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Jeff the Killer X Reader
Chapter 9
A.N.: I'm getting so slow at updates -.- Chapter 9 guys! Are you guys happy it's finally here?! I hope some people are XD Sorry bout being super slow at updating guys, I haven't even looked at me computer in a couple days but I'm at my grandmas so I decided to just type this up while I'm here along with my Eyeless Jack one oh yeah thank all of you who like that story as well! I am so happy people like that one too! ^^ So yeah I think we should get to the chapter now XD by the way I might not update for a few more days after this because school's getting harder since it's the end of the year so I won't be updating that fast until summer break which luckily is in 2 weeks so if you guys can bare with my slow updating until then we are good! XD It's really funny, in the fight in this song (I'll add a * to the parts I'm talking about) I was listening to A Little Piece of Heaven by Avenged Sevenfold and when the part around 4:50 to 6:00 when the girl and guy are singing that's literally the part that I listened to a ton of times to type that part up XD So I really hope you guys enjoy this! Btw lemon is in next chapter! A bunch of you have been wanting it so it's coming up next chapter XD Ok to the chapter!
You, Sam, Masky:17
Jeff, BEN, Hoodie, Eyeless Jack:18
Slenderman:300 I guess is what I heard.
You stare into... nothing. Eye sockets of a dark grey face stare back at you. Two abyss like holes that seemed sad watching you, lonely feelings hidden in them. You weren't disgusted or scared but wondered about what you were seeing. Eyeless Jack... you thought it was just some nickname he got from the past or something but never imagined he was actually eyeless... You stare and Jack wondered what you were thinking.

'Great, I think I scared her! Damn my face!' Jack yelled at himself. His eyebrows furrow in a sad way and he lowers his head closing his eyelids. You didn't need to see the holes anymore.

"I'm sorry (y/n). I knew I shouldn't have shown you. I knew it would scare you, I'm so sorry...." He mumbles, his shy voice shaky as if scared of what you were going to say about this,"I'm a monster. I know I don't deserve to keep you here but when you care so much about something.... you never want to lose it."

You keep staring. He really was different than any of the other murderers. He was more quiet and seemed more self conscious about what you thought of him. You kind of felt bad for him.

"You're not a monster."

He looks slowly up at you with those socket eyes, a bit of surprise on his storm grey face. You held a comforting look as a small smile graces your lips.

"You don't seem like a monster to me. Sure, you've murdered people but so have Jeff and BEN, Slenderman, Smile Dog, none of you are monsters to me though."

He seemed calmer with your words but still held the shy look as he watched you. Your smile widened seeing his posture grow slightly more steady.

"I was scared of all of you when I first met you but now I realise you're all alone. All lonely beings with nothing for any of you to love." You walk up to him and pull him into a hug. Jack seemed taken aback by this. He'd never had anyone hug him much less show him kindness at all. Why were you being so nice to him though? He practically kidnapped you then showed you his face. Shouldn't you be afraid of him? Slowly the eighteen year old brought his arms up and wrapped them around your smaller form. He brought his head down and sniffed in your scent. You smile, knowing he was relaxed. You weren't heartless, you didn't want someone to always be lonely.

Slowly you pulled away and stood before him. He seemed hesitant to let you go but soon dropped his arms to his sides. You freeze, hearing a grumbling noise. Your stomach. You hadn't eaten in a few hours. Jack, noticing your stomach's cry for food, smiled and completely slipped his mask off and walked over and set it on the table next to the 'bed'. Stepping back over to you his smile increases. He was so happy you weren't gagging at the missing body parts.

"Come on, they have a cafeteria." You nodded and followed him out of the room. You both head down the stairs leading to his room and walk across the messy lobby. It certainly was a big hospital, of course, it was a hospital. You both stop in front of double doors, one still standing while its twin was dangling from its hinges. Jack pushed them both and led you further in. The cafeteria looked just like the rest of the health facility. Bloody and gloomy. Jack turns to you, smile still plastered upon his face.

"You can choose where to sit, I'll go make something."

Nodding your head he was off. You looked around the spacious room you decided to sit on a sturdy looking table. It squeaked but stayed strong as you settled down. Looking around once more you subconsciously combed through your (h/l) (h/c) hair with your slender fingers.

'Definitely need a shower after all this.' You thought, feeling the dirt filled in your hair. A scent wafted across your nose and you breathed it in. The scent of what you were guessing was eggs made your stomach groan even more. It smelled delicious. You thought about all the food you'd had in your life, zoning out and barely hearing the creaking noise of the kitchen doors. Turning to him Jack walks up holding two plates of what looked to you like egg omelets. He sets one on the table in front of you and sat next to you with his. You grabbed your fork and plucked into it then took a bite. It was delicious, almost as good as Jeff's cooking. The boy flashed into your mind and your heart slightly broke.

"This is definitely different than what I'm used to." Jack laughed taking a small bite of his. You looked at him.

"What are you used to?" You asked curiously. Jack stopped cutting another piece off of his and turns slightly to look at you. He held a look you weren't sure. He stayed quiet then looked away from you and you silently gulped.

'Better not ask about it.' You note.

You both sat there eating, your stomach enjoying it's yummy treat.

Jack froze and you peeked at him, your mouth full of egg, ham, and cheese. He was watching the window and you looked as well, swallowing what was in your mouth. The windows were boarded up but you could hear what sounded like light footsteps and whispers of voices from far away of the building. You listened closely but were quickly grabbed and thrown onto Jack's shoulder. You gasped, still not finished with your meal. He fast walked out of the cafeteria and up the stairs.

"Jack, what is it?" You ask as you reach his room and were taken off his shoulder. You were practically pushed in and turned to face him. He bolted to the table in the room and put his mask on then scurried back over to the door. You cocked your eyebrow seeing his haste. He turned and looked at you from behind his mask and his head went low.

"The monsters have come for you." He mumbles then slams the door. You blink, wondering what he meant then gasped and trotted over to the door. You set your ear upon it and listened. His footsteps were running and descending down the stairwell. Blinking you run to the window in the room and peered out. Your (e/c) eyes traveled across the area you were facing your heart skipped a beat when you see Jeff, BEN, Smile Dog, Hoodie, and Masky running towards the building, Slenderman teleporting. You smiled seeing them all, especially Jeff. They all ran quickly and BEN stops causing the rest to as well. He points up at you and their eyes all follow. They turn to you and you could see Jeff's everlasting smile widen greatly.

'I had no idea that was possible.' You giggled to yourself and smiled back at him. He lifted his hand and waved then cupped both his hands around his mouth. Calling out you could barely make out him yelling,"We're coming (y/n)!" Butterflies buzzed around your stomach, missing the sound of his voice. Your smile faded, remembering the other person in the hospital. Quickly you tried mouthing to them all, trying to tell them about Jack. They all shot their looks forward ahead of them and your heart stops. Jack walks out and Jeff's eyes turn angry.

Jeff, even without eyelids, glares at Jack. Oh how he wanted to run forward and wring the freaks neck. Jack glares back and bares his shark teeth.

"You came sooner than I'd hoped Jeff." Jack growls, feeling the same urge to choke the black haired boy. Jeff snidely smiles.

"Well you know, when you take the girl I care about I'm bound to come looking for her." Jack's hands form fists.

'His girl? Hell no!'

"You're nothing but a monster who can't stop hurting her." Jack growls, lowering his head. BEN and the rest watch with concern. Hurting (y/n)? How the hell was Jeff hurting (y/n)? Slenderman steps up next to Jeff and Jack turns his glare to the faceless man.

"Jeff has done nothing to hurt (y/n), Jack. If anything he has protected her. Jeff loves (y/n) and I suppose you back down before you anger me as well."

Jack's fists tighten. So Slenderman was now like some protector for Jeff? Or maybe (y/n)? It didn't matter to him but he wasn't going to lose (y/n).

"This is mine and Jeff's fight Slenderman, not any of yours. If Jeff wants (y/n) back....," Jack looks to Jeff, "he'll have to fight me himself."

Jeff began shaking. Anger was boiling in his blood and the only thing that was beating in his head, a voice calling out, the only thing he was hearing now. Kill him. Jeff's smile increases and his eyes lower, a psychotic look covering his bleach white face.

"Slender, you and the rest get (y/n), I'll handle him."

Before any of them could answer Jeff bolts forward, knife out and ready to stab the cannibal murderer. Jack, seeing Jeff run at him, dodged the other eighteen year old and tackled him. Jack sat on Jeff trying to hold the thrashing killer down. Jeff tried stabbing the eyeless male, slicing Jack's arm. Jack hisses and scratches Jeff across the face. Jeff, grabbing Jack's arm that had just clawed him still holding the knife, uses his other hand and grabs Jack's face. He uses enough strength to push Jack's face and slam it to the ground. Jeff sits on Jack now and lifts his knife. Jack, seeing the readied weapon, grabs Jeff's arm before Jeff can stab him and punches Jeff in the face. The bleach faced man growls and pulls his arm from Jack's and stabs into Jacks arm. While Jack is fighting the knife out Jeff turns his attention back to the others.

"Masky, BEN, Smile, you three go get (y/n)! Slender, Hoodie, you two help me hold Jack down!" He yells at them. Jack, hearing this, thrusts the knife out of his bleeding limb and stabs into Jeff's shoulder and kicks him off. Jeff growls and yanks the knife out. Slender and Hoodie rush forward and, Slender using his tentacles, push Jack back to the ground. As Jack thrashes around and Hoodie is helping Jeff tend to his wound Masky, BEN, and Smile Dog head inside. Jack roars in anger.

"No! You can't take her! I won't lose her! You bastards! When I get out I'll-" A tentacle pulls his mask off and wraps around his mouth, muffling him as he growls out threats. Hoodie shakes his head, thinking it ridiculous that he and Masky had to come help.

'Wait, did Jeff send Mask in there...?'

After thinking it a scream, shout, and bark were all heard inside the hospital. All their heads turn to see BEN and Smile bolt out the front door, Smile growling while BEN's holding his stomach in pain and panting. He turns to the rest and staggers to them. Jeff stands and runs over with Hoodie and Slender behind him.

"BEN, where the hell are Masky and (y/n)?" Jeff asks. BEN stands up, pain on his face.

"Masky took her!" He exclaims, pointing the opposite way of them all. Sure enough a figure wearing a yellow hoodie and black pants carrying another screaming body on its shoulder was off in the distance running. Jeff yells and stabs his knife into a nearby tree.

"Dammit! Why the hell did I send Masky in there?!" He stabs again. He averts his attention back to Eyeless Jack and stomps over to him. He looks at Slender and gives him the signal to let Jack free and the tentacles disperse. Jack jumps up and pushes past Jeff only to be yanked back by the sleeve of his black jacket.

"Hold up Jack!" Jeff barks. Jack stops and spins to look at Jeff, anger covering his eyeless face.

"What Jeff?! Can't you see (y/n) is being taken by Masky?!"

Jeff, holding all his anger in at the moment, says in a low, almost sinister sounding voice,"I know, which is why I'm asking you to help get her back."

The others watch, curious. Jeff was really willing to work with Jack? Even after the guy took (y/n)? Well they did need to now go after Masky again to get her so it made sense the two would work together for the time being to get her back.

"Will they really agree to this?" Hoodie mumbles to BEN. BEN nods, smirking.

"Yeah, but once they get (y/n) then the fighting will start up again."

The two eighteen year olds held a stare, or more like a glare, down. Jeff really hated the thought of working with Jack. He and Jack have never gotten along and now that they were fighting over (y/n) it made their enemy-ship sky rocket. Well, if it's to get (y/n) back, Jeff can't complain much. After what felt like forever Jack nodded slowly.

"Fine." With that he turns and bolts past the others with Jeff on heels. Jeff stops and looks at the others. He gives them a look and BEN nods for them.

"Go get her pal."

Jeff returns a nod then chases after Jack.

The two keep pace, neither getting tired in their hunt.

'When I find Masky... I'll slit his throat I swear...' Jeff only had thoughts of anger go through his mind. Thought's that really only filled his mind when he beat up those kids at 13.... the day he snapped. Now he was having them again, all because of (y/n). A girl meant to be just another victim. A girl he'd kidnapped. The girl who stole his insane heart. Thoughts of her face rushed into his mind. Memories of over the past year since he took her. When they were one time cooking together and she wiped baking powder on his face and he chased her around the kitchen. They definitely made a mess. Which they left BEN to clean. Good times that he hoped to continue. Only they would be more than what they are now...

His thoughts stops as he runs into the back of the killer ahead of him. Jeff shakes his head, his long, messy hair swishing and he looks at Jack. He cocks an eyebrow and looks ahead then steps up next the other eighteen year old. Masky was facing them, (y/n) missing from his shoulder. The girl was sitting against the trunk of a tree, ogling at them all with confusion. Jack smiles at you as you look at him then turn your eyes to Jeff. He holds a worried look and you furrows your brows. A smile graces your lips causing Jeff's heart to melt. Jack and Masky look from you to Jeff with jealous glares.

"After her again Jeff? And now you too Jack? Man, this is getting intense isn't it? Both of you after my girl." Masky says in a cocky, sarcastic tone, causing Jeff and Jack to both look and glare at him.

"You're... oh Masky I think you and Jeff are both confused. (Y/n) is mine. Hear me? M, I, N, E." Jack bares his shark teeth. Masky just lowers his eyelids in annoyance.

Jeff stays quiet, keeping a glare going as the two argue. He shoots his eyes back to you before Masky shouts to he and Jack.

"How bout we all just settle it then?" Masky yanks his switchblade out, getting in a position ready to pounce at the first one of the other boys to attack. Jack cracks his knuckles and holds up fists.

"Bring it on Masky."

Jeff, smirking with his everlasting smile, slides his large butchering knife out and gets ready to fight as well. But before he or Jack could attack the boy with the white and black mask twists around, yanks you onto his shoulder, and bolts away. Jeff growls along with Jack and both dart forward. Jack, being fastest of the three males, jumps forward and grapples around Masky's legs, causing the mask wearing man to throw you and fall, hitting the ground with a thud. Jack quickly leaps over the collapsed Masky and grabs you before Jeff has a chance. He continues running with you screaming in his arms. The screaming breaking his and Masky's hearts as they realize it isn't for them but for Jeff. As Masky's getting up Jeff slams into him, causing him to fall again as Jeff stumbles a moment before gaining balance and continuing his chase after Jack. Rage in his blood Jeff chucks his knife in a ninja star style. The knife hits Jack in the calf of his leg and the boys trips in pain. You roll out of his arms and quickly stand. You look from the injured Jack to Jeff running up fast. Jeff called out to you,"(Y/n), run, now!"

You, fearing the other two boys at the moment, nod and quickly turn and run away from them all.

Jack pulls the knife from his leg and blinks as Jeff runs past him. Gasping he quickly copies what he did to Masky and tackles Jeff to the ground. Jeff, roaring in annoyance, fights to get free as Jack stabs the knife down next to the black haired boys head. Jeff dodges the attack as he does with the next and hears footsteps coming their way. Knowing who it is he listens until they're about to pass the two fighting murderers and rolls. Jack gets pushed off of Jeff and into Masky, causing him to fall to his back with the grey skinned man on him.

You keeps running like Jeff said until you reach the mental institute. BEN, Slender, Smile, and Hoodie are all waiting and rush to you as you appear. Your face is red and your breathing is heavy. BEN grabs your arm to help you stand straight as his pointy elf ears lower in concern.

"(Y/n), where are the boys?" Slender asks, looming over you. His voice was worried. You peer up at the tall faceless man and gulps, your breathing steadying.

"They... they're all over there, fighting." You points from where you had ran from and they all turn their heads that way. Yelling and light sounds of tussling from far off were heard. BEN peers back at you.

"Let me guess, this is all over you?" You look at him with a look that he knows as a yes. BEN shakes his head and Hoodie turns to where the fighting is heard.

"We have to go stop them." But he's stopped by Slender gripping his shoulder. The masked man peers up at the faceless one, confused. Slenderman was peering ahead, his blank face not telling his emotions. He was worried about all of them but only knew one way to stop their fighting.

"Send (y/n)."

They all shoot disbelieving looks.

"What?!" BEN exclaims and Smile whines. You were the only one who was curious to hear Slender's idea.

"(Y/n) is the only one that will knock them out of their idiocies. (Y/n)," Slender looks at you and you step forward, brows furrowed and he breathes in a bit shaky before continuing,"who do you want?"

You were confused at first but understood a moment after. Did he mean love?

"Do you care about Jeff? Or Masky? Or Jack?"

You blink. Was he really asking you this? It didn't take but a moment for you to know your answer.


"Then go and tell them child."

(*This is the song part I was talking about XD)
You nod and turn to look at where the brawling was happening. Breathing in you jog forward. You tried to keep your confidence up. You really needed it if you were to stop three murderers from killing each other. The fighting noises grew and grew until you freeze and your breath catches.

They all held weapons, slicing each other and punching and kicking. Jack and Masky both slam and hit Jeff, causing the male to fall to the ground. His cheek was purple and swollen and cuts rested all around his body. He lands with a thud and the sound of a crack. Tears lightly well up in his lidless eyes and he grips his right arm which he had landed on. Jack and Masky busy themselves fighting each other. Hearing your footsteps Jeff throws his head up to look ahead of him. You stood there, eyes holding worry as you call out to him. He goes deaf to the rest of the world except for your calls of his name. You dart forward. Everything seemed to slow down as you drop to your knees in front of him while he sits up on his, his injured arm bent as the other held it. You pull him to you in a hug and nuzzle your face into his hair. He was shocked, to say the least.

"Jeff, please stop. I'm sorry, so sorry. I don't want any of this, please." You begged.

Jack and Masky stopped and looked, seeing you run to and cling to Jeff. Their eyes widen and jealousy fill their bones. Why do you choose him? Why not them? They both run forward, their anger pumping their blood, ready to grab you and just finish Jeff. But you both hear them and pull away. Jeff, despite being hurt, jumped up in front of you still holding his arm. He wouldn't let them hurt or take you. Even if they killed him, though he hoped they wouldn't. You gasp and see this.

'(Y/n) is the only one that will knock them out of their idiocies.' Slenderman's words feel your head and you think hard.

Jack and Masky drew closer as time slowed.

'Do you care about Jeff? Or Masky? Or Jack?'



"Then go and tell them child."

You voiced the words and determination filled you. You jumped to your feet and step in front of Jeff. He asked what you were doing but you ignored him. The other two were so close and you breathed in. Now was the time.

"Stop both of you. Now!" You shout and they halt. They both looked at you, confused. You gulped and held your confidence the best you could.

"You two need to stop because...." You stop, feeling yourself grow numb. Your confidence was wavering as you thought on what to say. All three men watch you as you close your eyes and take another deep breath. The (e/c) orbs open once more and your brows furrow with a serious tone.

"Because I love Jeff."

The world seemed to turn cold and freeze. Had those words really just come out of your mouth? Your eyes widen in shock as do Jeff's. Jack and Masky could feel their hearts crack at the confession and their bodies numb. You slowly turn to look at Jeff. He looked as shocked as the other two and you avert your eyes down. Had you said something wrong? But it felt right to say it. You weren't embarrassed or afraid of it either. It felt, well, right.

Jeff, seeing your eyes go down, feels his heart beat up and he rushes forward. Using his good he pulls you into him and holds you tight. His smile widens more than it ever has as he feels.... happy.

"I'm so glad you feel the same way." He mumbles into your (h/c) hair. Your face reddens. He feels the same way. Your stomach flutters and you smile wide and throw your arms around him, snuggling your face into his hoodie covered chest. It may be bloody but you were to happy to care at the moment.

Remembering the other boys you slowly pull back, smile at Jeff, then turn to look at them. They looked sullen. You felt kind of bad. All they've wanted was to love, sadly you were that prize they both wanted. Giving a sympathetic look and smile you call to them. They peer up at you.

"You guys can still be my friends. And I love all my friends." They seemed to perk a little at that and even more when you open your arms, gesturing for them to come to you. They look at each other then walk forward. Once they reach you you wrap your arms around both of them. They freeze before both slowly put one of each of their arms around you and hug you back. Smiles light their faces and they close their eyes. Even if you didn't love them the way either wanted at least you said you'd love them in a way. You pull back and give them a cheesy grin. They lightly laugh and you turn to look back at Jeff. He was staring back with a gleam in his blink-less eyes. He hesitantly steps forward and you both pull the other into a hug. After a moment Jeff slowly pulls back and places his lips upon yours. Your eyes close and you deepen the kiss. You blush as his tongue lightly traces your lips, asking for entrance.

"Getting a bit frisky, aren't we Jeff?"

You both jump and pull away still holding each other at the sound of BEN's voice. The elf, Slender, Smile, and Hoodie all stood there, a smirk on BEN's face while Smile Dog's grin looked wider than normal. You lightly blush and look at Jeff. You couldn't help the giggle that escaped at seeing Jeff's bleach white face redder than yours. He looked at you then back away and pulled his hood up, trying to cover his face with his hood and hair. BEN cracks up in laughter while Smile does what sounds like snickering. Jeff eyes them both.

"What's so funny?" He growls and they both look at him, smiles still on their faces.

"Oh just the fact you look redder than the blood on your jacket."

Jeff looks down at his white hoodie now bloodied by his wounds and Jack's and Masky's as well and his face scrunched in anger looking back at the two.

"I'll give you both five seconds to run." He threatens and BEN and Smile both stop and give scared looks. Jeff pulls out his knife and flips it in his hand.




Flip. Flip. The two were off running before he could get farther and Jeff breaks into laughter. Slender and Hoodie both shake their heads while Masky and Jack stand confused. You smile and cock an eyebrow then push Jeff. He stops laughing and looks at you. You hold a playful smirk and look away. He grows determined as he pushes you back. You laugh before sneezing and beginning to shake as a speck of cold hits your arm. Jeff cocks an eyebrow as do the rest and you realize what's wrong. You were only in (f/c) pajama pants and a (second f/c) (shirt length) shirt with (third f/c) sneakers while it had started snowing. Jeff looking up 'oh's' before quickly slipping his hoodie off and handing it to you. He was wearing nothing under it so he just stood there shirtless with only black jeans and black sneakers on. You blush once more. He wasn't to built but you could see indentations of a six pack starting to grow on his torso and his arms were lightly muscled as well. You grab his jacket and look at it.

"Aren't you cold?" You ask. He shakes his head.

"Nope. I think I've told you once that I've dealt with weather like this for years. It doesn't bother me."

You furrow your brows once more at him. He really was strange. Maybe that's why you loved him. Slipping the hoodie on it was a bit big seeing as Jeff was taller and a bit bigger than you. It was warm though and smelled like him which made you smile. You turned to everyone else when Slender spoke.

"Guess we should leave you alone now. Come, Hoodie, Masky." The faceless man teleported away and the proxies followed wherever he had disappeared to. You and Jeff look to Jack now. He was watching the other men run before turning back to you two.

"I think I'll head back to the hospital." He slowly waves goodbye, hesitant. You grin and wave back and he seems a little surprised.

"Come see us sometime Jack." You say and he freezes. He then nods quickly and waves again before running off to the hospital. You smile and turn back to Jeff. Looking around you see something in the distance. A pond, most likely frozen over. Keeping your grin you grab Jeff's hand and pull him towards it. He gets a confused look before you both reach the water. Tapping it with your foot you see it's covered in a thick sheet of ice and your eyes dart to Jeff. He looks back, wondering why you had brought him here. His expression turned to shock as you yank him with you as you go sliding onto the ice. He slips and slides while you glide holding his good arm. Pulling back you smile at him as you both swing in a circle. He gives a heart warming look at seeing you so happy, that is until you slipped and you both fell, him on top. You lay there laughing under him as he groans and leans on his good arm to look down at you. Your (e/c) eyes sparkled as snow landed on your face. You grinned at him and his smile grew. His heart beat fast, seeing your beautiful face so close.

But when he realizes the position he feels himself grow hot. The urges, they were back, this time worse than they've ever been. This time... no he wasn't going to give in. Quickly he got off you and slid away from you, not facing you and hunching. You sit up and look at his back.

"Jeff, what's wrong?" You ask. No answer. Slowly you stood and skated over to him. You tried looking underneath his hair but when his eyes shot to you and turned you grew concerned. They held something in them you've never seen. And he looked to be troubled with something.

"Jeff?" You touched his shoulder, causing him to stiffen. He was breathing hard and you wondered what was going on. He'd been acting a little like this for a month or two but this time you couldn't even get him to look at you.

"Jeff what is-"

Before you could finish you were thrown up onto Jeff's shoulder. The man slided off the ice and began running through the snow.

"Jeff, where are we going?" You ask. What the hell is wrong with him?

"Home." Was his only answer and you try your best to turn to look at where you were going. The factory wasn't far off and you wondered why he was in such a rush. You reached the factory doors and Jeff burst inside. BEN and Smile both jumped to their feet at the sudden intrusion.

"Hey Jeff, you O-"

"Peachy. Don't come upstairs." Jeff growled. BEN cocks an eyebrow and was ready to ask why until he realizes and laughs before calling out,"Alright, have fun with him (y/n)!"

'Fun? What the hell is BEN talking about? And what's with Jeff?' You wonder as you hear Jeff kick the doors to both of your room open. He walks over to the mattress you both sleep on and sits you down on it. You watch him walk back to the door and shut and lock it and you grow even more concerned.

"Jeff, what is BEN-"

But before you could continue the bleach white man bolts at you and pins you down, his good arm holding both your wrists above your head while his legs are on both sides of yours. His lips smashed against yours as his tongue infiltrates your mouth. It rubs against yours sensually and feels every inch of it before he pulls back and puts his mouth next to your ear. And in a way that made you shiver he whispers,"It's time I showed you how much I love you." And you realized what he meant. Losing your virginity.
Oh my dear lord that ending SUCKED! I am SOOOOO sorry guys! I've had a super long weekend so you guys are lucky I stayed up to finish this! DX And by the ending I don't mean the cliffhanger is what I'm sorry about it's HOW I made it! It's awful! I mean yeah I feel bad about the cliffhanger, of course the lemon in the next chapter makes up for it except it'll be my first lemon so bare with me, but that cliffhanger just... I don't know. You guys tell me what you think, if you guys don't mind it then whatever I just thought it was to bland -.- Anyways! Who else is happy bout seeing this finally?! Comments and faves are welcome! (And very much wanted! >.<)

I don't own anyone!
:iconpervyjeffthekilerplz: owns you!

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