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April 26, 2013
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Jeff the Killer X Reader
Chapter 5
A.N.: Hope you all loved the cliffhanger!! XD There MIGHT be one in this chapter but not sure. Guess we'll see where it goes. OK well enjoy this chapter! :D Btw! Jeff's look is that of the picture but you are allowed to see him in a different way! That's just how I see him! ^^
You wake suddenly to the feeling of being watched. Opening your eyes you look around the room. You were laying on you right side and all that was in view was the door of the room and the desk with the laptop. Sitting up you look to your left but almost screamed as a hand covered your mouth. Your (e/c) eyes looked at the holder of the hand but were surprised to meet a mask. It was white and held black feminine lips and penciled on eyebrows. Dark blue eyes stared at you through darkened holes on the mask. The unknown person wore a yellow hoodie with the hood up but he had messy brown hair sticking out. He stared at you  intensely and you almost couldn't blink from fear. Movement to the right caught your eye and you looked. Another masked person stood there. His mask was black with red eyes and what you guessed was a frown. He wore a hoodie similar to that of the other person but had no hair sticking out underneath the pulled up hood. He faced you and you felt the eyes hidden behind his covered face bearing into you. You looked back to the one holding your mouth as he spoke.

"It's OK, (y/n). We're not here to hurt you." The, what you guessed, teenager said calmly. You blinked. How did he know your name? In fact who was he? He slowly takes his hand off your lips and you gape at him. You almost couldn't speak, afraid of the masked boys.

"H-how do you know my name?" You stutter, eyes full with fear. He blinks then turns his head slightly, watching you shaking. He straightens.

"I know everything about you, (y/n). I'm Masky and I've been watching you for, well, a while now."

Confusion covered your face as you stare at him. Watching you? For how long and what exactly did he know about you..? He noticed your look and chuckled slightly.

"You're so cute, (y/n). I do know everything about you though like your favorite animal is (insert favorite animal) and your favorite color is (insert favorite color) and that you always wear your favorite (f/c) t-shirt when your happy and-"

"Masky, we've got a problem." Masky's partner said, staring at the rooms door. You were in shock at the person to notice the sound of foot steps entering the factory.

*Masky's P.O.V*

I look at Hoodie, wondering what he was talking about then heard what sounded like a door shutting down below caught my attention. Jeff was back.

'Shit! We better grab (y/n) and get out of here fast!'

Quickly I looked back at (y/n) and linked my arms under her legs and back, picking her up bridal style. She protested on it and made it a bit more difficult than I had hoped.

"H-hey! Let me go!" She screamed and I heard the footsteps downstairs begin to run. Frantically I looked at Hoodie and he turned and led over to the window. (Y/n) was fighting so much that before I jumped out I switched to holding her 0n my shoulder. I was ready to follow Hood when the door to the room burst open. I looked back to see Jeff, a very pissed off look growing on his face.

"Masky!" He yelled and glared. (Y/n) looked up and gasped.

"J-Jeff!" She said, reaching for him. The other boy bolts forward and quickly I turn back around and jump just before Jeff could grab my jacket. I landed a little less graceful then intended but caught myself and darted for Hoodie who was waiting for me. When reaching him we both ran, heading to the abandoned shack we called home.

*Jeff's P.O.V.*

Dammit! How could I have been so stupid?! Leaving (y/n) alone? That was probably the dumbest thing I've ever done! Now she's in the hands of Masky and Hoodie and who knows what'll happen!

I ran quickly out of the large factory, chasing the two. I stopped looking around every which way. They were gone.

"Shit!" I cursed, slamming my fist into a nearby tree. I knew I shouldn't have left her. Now she's gone with those two and for all I know they'll murder her! I repeatedly hit my fists into the tree, my anger staying the same no matter how many punches. My knuckles began to bleed and I stopped with one last punch, leaning against the oak. I stared up at the sky, question in my eyes. Sighing I looked down at the ground.

My head shot back up when a familiar bark entered my ear drums. I turned to my right to see something big on four legs running to me. A husky looking dog with a large smile jumped up on me upon reaching me and barked. My cut in smile widened at seeing him.

"Smiley!" I cheered, hugging him and letting him back down on his four feet. He stared up me with his golden eyes and I pet his head.

"Hey Jeff! I knew Smile saw something out here!" My black eyes traveled back to where Smile had come from and I groaned. BEN, a boy around my age with blonde hair and weird elf like clothes, trotted up, smiling his creepy smile. I cocked an eyebrow at him.

"What are you two doing here?" I ask, curious now as to why they were here suddenly instead of with Slender.

"We came looking for you. Where have you been? None of us have seen you in a while." Masky and Hoodie have apparently...

"I've been living here." I answer, gesturing to the forest surrounding us. BEN looks around and cocks an eyebrow when looking back at me.

"Here? Well that seems boring." A vein pulses in my forehead. Remembering the task at hand I quickly look around again. BEN notices my staring and looks too.

"What are you lookin' at Jeffy?" I scold, hating that nickname, and look back to BEN and Smile. Smile cocked his head curiously at me then sniffed and looked to the left of us. He stands up and sniffs again, barking and beginning to walk that way. BEN looks at Smile and wonders what he's smelling.

"What is it Smile?"

The smiling dog stops and looks back at us. His golden eyes stare a moment then he turns back and begins walking again, sniffing the ground. He was heading back to the factory so I just followed him along with BEN. What harm could they do right?

We reach the factory and they both stare up at it. BEN looks at me then back.

"Knowing you I'm guessing this is where you've been hiding?" I only look at him with my unblinking stare. He smirks at me then at the building.

"Cozy." He sarcastically says before walking up and inside. Smile looks at me then follows me as I go after BEN.

Showing them the place we reach the room where me and (y/n) were staying. Smile stopped mid-walk and sniffed. He walked over to our sleeping bag and sniffs. Growling he looks back to me. BEN stares with confusion at the demon dog, wondering why he was all of a sudden growling. I knew why though. (Y/n)'s scent. I freeze and watch as Smile sniffs it and an idea grows into my head. Only thing is getting BEN and Smile agree to it.

"You've had someone in here haven't you?" BEN smirks again looking at me. I stare a moment at him then look away. His smirk widens as he grows ultimately curious.

"So who were they? A victim?" I keep looking away and a slight blush covers my face at the thought of (y/n). Sadly BEN's eyes catch the red on my cheeks as he grows a sly grin.

"Ah, I see. So who is she Jeff? Seeing the blush makes me think she's... I don't know... a girlfriend maybe?" My face burned up more and I tensed at that and even my long black hair was having trouble covering it. BEN sees my reaction and begins laughing.

"Oh! Jeffy's got a girlfriend, Jeffy's got a girlfriend!" I shot angry eyes at him, embarrassed now.

"She's not my girlfriend! Just someone... I... well um...?"

"You're crushing on her." I stared then slowly nodded. BEN begins cackling again and I try my best to ignore it. I look back at Smile, watching him still sniffing the sleeping bag. I remember my idea and I look into thought. BEN notices after his laughing fit is over and he looks at me.

"So where is she?" He asks, noticing there wasn't any female there. I blink, coming out of my thoughts.

"She got taken, by Masky and Hoodie." BEN looked a bit taken aback by my answer.

"Masky and Hoodie? They're around here too?" I shake my head no.

"Not anymore. They only came and took (y/n), that's it."

BEN looks away now and begins, I think, thinking on the situation. He looks back.

"Well then we'll have to go look for 'em won't we?" I give a surprised look. I had no idea BEN would want to go look for (y/n).

"Really?" I answer, happiness in my voice. He nods.

"Well yeah! I wanna meet the first girl to catch the infamous Jeff's heart." He smirks, folding his arms. My cut smile widens.

We then agree on heading out tomorrow night to find them while tonight we all three went killing together, seeing as we had needed a little practice before we headed after Masky and Hoodie and, since they are his proxies, Slenderman.
*Normal P.O.V.*
The sky had darkened making the room you sat in eerier than before. You sat on the edge of an old bed in an abandoned house's bedroom. You stared out the musty window in the room. Rain pattered against it and you held seldom eyes at it, wishing you could dance underneath the small drops of water. You thought of Jeff, wondering what he was doing.

'I wonder if he's looking for me...' You think, growing sad. You dart your eyes to the door as it opened slowly. Appearing was the boy with the white and black mask and deep blue eyes. He looked at you then shut the door behind him. He walks over to you and sits beside you, keeping some space to keep you from being uncomfortable. It was a bit late though, seeing as you were already from just being alone with him. He stares at you as you do back.

"What?" You ask, cocking an eyebrow. He blinks, realizing his staring.

"You're beautiful." He mumbles looking away. You couldn't help the blush that spread over your cheeks at that and you look away as well. You hadn't ever had anyone like you, as far as you knew, so hearing Jeff and this new person, guessing he went by Masky after hearing the other masked person call him that, so you couldn't help when your cheeks turned dark red from the compliments. He looked back at you and leaned in. You saw him getting closer in the corner of your eye and you look up just for your nose to touch that of his masks. You blink, surprised, and froze. He stared deep into you (e/c) eyes. You blinked and began to move back when he grabbed your head with his hand and pulled you back, this time resting his bang covered masked forehead against yours. Your eyes widened at the closeness.

Pulling back only a few inches from you he grabs the sides of his mask gingerly and pulls it up to where lips now showed. You wondered what he was doing but shock covered your face as he closes the few inches he created and lightly placed his lips upon yours. It was a sweet kiss and he turned his head to get a better angle. You sat there, surprised. Jeff's face flooded your mind and you barely noticed Masky pull back, a confused look on his face.

"What's wrong? Did you not like it?" He asks, pulling his mask back down and staring at you. You just look away, Jeff covering your mind. You couldn't kiss Masky back because of him but why? What is so special about that murderer that you feel towards him? But what exactly do you feel...?

Masky sees you turn away and glares, knowing why you hadn't kissed back.

"It's Jeff isn't it?" You dart your attention back to him, looking surprised.

'How did he...?'

You couldn't say anything as your mind turned blank. Your (e/c) eyes stare, unsure of what to say at that point.

Masky watches your expression go blank and his glare darkens and rage fills his blood. Damn Jeff! Why does she like Jeff? Why not him, the boy who has actually been the one there for her. Watching over her, protecting her, loving her. Even if she didn't know about him he still cared for her. He had been stalking her for more then half a year now and he had truly begun to care deeply for her and now he was going to lose her to that ass? No, he wouldn't have it!

Jumping up to his feet and making you jump a little at the sudden movement from the boy he turned away from you facing the window and all you saw was his back. He stared out the window, determination in his eyes. He was going to do it. He saw no other way to show her how much he cared.

"I can't lose you to him, not now. Not after how long you've been in my mind...."

You stare into his back in confusion. Lose you? But he had never had you, had he? And to who? Jeff? Everything was so confusing.

"What are y-you talking about?" You stutter, wishing you hadn't but slightly afraid of the situation. You weren't sure but you guessed this guy was a killer like Jeff seeing as how they both knew each other. He didn't turn around, only looked back to peek at you from the corner of his eye.

"I love you, (y/n), and I won't lose you to Jeff, not now, not ever!" You were shocked by the simple three words that escaped his lips. He... loved you? Well he did tell you he had been following you for a long time and you wondered if it was longer than what you thought.

Masky, not hearing an answer, sighs. Only one way.

"Guess there's no other choice. I don't like doing this but if it's the only way so be it." He mumbles loud enough for you to hear.

With that he slowly reaches his hands up to his face and grabs his white and black mask by its sides. Breathing out he pulls it up. It slips of his head and rests in his hands as they lower to rest at his sides, mask in his left grip. Your eyes are wide as you stand, watching. He breathes in deeply, feeling strange without his mask. After one last breath out and a clench of his nervous fists the now mask less boy turns around.
Now I think you all MIGHT hurt me for that cliffhanger! XD Please don't though! I like my face as it is! DX Yep, Masky is mask less now! How will you react to his actual face? Will Jeff, Smile, and BEN find you in time before Masky steals your heart? And why am I doing a soap reference? All questions (accept for the last) will be answered! in the next chapter XD By the way, I am sososososososo sorry if anyone is OOC! I'm trying my best bros! DX Comments and favorites are VERY welcomed and I will see you all next chapter! Buh-bye! :D
I am sooooooo getting hit for the end XD Buuuuut it's out now bros! :D Who can't wait for chapter 6 now?! Lol XD

I DO NOT own Jeff, Masky, Hoodie, Smile, BEN, or Slendy! Jeff owns u! XD

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