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Jeff the Killer X Reader
Chapter 4
A.N.: Chapter 4 you guys!! I had NO clue this story would be as popular as it is! XD I'm happy though and I owe it to all you lovely, awesome readers!! (>^.^)> Thanks you guys! I wouldn't have continued this if I didn't have all ya'll! \^__^/ Now to the story!! Enjoy! :D
By the way here are the ages of the characters so far! (At least in this these are their ages XD)
Jeff and Hoodie: 17
You and Masky: 16
You wake up to darkness. Slowly opening your eyes you look around. You were in a dark, musty room with only little sunlight seeping through a bordered up window. Dust was evident in the air and you coughed breathing some in. You looked down at yourself and noticed you were in a black sleeping bag and your head rested on a black pillow. Trying to get up you were surprised to feel what felt like arms wrapped around you, keeping you from getting up. You gingerly grabbed the sleeping back and lifted it up and looked under. Lanky pale arms were holding you tightly and for a moment, mainly because of the groggy state you were in, wondered who they belonged to. Turning your head slightly you froze. Jeff laid next to you, a mask rested on his eyes, most likely to cover them since he had no lids to, and his hair messier than usual. He faced you with his head resting against your back and he was breathing calmly. You stared a moment then looked away and around the room.

It was spacy with a few barrels and boxes strung around. A desk rested in the far right of the room with a simple white chair and a few papers resting on it and the laptop from the other night. There were two windows, one broken and the other glassless, and a door to the left.

You blinked and looked back at Jeff. Staring a moment your eyes traveled back to the desk. Slowly you began climbing out of the large sleeping bag but only to be pulled closer to Jeff. Like a child with their favorite stuffed animal, Jeff cuddled up closer to you and held you tighter. Your eyes were wide a moment. You then gingerly take his arms and held them away from your body long enough to squeeze yourself out of his grip. Standing you quietly make your way over to the desk. The papers, you saw, seemed like notes of some sort and you wondered what laid inside. You look away to the laptop. It was shut. Looking over at Jeff who was still asleep you pull the chair back. It creaks and you freeze and shoot your eyes back to the sleeping 17 year old. Sleeping. Breathing out in relief you sit down and open the computer. Hitting a round button on the corner of the keyboard the laptop you watch it turn on. Soon your at the user screen but you sigh seeing a lock.

"Ah, your awake."

Two arms wrap around your shoulders as a large, familiar smirk rests next to your ear. Jumping you pull away and off the chair and stare wide-eyed at the boy. The eyemask he had been wearing rested on his forehead and his lidless eyes seemed tired as if he had only gotten ten minutes of sleep. His smile seemed wider as his charcoal eyes gleamed seeing you. You calmed down.

"Um, yeah.... where... where are we?" You ask, already knowing the answer but asking anyway. He stepped towards you, wrapping his arms around your waste and pressing his forehead against yours.

"Home, silly. I thought I already told you that last night." He answers in a cheerful manner. A look of disbelief then confusion made their way onto your face.

"H-home?" You stutter.

He pulls back and unwraps his arms from your waist and grabs your hands in his and stares into  your eyes. He held concern in his eyes whereas his face couldn't.

"You're going to stay with me now."

Shocked by his words you cock your eyebrow. Stay with him? But what about your family, your friends, everything?

"St-stay with you? But.. but what about school and my friends and my family?" You ask, concern covering your face now. He stared a moment then shook his head.

"It'll be taken care of. I need to protect you. I don't know what it is about you but I don't want you to go back to it all. I have enemies out there who if they have seen you with me, which I'm pretty sure at least one of them has, then the safest place to be is with me. None of them know that I live here luckily but I won't take that chance with you."

You were touched by his words but wondered what everyone will do without you...

*Masky's P.O.V.*

*Last Night*

I quietly followed Jeff with Hoodie, keeping to the trees. We had just gotten done killing some teenagers camping out in the woods a little while ago and saw Jeff leaving the exact same forest we just had. Curiousity filled us so we decided to see where he was off to. We stopped on a house across the street from one he had just gotten into we sat on the roof and waited. My blue eyes scanned the house. I knew it. A girl I had secretly been following lived there. I thought she was, well, cute so whenever Hoodie went off killing I'd sneak away and follow her. Sometimes I'd even watch her through her window sleeping. She was beautiful when she slept. I never really told Hoodie about me beginning to feel for this girl  but I think he was starting to figure it out. Especially tonight.

"What's up, Mask? You look tense."

I blinked and looked at him. He was looking at me, well facing me, but even with his mask I could feel him staring at me. I look back to the house and shrug.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I say although in reality I was more confused than fine. My eyes widen, at least as far as they could with my mask, when I saw (y/n) get up. She stood and stepped over to her bedroom door and opened it. She looked at for a few moments then turned, grabbed a flashlight on her desk, and then left her room. I became anxious, wondering what the hell Jeff was going to do to (y/n).

'He better not touch her or I'll...'

My heart jumped when she ran inside but I saw she looked afraid, most likely of Jeff. She looked around, her (e/c) eyes frantic as they darted to her bed. She then disappeared under it and about two minutes later Jeff walked into her room and shut the door behind him. I watched closely as he walks over to her closet and opens it, searching through it then shutting it. He turned and checked under her desk. I then watched as his eyes traveled to her bed and I felt my grip tighten on my jacket as I clenched the sleeves in my hands.

'Don't look, Jeff. Stay away from (y/n).' I thought. It was hopeless though because once I thought it he bent down and climbed under. After a minute an almost to quiet scream hit my ears and I was ready to head over there once Jeff pulled (y/n) out.

"Mask?" Damn, Hoodie was noticing my tension. I ignored him though as I jumped up right when Jeff covered (y/n)'s mouth, pushed her to her bed, and stuck his knife to her throat. Hoodie stood as well, not as quickly as I had, and walked up to me, looking at me. I continued glaring as Jeff jumped back then slumped against (y/n)'s wall across from her. Moments passed before he stood once more and strood over to (y/n). I was ready to go deal with him myself if he hurt her. Once he reached her he grabbed her by her arms and pulled her into a hug. I felt a tug at my chest watching but tugging turned to pain when Jeff pulled back then kissed her. I stared in disbelief, jealousy feeling me. Hoodie looked as well.

"Jeff found a girl? Slender isn't gonna like that..." I ignored his comment, to busy glaring.

The kiss finally ended and Jeff picked (y/n) up and took her to the window. He let her down, opened it, then picked her up again and jumped out. He then ran off towards the woods. Without thinking I was off after them, keeping to the rooftops to avoid running into them. Hoodie followed closely behind me, asking what was going on and why we were following them. I didn't answer, just ran.

*Current time*

I sat outside the factory Jeff and (y/n) had disappeared into. Hoodie leaned against a tree, keeping quiet as we stayed there. What was I doing? Something in me was making me stay here and I'm pretty sure later we'll enter and see what Jeff's up to.

*Normal P.O.V.*

You sat down in what you guessed was a cafeteria in the factory. You and Jeff sat on the stools facing a counter sharing a simple sandwich he had gone and gotten. It was good, for the most part, and you were pretty hungry so there wasn't any complaining. Jeff only had a few bites and let you have the rest. You felt bad but he insisted on it. He watched you and you wondered if he was fascinated or something. When you finished you both stood and headed back to the room where you had slept.

When in you spent the time talking and you learned a little bit about him.

"So what ever happened to your family?" You asked, curious as to why he wasn't living with them. You could see him tense at the sudden question. Looking closely you saw something in his eyes. It looked... dangerous? He stared away from you a few moments then answered you.

"They're gone."

It was a short answer and you wondered where they were but stopped and thought. The article. It had told you he had killed his family....

"Did you...?"

He slowly looked at you. He held a blank look in his eyes. Then he nodded looking away again, his hair covering his eyes now. You gave a sad look and looked away as well. A question came to your mind after minutes of silence but he spoke before you could.

"Do I scare you, (y/n)?" His question makes you think as you look at him. You still couldn't see his eyes. Slowly you shake your head.

"No." He still didn't look up.

"What do you think of me?"

You look off at the wall in thought. What did you think of this murderer before you? You look back with a small smile and answer.

"I think you're someone who's misunderstood and wants something to hold onto."

Silence reaches your ears and you wondered if crickets would start chirping at the dead quiet of the room. Before you can speak your tackled to the ground, Jeff's arm wrapped around you in a tight hug and head in the crook of your neck. You lay there beneath him, surprised by the suddenness of the hug. He then lifted his face to where it was held above yours then crashed his lips on yours in a forceful kiss. A blush takes over your face and you gasp as he starts rubbing your left side with his right hand. He saw his chance and pushes his tongue into your mouth. It feels around every inch of the cavern before making your tongue play with his. He stops suddenly and pulls back but only dives in and begins kissing your neck. You quietly groan at it, wanting to stop him before it got to far but not bringing yourself to.

He freezes and your eyes travel down to him. His head shoots up and he looks toward the window. You follow his eyes, wondering what he was staring at. Slowly he looks back to you. He stares a minute.

"Sorry..." He mumbles getting off you and standing. He holds out a hand for you. You were still shocked by what'd just happened but lightly grab his hand and let him pull you up. He held a light blush on his bleached cheeks and he stares at you. He leans in and presses his bang-covered forehead against yours.

"I'll be back." He whispers the stands up straight and walks to the door. He opens and leaves and you watch him go. Looking back out the window you could see the sky was beginning to grow dark so you guessed it was probably around six or seven. Yawning you walked over to the sleeping bag and pull it open. After situating yourself inside you cover yourself up and stare at the cieling. You began to think. The whole situation was racking your brain. What did Jeff mean that you were his? And who were these enemies he was talking about? Thinking on it your eyes fluttered shut and you fell asleep in minutes.

Two dark shadows rested out in trees watching you. They looked to each other and nodded then jumped off the tree and onto the window silently, inching towards you. The masked one with blue eyes, the one after you, had only one thought in mind. Keeping you as his.

Cliffhangers, don't you just love 'em!! XD I know, I know, I'm so mean but it's like 4 in the morning and I got school in three hours so you'll all have to wait until I get home from school! XD So sorry if this chapter sucks! I really just wanted to get it done so I could start with the whole love triangle thing! DX So yeah but if you guys enjoyed and have liked my story so far then i love you! (>^.^)> Comments and favorites are very much appreciated! :D
Chapter 4!!! Who's happy it's finally out? :D I know you guys only had to wait a day! XD Lol but yeah sorry if it sucks or is to short! DX Love triangles bout to happen! Who's excited?!

Jeff, Masky, and Hoodie=Original Owners

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