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Jeff the Killer X Reader
Chapter 3
A.N.: Hope you all enjoy this chapter! ^^
You woke up to the sound of knocking at your front door. Your eyes slowly open and you turn to look at your door. It was quiet a moment.

-Knock, knock, knock-

Looking at your clock it said 9:05.

'It's Saturday. Who the hell could be here this early?' You wonder sitting up and stretching your arms. Shaking your head you don't even look out the window, knowing what you'd see. You stand up out of your soft bed and it creaked as if calling you back to it. Wishing you could you stepped over to your door and opened it and walked into the hallways. The carpet beneath your bare feet felt soft and you wandered down the staircase. Reaching downstairs you headed through your living room. You reached the oak door that the constant knocking was coming from and unlocked and pulled it open. Your tired eyes widened.

"Hello, young lady, are your parents home? We need to ask a few questions." The bigger of the two police man on your doorstep asks. You stare a moment then look past them. There were about 3 police cars and an ambulance outside yours and your neighbors yards. A cough caused you to look back at the men. You gulp and shake your head.

"No, they're at work right now..." They looked at each other then back at you.

"Well then may we ask you a few questions then?" The skinnier one with cropped copper hair asks. You stare another moment then nod slowly and let them in. Once they are inside you lead them into the living room and take a seat in a chair while they settle onto the couch. After they're settled they look back to you.

"My name is Officer Cole and this is my partner Officer Benson. Now do you know of what happened last night?" The larger cop, Cole, asks. You tensed slightly but not enough for them to notice. You know all to well of what happened and your heart fluttered once more at remembering what Jeff had written. Coming back from thoughts you blink and shake your head no. They think a moment.

"Well, your neighbor... passed away. A Peggy Carlson. Did you know her well? Like did she have any enemies or talk to your parents about anything bad happening?" You looked surprised for an act but already knew they were going to tell you that. As for the questions you once again shook your head.

"Have you seen anyone suspicious going around? Anyone who could've been part of this?" Another shake of the head. Officer Cole looked stumped, running out of questions. You were still a kid, he didn't want to make you afraid of whatever has been killing people.

"Have you heard of the murderer that has been seen around the town? Jeff the Killer is I believe what they call him." You stay still. You had. In fact you met him but couldn't bring that up. You nod, leaving it at that.

Cole thinks hard but stops as the smaller partner, Benson, speaks up.

"If I may ask whos bedroom is up to the right?" You freeze. It was yours.

"M-mine." You answer shyly. A hard look covers his face. It was silent a moment before he spoke up again.

"Do you have any romantic intrest with this 'Jeff the Killer'? Dating, seeing each other, hopefully not this but... sexually?" A blush spread over your face as your face heated up. Quickly you shake your head, your (h/l), (h/c) swishing. The officer stared intensly at you with a look of thought on his face. He straightens up and continues.

"Well I am sorry for the uncomfortable question. My reason for asking is because when we were investigating Mrs. Carlson's room where the crime took place on her window was her own blood with what looked to be a finger drawn heart with the words 'You're Beautiful' with it. And we noticed that the message was pointed to whoever was sleeping in that room which led us to possibly assume the killer might feel something, possibly, romantic towards you. We could be mistaken but you can never be to careful, especially with this killer..." Your heart pounded, getting worried by the questions. Benson looked away, thinking again then looked to his partner. They whispered words between each other then looked back to you. Cole held a smile as they stood.

"Well, I think that's all we need to know. Thank you...."

"(y/n) (l/n)." You correct him. He smiles and nods and you walk them out. Once they're gone you shut the door and lean against it. You looked up and walked over to your living rooms mirror. The blush was bright from that question. You almost thought you were going to give in to the questions. Were they suspicious of you? Could they tell you were lying? You didn't know but you definetely weren't willing to find out. Less tired now you walked into your kitchen and grabbed a bowl and your favorite cereal (insert favorite cereal) and poured it into the bowl with some milk. Grabbing a spoon you had it gone in only a few minutes and were now upstairs sitting on your bed looking out your window. The blood was still there as was the writing and you wondered if it was going to be searched for evidence.

Turning away from the window you walked over to the desk in your room and sat in the chair. Opening your laptop you turned it on, messing around on it the whole day.


You now sat on your bed chatting away on the phone with Terra and Sam. You all joked around and discussed random things.

"So (y/n), where are your parents again?" Sam asks. You shrug, knowing they can't see it.

"On some trip their jobs sent their companies on together or something." You never really did pay attention to their jobs. All you know is that they were gone a lot.

Looking at yout clock it read '10:43'. Yawning you told your friends you were tired and said goodbye. After hanging up you set your phone on your bedside table and laid down, covering yourdelf up and closing your eyes.

You were quickly woken up when the sound of a door opening below you was heard. Your eyes fluttered open and you looked around. Your clock read '2:16' and you became curious. Climbing out of your bed you slowly made your way to your bedroom door. You opened it and your sagging eyes searched the darkened hallway. Nothing. You were ready to go back to sleep when a clanging met your ears. It sounded like a knife hitting tile. You look towards your stairs and debated whether you wanted to go searching for the reason of the noise. Quietly you went back into your room and grabbed your flashlight, walked into the hallway, and headed down the staircase. Your flashlight illuminated the living room as you walked off the last step. All you were met with was darkness. Moving your attention to the kitchen you quietly tip-toed over. Peeking in you walked forward and shined your flashlight around. Nothing. Wondering if you were paranoid you went to turn and walk back up to your room.

"Ah, just the beauty I was looking for."

You froze. That rough voice, how did you not guess that it was him? Slowly turning your flashlight meets a white blood-stained hoodie then travels up to meet a large cut in smile and lidless charcoal eyes. He stood about 3 feet from you but your heart pounded just the same. Fear overtook you but something else was causing your heart to beat...

His eyes never left you as his smile widened.

"Did you like what I drew, (y/n)?" He asks sweetly, giving a large grin. You just stood there, shock on your face that was soon mixed with the red of your blush as you gulped. Jeff, not getting an answer but seeing the blush, steps forward. You, out of more instinct than fear, step back and he's taken aback for a moment before taking more steps, each you countered by backing up. Soon you ran into your couch and he kept walking forward to you, reaching out a hand. You could only think of one thing to do, even with a voice screaming at you to not. Run.

"Come here, (y/n), I would never-" But you were already half way up the stairs. He stares after you a moment then laughs maniacly.

"So you wanna play a game, (y/n)? Alright, I'll play, but do know I'll find you!" He called laughing once more. You hurried into your room and, thinking for a moment, quickly but quietly shut the door. You cursed yourself for never asking your father to put a lock on your door. Your eyes travel over your room, searching for somewhere to hide. You thought of your closet but knew for a fact it was a dead give-away so you went with under your bed. As you slid under you tried keeping your breathing under control. You tried listening for the sound of his sneakers but knew it was futile remembering the stairs and hallway were carpeted, making it easy for him to get up stairs without a sound.

As if on cue your door creaked open and all you saw were white and black sneakers step inside. You closed your eyes and hoped he wouldn't find you. A part in you wanted him to though. You could hear him open your closet, things being moved and shuffled, then the door was shut. It went like that for about two minutes but what felt like forever to you. Then silence. You kept your eyes shut but heard nothing anymore. Wondering if he had possibly left you opened your eyes but screamed. He was lying under the bed with you, blocking your way out.

"Found ya." He whispered. He then grabs your arm and climbs out, pulling you with him easily. He kept his hold on you while you tried to be free of his grip. Kicking and hitting him wasn't doing any good at all.

"Let me go!!" You screamed louder than ever and next thing you knew you were on your bed with him holding you down by covering your mouth, his knife now out and resting against your neck. He held a crazed look which caused you to freeze in fear. He was going to kill you, you knew it. You knew it was going to happen. You braced yourself, ready to feel the sharp metal in his hand slice through your jugular vein and end it all. You hadn't even gotten to say goodbye to everyone you loved. Never had your first boyfriend. It was all about to crash down now. Jeff froze then grew a shocked look and jumped off of you, backing up away from you. You laid there a moment, comprehending that he had just moved then sat up and looked at him. He was staring with what looked like fear in his eyes. You hadn't ever thought people like him could fear...

*Jeff's P.O.V.*

I wanted to hit myself! Killed her, I almost slit her throat! I couldn't believe it! I stared at her. I was scared now. I almost killed (y/n)....

I backed away more until I reached the wall and slid down. She was watching me. I didn't even see fear in her eyes, more like curiousity. I stared back, my lidless eyes never leaving her (e/c) orbs. I felt that same feeling as last night. Not the killing one, the new one, the one I'd gotten when I met her. It was like something tugging on my heart. When I did that it began to hurt and when she ran away from me both tonight and last night it hurt even more. But what was it....? I stared at her. She was so... I don't know but I feel happy when I'm with her... I know what to do now... And I stood.

*Normal P.O.V.*
Jeff stands up quickly and you watch him closely. He then begins fast-walking over to where you sat. You didn't feel fear as he cam closer but your heart pounded loudly every step he took. He now towered over you staring you down. You stared back, curious on what he was doing.

You gasp as he grabs both your arms and pulls you up then pulls you into him and wraps his lanky arms around you. The hug was unexpected and as you stand still in his arms he squeezes you more but not even to harm you. He then pulls back slightly and stares into your eyes. Slowly he leans his head down to yours and turns it, his lips meeting yours. It wasn't like your first one. This one had more feel and passion and lasted longer as yours lips inexperiencingly moved with his. He slowly pulls back and rests his forehead upon yours. You just noticed your eyes had been closed and they fluttered open to look into his close up ones. He held want in his eyes, determination as he was first to speak in your silence.

"Come with me."

The whisper was light but it sounded to be more of a command than a suggestion. Before you can answer you are swept off your feet, literally, and being carried over to your window. Setting you down Jeff unlocks your window and pushes it up and open. You try to back away but he held you close with one arm.

"Jeff, where are we going?" You ask. He finally manages to pick you up in a bridal style and jumps onto the window seal. He looks to you.

"Our home. The place where you'll be safe."

Confusion crossed your face but soon you were scared as Jeff leaped from your window. He landed carefully and bolted forward, running to the forest. You knew where he was taking you and you gave up on fighting him, seeing as what happened not long ago. Slowly sleep was taking over you, since you were woken up with only a few hours of sleep, and closed your eyes, falling into dreamland.

*Jeff's P.O.V.*

I looked down to see (y/n) asleep in my arms. She was so cute when she slept. I couldn't stop my large smile from growing as I carried her to my home. Her new home. I knew of the other murderers like me. I wouldn't let them touch her. They didn't know I stayed here luckily so she'd be safe. I don't know what it is. Something about this female just causes something in me to come out. The need to protect her. To make sure no one takes her away from mw. I'll make sure (y/n) stays safe. She's mine now and no one will take her from me.

*??? P.O.V.*

So Jeff's got a girlfriend now, huh? She's cute, I'll give her that. Maybe a little to cute for Jeff. I think I should meet this new girl of Jeff's, see if she's as cute up close. Slendy ain't gonna like this. Hell he'll kill me if he knows I'm hitting on her two. Oh well, forget Slendy. He can't control everything and I'm making sure I meet this new beauty.

OOOOOOOOOH SNAP!! Jeff's got some competition for you now!! Can you guys guess who it is? :D first person to guess I'll do a Jeff X their OC one-shot! :D Comments and favourites are loved here!
New chapter!! If u read at the bottom the person who guesses this new guy I will write a one-shot with their OC and Jeff! :D So comment ppl!

I do not own anything but the story plot!
Jeff=Original Owners
You=Jeff ;D

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