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Jeff the Killer X Reader
Chapter 6
A.N.:  Alright bros, Chapter 6! Still surprised you all like this story XD
Jeff, Hoodie, and BEN: 17
You and Masky: 16
Letsa go! (who else thought of Mario after I said that XD) ENJOY!!
"You ready to go, Jeffy?" BEN asks, looking at Jeff. He was putting two switchblades in the pockets of his green pants, looking at the other murderer. Jeff was stabbing his sharp blade into the boxes and barrels surrounding the area. Stopping he looked to BEN with his unblinkable eyes. Standing up straight he nodded.

"Yeah, what about you and Smile?"

BEN looks over to Smile with Jeff. The smiling dog was licking his leg, cleaning off what Jeff guessed was blood on his furry limb. The dog looked up to them, hearing his name and let his tongue lap out his now gaping mouth and wagging his tail. With a bark the two boys look back to each other. BEN nodded.

"Well Smiley's ready so I guess I am too. Better go look for your girlfriend." BEN said turning and heading towards the door, Smile following closely behind.

"She's not my girlfriend!" Jeff calls after him, a dark blush covering his leathery white cheeks. Sighing he shakes his head, stabbing one more barrel then following the other two.

BEN rolls his eyes, chuckling at his friend.

They reach outside, the rain droplets hitting their faces and Jeff pulling his hood up and BEN pulling his hat farther down. BEN then looks to Smile and Jeff follows his eyes.

"OK Smile, you know Masky's, Hoodie's, and Jeff's girls scent so sniff 'em out boy!" Smile barked at the blonde boy then ducked his head down and began sniffing the now mud covered ground. Jeff, the anger at Masky still boiling in his veins, turns to the trees and begins slashing them, thoughts of them being Masky pumping his adrenaline. BEN looked at Jeff, never seeing him actually angry about something except for losing a kill here or there but this anger he'd never seen. He looked back down to Smile. The dog was sniffing the area around them.

Jeff stabbed his knife into the trunk of one of the coniferous trees around them. (Y/n) flooded into his mind and he looks down, unable to close his eyes in frustration.

'How could I have left her? I knew something was bound to happen but Masky and Hoodie taking her? I expected her to run away not get kidnapped! Fuck!' I stabbed the blade back into the tree, growling deep in my throat like a predator attacking its prey. I stabbed repeatedly, my blood boiling. Why am I so bent on this girl? Why do I have to protect her? What is so special that I can't kill her like all the other women I've murdered?!'

"Jeff!" The smoky-black haired male jerks to look at the voice that emanated behind him. BEN was standing next to a sitting Smile Dog, the grin on the husky's face wide with accomplishment. Jeff yanked the blade out of the tree with hope on his self cut face. He ran towards his four-legged friend and the blond haired boy. BEN pointed down to a set of deeply indented footprints in the soaked dirt.

The grinning dog let out an upbeat bark and marched forward, leading the friends. Jeff's eyes brightened following the hound. He was going to find (y/n).


(Y/n) stood still, watching with her (e/c) eyes as the now unhooded brunette boy pulls the mask over his head and clenched it at his side in his left side. He stayed forward a few moments, breathing deeply. The tension was felt by the girl as she stared with wide eyes at the boy before her. Finally he breathed out one last time before turning to her. (Y/n)'s eyes widened. He was around her age with chestnut brown short messy hair and the ocean blue eyes. He was handsome and she wondered why he kept himself covered. For a moment Jeff flashed through her mind causing her to look away from the teenager. Her head slowly lifted back up and she looked back at him as he began to speak.

"What do you think?" He asked, confidence fading as you looked away slightly. You stared back at him, confused.

"Is this the first time you've ever taken it off?" You ask, pointing at the mask. Masky looks down at it then back at you and nods, his hair bobbing with the shaking.

"Yeah, in a long time." He answers smiling small. Your eyes widen at this, surprised he had kept it on his face so long. You would've gotten tired of it admitting it. He probably wore it for murders and such and you guess he just got attached to it. You stayed silent, unsure of what to say to it. He noticed though and furrows his brows.

"I needed to show you though."

You blinked. Show you? Show you what? His face? Did he want only you to see it or something?

"Show me for what?" You ask, lowering your brows. He looked away a moment and you could see a light blush spread on his cheeks as he peers back at you. He gave a bit of a sheepish look and began inching up to you. You, out of instinct, back away every step he takes. You back into the wall, eyes wide as he gets closer. Slowly he wraps his left arm around your waist and his right to hold your back as he pulls you close. He lowers his head and rests in on your shoulder, closing his eyes.

"Show you I care." He whispers lightly into your ear. Your (e/c) orbs travel to look his shoulder now resting beneath your chin. You stayed silent and still, unsure of what to say or do. Jeff appeared in your head, his smile and charcoal eyes staring at you. He disappeared as Masky pulls back and looks at you, a large closed mouth smile gracing his lips. Slowly he leans in, fluttering his eyes shut as his thin lips inched closer to yours. You stood still but as he was only an inch from kissing you Jeff raced through your mind again and you turned your head. As Masky kissed your (s/c) cheek he pulls back, eyes staring at you confused. You've seen his face, he's told you he cares and loves you, and now he's trying to show you how he feels.

"Do you find me that ugly?" Masky asks and you turn back to him. He held sadness in his face as his blue eyes watched you closely. You shake your head no.

"No i-it's not that it's just..." You trailed off, unsure of how to answer him. He hold his intense stare, watching as you look down to your feet after trailing off.

'No matter what I do she still...'

Masky's look turns dark and he glares, knowing what you were wanting to say.

"It's Jeff still, isn't it?" He barks and you divert your feet from the ground back to his face in shock. You grew fearful at seeing his angered look, wondering what he was going to do. He sees your look and lets you go then looks to the ground, hair covering his eyes. He steps away from you, turning and walking over to the wall to your left. You watch him closely, wondering what he was doing since the door was on the opposite wall of that. He stops in front of it and clenches his fists. Slowly he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a large switchblade. Flicking it open he growls demonically and stabs through the rotten wallpaper. He pulls it down, anger flowing through his veins as the sharp blade is pulled out of the wall then slashed across the newly made gash. He slashed twice before just stabbing it and lowering his head and closing his eyes, breathing hard from the rage. You held a scared look, never seeing such a thing before. He leans his arm against the wall, his forehead resting next to it.

"He will never have you," He whispers, "you're mine. I've protected you, I know everything about you, I care about you, and you still like him more? When I can make you happy, make sure no one ever so much as touches you, make you laugh, never let you cry, and you still want him?!"

Another stab into the wall along with the pound of his other fist which still held his mask. His shoulders moved up and down with the hard breathing he made. You stare bewildered, mouth open to say something but before you could what sounded like a window breaking caught your ears and you turned to look at the rooms door to your left. Masky stood up straight again and jerked around to the door then looked to you. Lifting his white and black mask he pulls the rope back behind his head and let the mask rest upon his face. He stares at you for a moment.

"Don't leave this room." He commands then faces the door and bolts to it, opening and disappearing after slamming it. You could hear what sounded like a lock clicking and ran over listening closely and hearing Masky's footsteps head down to what sounded like the left side of the hall. Grabbing the doorknob you try to turn it. Locked. He locked you in from the outside. Glaring at the knob you go back to listening through the door, curious as to who had broken in.

*BEN's P.O.V.*

Me, Jeff, and Smile finally reached what looked like an abandoned house in the woods. It was about two miles from the factory so I'm surprised Jeff had no clue about it. It was standing pretty well so it's probably only been abandoned for a few years. Smile Dog growled and Jeff and I were pretty sure Masky, Hoodie, and Jeff's girl (y/n) were in there. The rain had grown harder and I wondered if Slendy would be in there.

"So who's ready to kick some proxy ass?" I ask, pulling out the two blades I had hidden. Jeff nodded, pulling his kitchen knife out of his pocket and Smile Dog hunched into a pouncing position while snarling. I looked at Jeff. Even if the smile hid it I could tell he was pissed. He really likes this girl, doesn't he? Turning back to the house we see Hoodie inside but no Masky or the girl.

'Probably upstairs.' I thought and apparently Jeff thought so to as he growls,"Let's go!" He bolts forward and me and Smile go right after him. Quickly we all jump up, smashing into the window that Hoodie was seen in. We stand tall as Hoodie turns to us, surprised despite his face being covered. I smirked at him as Jeff lowered his look and Smile growled.

"Hey Hood, long time no see." I say and his surprise fades quickly.

"What are you..." He stops turning his head to face Jeff. He must've not thought Jeff would actually come looking for this girl. Jeff looks like he wants to glare as the stare at each other. I could feel a bit of hate emanating off both of them.

"Where are they Hood?" He almost yells, gesturing towards the two missing people. Hoodie just stays quiet as footsteps and a door slamming were heard from above and we could hear sneakers bolting down a hallway and the stairs at the far right corner of the room. Speak of the devil, Masky darts into the room, eyes showing shock at us. He looked from me to Smile then to Jeff in between us. He stared a moment then squinted his eyes into a glare. I could hear a demonic growl deep in Jeff's throat as the tension between the two filled the room.

"What are you doing here?" Masky asks, anger clear in his voice.

"You know why." Jeff remarks, looking ready to jump on the other boy. Masky puts his hands in his jacket and turns his head.

"Why Jeffy, you mean you're out to take my girl again." And I could see that now Jeff was pissed.

*Jeff's P.O.V.*

Something inside me grew. I didn't know what it was but I felt rage slither through my body. His girl? Hell no! I rush forward at him, my knife above my head ready to slice it into his chest. He dodged quickly and pulled what looked like a large switchblade from his pocket he held his hands in. He slashed at me, missing by an inch. I dart at him and tackle him by his waist. I sit above him and slam my fist down into the side of his masked face. He hisses then throws his hands out to grab my throat. He switches positions and sits on me. He lifts his hand and brings it down to my cheek. Another hit comes to my other side and my face turns to face my friends. BEN was holding Hoodie back while Smile roared and pinned Masky off of me and next to me. I get up, steadying myself from the blows to my cheeks, and look at BEN as he calls to me.

"Jeff! Go get (y/n)! We'll hold these to off! Go!!" I nod then run to the stairs. I skipped steps as I reached the top of the staircase and look ahead of me. Two doors were on the left and right walls. My eyes darted to the first one and I hurry to it. Pushing it open I look around the room. It held a bed, nightstand, dresser, lamp, and a window but no (y/n). I slam the door shut and hurry to the one across from it. It held the same furniture but still no (y/n). Growling under my breath I go to the one next to it. Opening it I still see no girl. Closing it the light of the hall begins flickering and I look down the stairs to where the others were. The lights blow out.

"Jeff, hurry! We gotta get out of here now!" BEN yells, sounding frantic and I knew why. Hurriedly I go to open the next door. Twisting the knob I saw it was locked.

'Dammit! Of course he'd lock her in!' I notice the lock on the outside and twist it and throw open the door. (Y/n) stood from sitting on the bed in the room to look at the door, wide eyed. She seemed scared but calmed when seeing me. I could still see slight fear in her face though. I fast-walk to her. I look across from me and my eyes widen more than normal. A gash rested on the wall opposite me with slashes across it. Masky! I look back at her, hoping she's alright.

"Are you OK, (y/n)?" I ask, staring deep into her (e/c) eyes. She turned and looked at the marks then back to me and smiled small.

"Yeah, I'm OK." She says quietly and I breathe out in relief.


Shit! BEN and Smile! Quickly taking (y/n)'s hand I pulled her out the door and to the stairs. Looking down to where everyone was I freeze.

"Hello Jeff." An echo like voice says to me. My charcoal eyes go to the source. A tall figure with a pure, faceless head wearing a suit with long arms stand before BEN, Masky, Smile, and Hoodie. Slenderman. I could feel (y/n) try to look at him and I quickly stepped in front of her.

"Don't look at him." I warn her and she nods slowly. I look back to the monster.

"What are you doing here?" I bark, pulling my knife from my pocket once more. He didn't need a face for me to know he wasn't threatened by it. He stood there, head facing me. I wish I had eyelids for I'd be glaring at him if I did.

"You're attacking Masky and Hoodie. It seems like it is time I step in and see what this is all about. Who is the girl you're hiding Jeff?" His dark, echo like voice asks, gesturing to (y/n). I keep still.

"Why do you want to know?" I lower my head menacingly. He had better stay away from (y/n).

"Well I would like to know who Masky has been so riled up about." So he already knows about her. Great. I stayed silent. There was no way in hell he was knowing about (y/n). He'd definitely side with Masky, I already know it.

"Her name is (y/n) Slender." Hoodie answers the tall man. Slender looks to the boy with the black and red mask.

"(Y/n)?" Slenderman voices her name as if tasting it. He looks to us again then disappears. I gasp and look around, frantic to find the teleporting being. I heard (y/n)'s breath catch and I turned to face the devil himself.

*Your P.O.V.*

I was met face to... well something without a face. The tall man they called Slenderman stood tall above me. If he had eyes I'm pretty sure we'd be having a stare down. I almost couldn't  blink. Everyone gaped at us, surprised.

"(Y/n)!" Jeff yelled running at Slenderman, knife up and ready. Slender's face jerked at him and Jeff was soon hit away by what looked to be a large black tentacle. I watched as the 17 year old tumbled down the staircase. My attention was brought back to Slenderman, scared. He just looked at me, not doing anything. It felt like I was being studied by the faceless being I took in his appearance from his faceless head to his abnormally long arms to his black and white suit. He was interesting. I look back up as he begins to speak.

"You once entered these woods with your friend Samantha."

I cocked a confused eyebrow then remembered. Me and Sam had been about 10 when we had first entered these woods. Terra was busy so she couldn't make it. We had come looking for adventure as all kids normally do when they find a place interesting. I remember Sam had began feeling strange and her head began to pound so we had to leave but before we had I had seen a figure for just a moment watching us as we left.

"Y-you were the one watching us..." I whispered looking at him. He nodded lightly and my eyes widened. It felt like such an old memory.

"I wanted to meet you two but my powers kept me from doing so as they do to all other children and people. But yet.." He stops a moment, I'm guessing to think. He stays 'staring' at me.

"You aren't affected." He says it simply but I can tell he's a bit surprised. Affected? Wait his 'powers' are what caused Sam the headaches and her blurry vision? Is that why she's so afraid of everything?

"Were you what caused what happened to Sam?" I ask, staring intently at him. His lightly indented face nods once and my brows furrow.

"It's something uncontrollable. But now... you are a child who is immune to it." He reaches one of his lanky arms forward and place it atop my head. I stare at him. His tone of voice sounded... sad?

"All I've ever wanted was a child to not fear me. You aren't one who is normally afraid, that is why you can withstand my powers. You don't fear me." He looks away taking his hand from my head and I smile a comforting smile.

"Well you aren't very scary. I was scared of you at first but now I see that all you've really wanted was a friend." He faces back to me and I'm pretty sure if he had a face it would be one of surprise. I looked down at the others in abandoned shack's living room. They all looked shocked by the scene, take out Masky and Hoodie because of their masks, especially Jeff. I looked back at the Slenderman. He was looking at them all as well. Rushing forward I wrap my arms around him, catching him off guard. My arms hold him close and I whisper into his chest,"I'll be your friend."

He stayed still, most likely unknown of what to do, then reached his arms around me and hugged me back. We pulled back and I stared into his face once more. I held a look asking him something. He understood and turned to look at the boys and the dog.

"Masky, Hoodie, come with me." He disappeared then teleported at the door. The two masked teen boys looked at him and Hoodie walks up and opens the front door and heads out as Slender teleports most likely outside. Masky stayed put, staring at the open doorway. He then turns his attention to me. He lowered his eyelids in a sad way then closed them. He then turns his face to Jeff and his new friends. He opened his ocean eyes and glares. They create a line of tension.

"This isn't over." Masky mumbles loud enough for us to hear then turns and jogs after Hoodie. I stare with my (e/c) eyes after him then look to the two boys and smiling dog left in the room. Walking down the stairs I walk up to them all. They all three look at me and Jeff's smile widens.

"(Y/n)!" He hugs me once I reach them and I'm startled. He pulls back and steps in between his friends.

"(Y/n), this is BEN and Smile Dog. They helped me find you."

My eyes travel over to BEN.

He waves as he greets with a,"Hiya! So you're Jeff's girl? Not bad Jeffy."

Me and Jeff both grow deep red as Jeff jerks towards him, anger in his charcoal eyes. BEN laughs and Jeff starts yelling at him. I turn my attention to Smile Dog only to be tackled to the ground. I grew scared, the black and red grinning husky standing above me and I thought for a moment he was going to gnaw my face off. My fear disappeared as he barked and wagged his tail then began licking my whole face. I laughed at it, his tongue tickling my face.

"OK Smile, that's enough." Jeff said and Smile hopped off me. I sat up to meet a hand in my face. Blinking at it my (e/c) orbs travel up the arm to meet the bleach white face of the murderer. I slowly take his hand and he yanks me up and into his arms. I'm shocked at first by how fast I was pulled up then look at him. He's staring at the other two.

"Time to head home!" He cackles before bolting out the door the other boy and dog following.

*Jeff's P.O.V.*
We reach the factory in about 10 minutes and I set (y/n) down in front of it. BEN and Smile stand with us and we all look up.

BEN yawns and stretches as he says,"Time for some shut eye." Typical BEN. He walks forward and heads inside. I look to Smile. He looks up at me and (y/n) then nudges (y/n)'s hand and chases after BEN. We watch him go and I look to (y/n). Her (h/l) (h/c) hair was soaked from the pouring rain which had ended only moments before and she was shivering from the wind hitting us. I was used to these temperatures so I wasn't affected at all, in fact I barely noticed there's even a breeze. She feels my stare and looks back. I look away, blushing slightly. I don't know what it is about her that makes me this way! I peek at her and she holds confused eyes. Quickly I avert my gaze and say, "Let's go."

"What?" She mumbles and I sighed. I was nervous. Why the hell am I nervous?! Dammit I need to talk to BEN or something about this!

"Inside! You're gonna get sick!" I shout, looking at her. She jumped, unprepared for my outburst. I lower my eyes to the ground, feeling a little bad now. Wait what?

"You'll get sick if you stay like that so we should probably get inside." I say more quietly. She stares a moment then nods. I lead her in, looking down at her hand. It was opened and I had the urge to grab it. Ignoring the strange request my mind gave we walked inside into the semi-warm factory.


Oh my god it's done. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! I am SO sorry about this chapter! DX I really wanted to get past it to write the others so I just kinda went with what came to mind -.- So I hope you guys don't completely hate this chapter! DX Character finally got some action and dialogue in this one! Finally! XD Yes, Slender and Smile are now gonna be like protectors for your character! I loves Smile! ^.^ So comments and faves are appreciated and you can tell me if you hate this, I can take it! DX
FINALLY DONE!!!!!! This took forever! DX Oh well it's up guys! ^^ it sucks though -.- just warnin ya.

I DO NOT own jeff or any of the creepypastas and u own u! or jeff owns u. either way ur owned XD

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Me: THATS IT *takes out gun*
**next day**
Me: *ties jeff up in the basement and gets a flyer* WOT DA HECK DOES THIS SAY
Jeff: *facepalm*
Ms-Creepy Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I love this story. it amazing and fun filled. 
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