yelled out to you. You blinked, realizing you were spaced out, and looked to the front door.

"Eh, coming!" You call back then look back to the window. Empty. You silently gasped then shook your head.

'I'm just paranoid...' Sighing you looked back up then ran inside after your friends.

When getting in you saw that one of Sam's cameras was resting in the middle of the large room you all now stood in. It pointed towards an old, broken reception desk. Upon seeing the room you noticed there were four doors around you, one being the front one you all three entered through. You turned to them when hearing Terra begin to speak.

"Three doors, huh? Guess it's time to split up." You and Sam both stared shocked at her. Split up? That sounded only scarier for you two.

"Split up? You said nothing about splitting up!" Sam remarks, shaking like earlier.

"Sorry, I had no idea the place would be this big!" Terra yells back. As the two bicker you sigh and break up the fight. Holding out your phone you reached into both their pockets and pulled out theirs. They looked at you curiously and watched as you used Terra's phone to call both yours and Sam's phones. Handing back their devices you explained your idea.

"I've got an idea. Just to make us feel safer we'll be on the phone with each other that way we can also keep tabs on our progress in putting the cameras around this place."

Terra gave a thoughtful look then nodded with a smile while Sam sighed, knowing their was no way around the splitting up plan.

"Good idea (y/n). That way if we get attacked we can call the other two for help."

After making sure you each had flashlights and that Terra didn't hang up on either of you you all went separate ways, you heading to the door to the left, Terra going straight, and Sam the right.


What felt about an hour passed and you had only placed one camera. Terra had one more to place as did Sam. You all stayed on the phone, talking and trying to keep the other two calm. It was working for Terra and Sam but you kept getting strange feelings as if being... watched? You didn't like it and tried to ignore it. That was hard itself but made it harder whenever you heard footsteps or any noise for that matter. Your heart beat loudly, making listening to your friends hard.

"H-h... (y/n)... an you.... ear... me...?" You blinked looking down at your phone. You could barely make out what Terra was saying and breathed out an exasperated sigh.

"Great, of all times I could have lost service I now lose it? Piece of shit phone..." You whisper and look around. It had only one door from which you had just walked through, a sand of boxes created two isles, one with barrels and more boxes resting and the next that you were facing with a desk, chair, and laptop. The laptop sat open, its bright screen being the only light in the semi-large room besides your flashlight which looked to be dimming.

"........(y/" The voices of your friends disappeared and your phone signaled of its weak signal. Sighing quietly you put the phone back in your pocket and looked back to the eerie room. Your flashlight pointed every which way but all you saw were the boxes and barrels scattered around. Facing the laptop you quietly strode over to it. You stop before it and look behind you. Footsteps, you could've sworn you heard footsteps. Starting to believe it was possibly not just your paranoia, you hesitantly turn back to the computer and pull out the desks chair. Sitting down it squeaked beneath you and you froze. You come back to and look to the computer. A news article rested on the screen and you became curious. Beginning to read you wondered why this page was up, or even what the computer was down here. You read out loud, not expecting anyone to hear.

"Killer still on the lose. Now 17 year old Jeff, after brutally murdering his family and 10 or more 0ther people, escaped the West Hill Insane Asylum two years ago. Authorities announce that they had left him in his room with the door locked but returned the next day to find his room empty and his hoodie, black jeans, and sneakers missing as well. Already five murders have been committed and counting with no luck on catching the psychotic killer. His picture is displayed below..."

After reading you scrolled down only to have your heart nearly fly out of your chest. A picture of a boy around 13 or 14, most likely taken around the time he escaped, rested underneath the article. His appearance spooked you. He had long black hair that came only slightly to the shoulders, his dark eyes were wider than normal and held no eyelids with black circles surrounding his eyes as if his lids were burned off,  and his skin was bleach white. But what got you worst was the smile cut into his cheeks making you guess that even when this guy frowned he still held that horrific smile. You couldn't help but wonder what he looked like now. Scrolling down farther you continued your vocal reading.

"He is a killer at large. He holds no remorse and will kill you if he has the chance. Keep watch and make sure to close and lock your doors and windows. He has been reported in the last week to have been seen in (y/h)." Your heart stops for a moment before looking at the date of the article. It had been added August 19th. Yesterday.

"A killer at large? Oh, how the police flatter me."

Jumping to your feet you violently turn to the voice that had spoken behind you. It was a teenagers voice, male, and sounded rougher than what you've ever heard. Fumbling with your flashlight you quickly clicked the button and pointed it in the direction of the voice. All you felt was numbness as you freeze. It was the boy from the picture only his hair had grown only slightly past his shoulders, he looked a little bit more built but still kept a skinny figure, and his face had grown slim. He was, well, gorgeous, forget the eyes, smile, skin, and blood covered jacket. Wait what? Your (e/c) orbs widened at the blood splattered on his jacket then remembered. He was a murderer. Your eyes went back to his face as you shook. You had never been so scared in your life then you were now, face to face with a psychotic serial killer. sadly, you couldn't help but shake more than you wanted to show. The boy stared intensely at you, his missing eyelids keeping him from blinking as his carved in smile widened at noticing your fear.

*Jeff's P.O.V.*

I watched the girl shake, amused at how scared she was of me. She was, how do I put it... cute, hot, adorable? Beautiful?Either way, she was all of those, making my smile widen. I can sense the fear emanating off her as she shines that damn flashlight at me. I could make her look out perfectly. She had flowing (h/l), (h/c) hair, (e/c) eyes that sparkled even in the little amount of light. She had a thin face a didn't look to even be wearing make up on her pale face. She was... wow. I want her, want her to stay here with me. I couldn't let a beauty like this leave and enter that damn world. No, I won't let her...

*Normal P.O.V.*

You saw Jeff's smile widen and you wondered if he was planning on killing you right there.

"P-p-please d-don't kill m-me..." You stutter, tears threatening to stream down your face. Jeff just stared, the intensity of it making you more and more uncomfortable. He then stands up straight, you being so scared to realize he was leaning against the stand of boxes, and stepped towards you. Noticing him walking towards you you back up but see it futile as you take one step backwards and run into the desk holding the laptop. Shaking more you clench your eyes and tilt your head down, avoiding the frightening gaze.

Jeff stops before you and notices your head go down. His already large smile widens slightly at this. He was so close you could feel his body heat. He lowers his head to yours so his bang covered forehead rested against yours. His pale hands reached up and cupped your face and forcefully lifted your head back up. Your eyes stayed sealed, not wanting the male before you to see your fear.

"Open them." He commanded. You gulped down and slowly fluttered your eyes open. You gasps lightly. His face was so close to yours that his lips were an inch from meeting yours. Your (e/c) stared deep into his and you calmed your shaking a little. He turned his head slightly, studying you. Slowly he closed the miniscule gap between your lips and kissed you deeply. Your eyes became wide at this. You'd never had your first kiss and never expected to lose it to a murderer. The kiss only lasted a moment before he pulled back, his lips an inch of yours once more. Seeing as he couldn't blink he had watched your face turn to shock and found it quite amusing. He pulls back a little and then rests his forehead to yours, still staring into your (e/c) orbs. You didn't notice that if he didn't have his grin he would have held a look of not shock but want, a territorial gaze, saying that you were now his.

"What's your name?" He asks and it takes you a moment to answer from your surprise.


"(y/n)..." He tests it on his lips and then nods,"It's perfect for you."

You blink then remember Terra and Sam and the cameras. You jerk your head away from him to look at the three cameras you brought resting next to the computer on the table. Jeff looks as well then glares and faces you back to look at him.

"Cameras? So you and your friends were curious about me?" He laughs letting you go then walking over and grabbing one of the cameras. He begins examining it and you look back to the computer. You gasp quietly. It was already 11:49? You'd be dead if you were late getting home! Seeing no point in the cameras you wonder what you should do about Jeff. You blink, realizing if you stay longer who knows what he'll do, you turn and bolt for the door.

Jeff hearing your receding footsteps turns and watches as you dart out the door. Quickly dropping the camera he chases after you.

You run and run, not looking back. You knew he was following you and a piece in your mind screamed at you to go back. But you were to afraid, shocked, and confused to. Afraid of him, a murderer, shocked at him kissing you out of nowhere, and confused on how you felt about it. You would think on it later, right now you needed to get home.

You inside jumped in joy at the sight of the front door. And there were Sam and Terra, both looking worried sick. Upon hearing footsteps their gazes went from the floor to you. They smiled brightly at you but widened their eyes when you bolted past outside and back towards the town. Looking at each other they shrug it off and follow you.

Little do you all know that one certain boy watched as you ran off, your friends close behind you. Jealousy filled him. Jealousy towards your friends. They were going to get in the way, he knew it. They were already, leaving with you, most likely the reasons why you had left the way you had. Well he wouldn't have it. And as he pulls out his knife from his hoodie pocket and stroked the blade, a plan formed in his mind. Shoving the knife back into its pockets he quickly runs out the front door, making sure to not lose sight of you.


Jesus! This literally took me all day! XD It's now 4 in the morning and it's finished! I'm sorry that it sucks but be prepared because this is only chapter one! ;D Comment and favorite if you enjoyed (i hope you did :c) and let me know if I should continue! Bye! :D
Here is my first Jeff the Killer X Reader! Second part should be up by tomorrow! ^^ I'm doing requests for Jeff, Masky, Slendy, so just ask if you want me to! Ask in a note though cause I won't remember if it's in comments! XD Sorry, HORRIBLE memory! Anyway, hope you enjoyed! :D

I own nothing!
Jeff belongs to his original owners and u belong to u! Or Jeff.. ;D

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